32nd Annual Bi-Mart Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

24 Sept 2017 Woodburn, OR – Depending on your Friday obligations it was a two or three day weekend of racing in great weather for racers and spectators alike at the 32nd Annual Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip.

It was a test and tune on Friday and two separate races, one Saturday and again on Sunday. Saturday ran 13 classes with 16 on Sunday. From BB/Funny Cars down to the Jr. Dragsters and just about all the classes in-between for a Nostalgia and E.T. themed race weekend.

Adding to the weekend was the final two races for the Super Comp and Super Street Associations series and for the BB/Funny Car Association series. For the spectators in the stands, they watched wheel standing cars, high powered race cars on small tires power down the track the action and diverse classes had to be a joy to watch. Throw in a jet powered dragster belching fire had many a cell phone out recording the run.

Images from all three days are now available in three albums located in the event folder. Click here to go to the photo album.

We are looking forward to number 33 next year and with the 264 entries this year and sure to be more for the next Fall Classic will make a great weekend of racing.

Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Allen Macham
Street Machine – Curt Landis
Hot Rod – Rick Sales Sr.
Street Rod – James Heriford II
Inline/Flathead – Walt Skoczylas
Gasser – Ron McBee
E.T. Motorcycle – Don DePeel
Harley Eliminator – Henry Robinson
Jr Lightning – Conner Rice
Jr Thunder – Nicholas Karr
Jr Tuff – Rilynn Saucy

BB/Funny Car – Kim Parker
Pro Nostalgia – Kacee Pitts
Outlaw 10.5 – Paja Agatonovic
Super Pro – Gary Wargnier
Pro – Tony Price
Sportsman – Tony Bombara
ET Motorcycle – Kerry Drost
Super Comp – Greg Pessemier
Super Street – Jess Dale
Dragster/Roadsters – Paul Comeau
Super Shifter – Jamie Roth
Quick 8 – Gene Hegle
Pro Mod Motorcycle – Shawn Biehm
Jr Lightning – Ian Theofelis
Jr Thunder – Xzavier Heaton
Jr Tuff – Nicholas Karr

2017 Swift Tools ET Series Finals at Pacific Raceways

26 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – Champions are made by playing the game and the game is the outcome but all that prep that no one see’s or really hears about is what really makes the champion. For those involved will look at this race #13 as their number that became a “lucky” one and not the normal that is applied to the number.

This the last race of the 2017 Swift Tool E.T. Series will see those champs crowned and from them will emerge a “King of The Track”.

Tons of great images for this final race – click here to go to the images. Thanks always for your support and purchases!!


Super Pro – Dustin Ward
Pro – Brian McGinnis
Sportsman – Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle – Chris Benda
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Stock – Angela Bushmaker
Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Ed Hauter
Pro Street – Yvonne Lucas
Outlaw 10.5 – Al Mangold
Outlaw 8.5 – Sherry Rohr
Open Comp – Paige Castagno

ROC – Dale Green is “King of The Track”



PRDC at Pacific Raceways

23 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – The last mid-week race for the season greeted all with summer weather that speaks drag racing. Mostly sunny and just into the seventies gave the bike riders a break when all leathered up.

Joining the motorcycles, the lanes had a steady flow of cars out for a test and tune. Some of those testing for the upcoming weekend as a number of classes are still up for grabs.

As for the bikes tonight former track champ Jake Havens stepped out of his pickup truck and it’s sitting position to his Hayabusa to earn the top spot and its winnings this evening.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

LODRS Returns to Pacific Raceways For 2nd Race of the Season

20 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – There was plenty of action at this season’s “Regional” event at Pacific Raceways. The event got started with a test and tune on Thursday, then ran thru to the finals on Sunday running like a clock the whole weekend.

With no issues with the weather a better weekend of racing would be hard to find. A “shootout” was run on Friday in line with qualifying; the shootout saw Shawn Herbst grab Top Comp class. Super Comp saw Kyle Seipel earn the top spot. In Super Gas Dean Petersen from Courtenay, BC picked up a companion for the ride home and local racer and sponsor Ron Buckholz from Tacoma added a Super Street win to take home.

Taking home the “Wally” trophies on Sunday were:

Top Alcohol Dragster – Shawn Cowie
Top Alcohol Funny Car – Shane Westerfield
Competition Eliminator – Jeff Lane
Super Stock – Justin Lamb
Stock – Rick Green
Top Sportsman – Robert Strohm
Top Dragster – Paul Nero
Super Comp – Trevor Harkema
Super Gas – Chris Cannon
Super Street – Ron Buckholz
Sportsman Motorcycle – Dan Partridge
Super Pro – Lloyd Flatum
Pro – Ryan Warter

There is a complete event folder with four albums of images for the weekend. So many images we lost count – click here to go to the event folder, and please enjoy all four days of racing images!

Swift Tools ET Series Race #12

12 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – The road to the E.T. Finals and track champions got a bit clearer at the end of race number 12 of the Swift Tools ET Series at Pacific Raceways. Add to this it was also a “Super Saturday” and the last of the season and everything turbo in the Buick world with a “Turbo Thunder” event.

Super Saturday with this many classes to run takes the planning and execution by track manager Ed Garfield and his drag crew. This came to focus in the combination of smart driving by Lane Cavar after pitching a rod when he pulled to the wall, kept the oil trail short and aiding in the very fast clean up by the drag crew to back to racing and finishing before curfew.

Tons of great pictures for this event – click here to view them. As always thank you for your support and purchases!!


Super Pro – Greg Linne
Pro – Nick Douglas
Sportsman – Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle – Chris Benda
High School – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Jr. Street – James Ryland
Stock – Scott Burton
Super Comp – Darral Petitt
Super Gas – Bernie Plourd
Super Street – Dustin Martin
Top Comp – Tory Lea
Turbo Thunder – Robert Hainline
Turbo Open – Gurts Singh

PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

12 July 2017 Kent, WA – Early evening racing into the night in summertime – not much of a better time to race. It was not superhot and a slight breeze made for some very comfortable racers and spectators alike.

The bike riders were super grateful to not have to bake in their leathers. Still hydration is the number one thing even in the slightly cooler temps from the previous few days. Summertime is here so come on out for some mid-week racing into the night.

Images of the midweek program are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

The next mid-week event at Pacific Raceways is July 26th.

PRDC winner was Andre Westmoreland
Diesel winner was Ray Bartroff.

Final 2016 Wednesday Nite PDRC & Diesel Drags at Pacific Raceways

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (45)23 August 2016 Kent, WA – The final Wed. night racing of the season brought the largest entry into the Diesel portion of the night and a couple of new faces in the bike class.

It was total shirt sleeve weather on an August night but not so hot to seek the shade. As the mid-week race grows the competition grows with it for some great racing and watching from the stands.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (198)Only two classes but a whole bunch running in the test and tune portion of the night. The winner in Diesel saw Aaron Parsley out last the field and Mark Sires got the win over Brian Howe.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (245)Lots of great images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (36)PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (224) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (242) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (50) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (57) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (135)

Big Division Six Weekend at Pacific Raceways

DSC_337922 August 2016 Kent, WA – Continuing on from the hot weather the Pacific date for the NW Division 6 qualifying began.  Along with the division race the sportsman finals from the NW National rain out was on the docket and a whole different set of conditions to deal with.

DSC_3122As for the reminders about staying cool and hydrated, it was everywhere. Bottles of water were in hand and a cool towel around the neck. Also seen where more “bumpershoots” than on a rainy day in the northwest. Having endured the heat on Friday and Saturday, Sunday the marine cloud layer brought out the coats and sweatshirts much to the joy of all.

DSC_3306Now all the data gained in the heat is out the window with as much as a twenty degree drop from the previous days. In the heat Saturday though the sportsman finals were run and Chuck Glanz took the Top Dragster class and local racer Brian Phillips home the Top Sportsman “Wally” in Super Stock, second generation racer Cody Lane added to his trophy case, also up from Tigard, Or. Steve Laskowske grabbed the Super Gas win and from further away Jerry Denton from Tempe, Az. will long haul the “Wally” from Super Street and what had to be the best winner after over four decades of racing Tory Lea got his first “Wally” running in Super Comp.

DSC_2591Congrats to the National event winners now on to Sunday. As mentioned it felt good to have a jacket on and no umbrellas in sight. There was great side by side racing as the best of the division went rounds as the temp rose to a very comfortable shirt sleeve day. For those in the stands it could not be better soaking the sun and racing.

DSC_2497In what had to be the highlight even before the finals for the division race began is local history. I know it did not happen on the same day as normal finals at a NHRA event nor did it happen on the same date but under the heading “Protect The Harvest NW Nationals” class winners list will be father and son Jeff and Cody Lane from nearby North Bend.  None the less it is rare indeed for a father and son to win at the same national event; great job you two and your crews.

Link for images of the event, organized into FOUR albums – over 2,000 images! – click here.

Also ahead of the list Jeff can claim winning a National and Divisional “Wally” on the same day. On to the winners with a great big “Thank You” to Pam Gorman for keeping my info straight:

Top Alcohol Dragster: Garrett Bateman
Top Alcohol Funny Car: Chris Marshall
Competition Eliminator: Jeff Lane
Super Stock: Rick McKinney
Stock Eliminator: Greg Kielman
Super Comp: Trevor Harkema
Super Gas: Greg Hehr
Super Street: Jeff Jackson
Top Sportsman: Shawn Herbst
Top Dragster: Tony Burton
Sportsman Motorcycle: Danny Patridge
Super Pro: John Chitwood
Pro: Dennis McGinnis

DSC_3016DSC_3238 DSC_3247DSC_3280 DSC_3306 DSC_3379

NHRA Division Six Spokane Rain-Out Completed at Pacific Raceways

DSC_105518 August 2016 Kent, WA – It’s not normal in Eastern Washington – the dry part of the state gets rain, but it can happen. Thus the rain-out phase went into action for the NHRA Division Six event held earlier this season in Spokane. The racers and powers that be agreed that completing the event at Pacific Raceways would fit so here we are.

DSC_0858The weather was every bit like the east side of the Cascade Crest in the summer time, with temps well into the 90’s – that is not the norm for the west side for those that reside here so hydration and shade became the point put out over the PA and track personnel.

DSC_1007For those that go to Spokane in the summer time it had to feel like home and how to deal with the heat. As those that race in these conditions know the settings for a baseline then put it to work on the record setting and quite normal prepped track by Pacific’s drag crew. Those that had it laid down some dead on their dial and cutting down the tree with triple zeros.

Lots of great images of these amazing machines in the heat – click here to go to the photo album.


Competition Eliminator: Brian Hyerstay
Super Stock: Darcy Clarke
Stock: Jody Lang
Super Comp: Mike Shannon
Super Gas: Dave Kelly
Super Street: Josh Dalrymple
Top Dragster: Nick Axtman Jr.
Top Sportsman: Mike Williams
Sportsman Motorcycle: Cody Cumpton

DSC_0800DSC_1132 DSC_1209 DSC_0800 DSC_0884 DSC_0899 DSC_0924 DSC_1092DSC_1055

Super Saturday Event at Pacific Raceways

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440)09 July 2016 Kent, WA – Going into the third of the super Saturday’s on the race schedule was on hold. The Jr. Race the night before was stopped due to Mother Nature; rain continued thru the night soaking everything not covered.

This put the drag crew to early work drying the track with no help the aforementioned Mother Nature. Nearing the end of the drying process she decided one more time to start the drying all over again. Not deterred the drag crew went back at it now with a little help from the weather as the skies broke up just enough to speed up the drying.

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448)Over 450 images are now available – click here…

Now ready to go and late of the normal start time the drag crew was tested with over 200 entries and 15 classes to run and finish to the winner’s circle.  After running thru the classes like the well-oiled group that they are this Super Saturday goes into the books with these winners:

Super Pro- Emmett McKillop
Pro- Greg Steen
Sportsman- Derrick Schumsky
Motorcycle- Chris Benda

Jr. Storm- Raylee Higgins
Jr. Lightning- Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder- Luke Cavar

High School- Lane Cavar
Super Gas- Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Comp- Dale Green
Super Street- Dustin Ward
Stock- Brian Seaberg
Turbo Two- Rob Stariha
Turbo Thunder- Gene Fleury

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (408)Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (452) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (410) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (432) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (434) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (436) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (441) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (445) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (446) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (447)