Porsche Club Takes On Pacific’s Road Course

Porsche Club 7-15-16 (145)15 July 2016 Kent, WA – For all those that enjoy putting out on the track what is built into a production Porsche these are the days they mark on the date book. This time of year the track has the favorable weather to put the pedal down on the dry surface and test your driving skills. Add those that put the improvements to get even more running on pure race tires have to enjoy it even more.

Porsche Club 7-15-16 (148)

Not having to run “rain” tires though they work well it is just not the same, either way it is just fun. This day had that wide range of members and their Porsche modified or not just having a great time behind the wheel.

Porsche Club 7-15-16 (10)

Lots of great images of these amazing machines are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Porsche Club 7-15-16 (18)Porsche Club 7-15-16 (90)Porsche Club 7-15-16 (145)

Porsche Club Day At Pacific Raceways

Porsche Club 9=11=15 68411 Sep 2015 Kent, WA – As the last 2015 date for the Porsche Club event falls on a special day for America the honor went to the Pacific Raceways flag pole. Everyone remembers in their own small way and these club members are no different.

Thoughts aside, it was time to pay attention to your driving and why you are here in the first place. A lot were here just for fun and the thrill of driving and others with the more race prepared car getting the seat time that is needed to become one with it. Either way it is a full day of lapping the 2.25 mile surface at Pacific Raceways.

Porsche Club 9=11=15 699The number of cars here today lets you know how popular this day is to the club. Got a Porsche and want to see what you can do with it safely? Check out the Porsche Club for next year’s dates.

Images from a bunch of different spots on the road course today – click here to go to the photo album. As always, thank you for your support and purchases!

Porsche Club 9=11=15 643Porsche Club 9=11=15 833 Porsche Club 9=11=15 862 Porsche Club 9=11=15 559 Porsche Club 9=11=15 615 Porsche Club 9=11=15 663 Porsche Club 9=11=15 741 Porsche Club 9=11=15 803