Toy For Tots – NW Toy Drive at Pacific Raceways

Toys for Tots 12-6-15 17906 Dec 2015 Kent, WA – Each December the Pacific Raceways property plays host to some very generous people. The annual NW Toy Drive benefiting Toys for Tots. Sponsored by Lexus of Bellevue and the O’Brian Auto Group thousands of folks brought their un-wrapped gifts or cash donation for the Marine Corps Reserve program.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 010Combine this with holiday music covering the many cars out for the car show gathering. Out on the 2.25 mile track a “lead/follow” was done, overseen by ProFormance Racing School giving those who take part an idea of what it feels like to drive a road course.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 170Of course Santa and his helpers were on hand accepting gifts and posing for pictures, also on hand passing out candy canes was Ed Troyer from the Pierce County Toys for Tots program.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 400Every year that I have covered this event it has gotten bigger and bigger thus proving the generosity of the NW to those in need. Great job by all those involved as it takes many to help bring it together each year. Till next year Happy Holidays to all.

Toys for Tots 12-6-15 002Images of all the excitement and holiday cheer are now available click here to go to the album, & Happy Holidays!

Motocross Practice At Pacific Raceways

MX Practice 7-15-15 47315 July 2015 Kent, WA – It was another mid-week night of practice in advance of the Friday night series at the MX track at Pacific Raceways. These practice sessions prove to be very beneficial to those who take advantage of them.

As in any motorsports, seat time is the most important of the preps that you can do to improve yourself as a rider. Young or old makes little difference, seat time is seat time and the more you do it the better you will get.

Come out for a mid-week romp around the moto track even if you do not take part in the race series for a good workout on your bike.

Click here for images of the session today; they are now available for purchase – thanks for your support

MX Practice 7-15-15 458MX Practice 7-15-15 370 MX Practice 7-15-15 405 MX Practice 7-15-15 428 MX Practice 7-15-15 440 MX Practice 7-15-15 159 MX Practice 7-15-15 252 MX Practice 7-15-15 288 MX Practice 7-15-15 311

Friday Nite MX Race Series Motox At Pacific Raceways

Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 48426 June 2015 Kent, WA – Nice weather and Friday night racing is the perfect combination for an MX event. The riders poured in to take advantage of these conditions.

It was fast and a little dusty at times – the track crews were on a constant rotation watering the surface to keep the dust away.  The long range weather forecast says these conditions are going to be around for a while so come on out for some fast and exciting motocross racing, Friday Night style.

Over 650 images from a bunch of vantage points are now available – click here to go to the album.

Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 371Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 520 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 612 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 636 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 723 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 771 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 854 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 881 Friday Night MX Race Series6-26-15 917

MotoX Practice At Pacific Raceways

MX Practice 6-3-15 77203 June 2015 Kent, WA – The mid- week practice sessions brings the riders out for a workout. They have to be in shape to handle the rigors of motoring around the track for a twelve to fifteen minute run. There is plenty of stretching prior to running just to get a little limber, which is pretty common.

The other fact is the practice you get in preparation for the Friday Night Series race.  Nothing better than practice for what you are going to be doing no matter what you are doing. Most motor sports learn by the seat of their pants, watching the riders I have to think that a lot comes out of their legs as they are up on them a lot at times. No matter how you look at it if you ride and want to keep in riding shape come out for the workout mid-week at Pacific Raceways

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album

MX Practice 6-3-15 286MX Practice 6-3-15 697 MX Practice 6-3-15 352 MX Practice 6-3-15 377 MX Practice 6-3-15 391 MX Practice 6-3-15 422 MX Practice 6-3-15 455 MX Practice 6-3-15 539 MX Practice 6-3-15 632

Motocross Practice At Pacific Raceways

MX Practice  5-27-15 04927 May 2015 Kent, WA – With the weather getting warmer the urge to get out in it and play hits us all.

The Wednesday night Motocross sessions fit the bill for those that take part in the Friday night series at the track. With small changes that are made each week in the track layout, the rider’s get a chance to practice on it. Now bring out the riders who just want to come out and ride just because it’s fun and it gives you a good workout in the process.

Need some mid-week workout that is not in a gym, come get some fresh air and sweat when you are done with it. See the Motocross tab on the new Pacific web site layout for a date that works for you.

Images from the practice are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

MX Practice  5-27-15 061MX Practice  5-27-15 225 MX Practice  5-27-15 071 MX Practice  5-27-15 092 MX Practice  5-27-15 122 MX Practice  5-27-15 132 MX Practice  5-27-15 148 MX Practice  5-27-15 165 MX Practice  5-27-15 204

Vintage Motocross Races At Pacific Raceways

MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 07923 May 2015 Kent, WA – The Vintage Motocross race held on this day is the same day as the SCCA event on Pacific’s road layout. This gave me only about an hour at the end of the day to capture what I could of the motos that remained.

It was good seeing and hearing the old bikes, one of the riders was participating at the age of 85. Yes that’s right 85 years young and having the time of his life doing it. Can only hope the timing next time will favor more time to cover the MX races.

Images are now available of the bikes – click here to go to the photo album.

MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 016MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 039 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 117 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 133 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 155 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 191 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 204 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 226 MX Vintage Race 5-23-15 229

Pacific Raceways MX Friday Night Race Series Season Opener

Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 43501 May 2015 Kent, WA – Let the riding begin! And begin it did. Nearly 300 riders showed up for the opening of the 2015 Friday night series. With a number of the riders taking part in the Wednesday practice session they had to have had an edge on the riders that did not.

The track and its new layout look fast. New jumps, twists and turns to test the best riders and a challenge for the new ones. With way more spectators than riders the cheering could be heard as the motos went on – and the line for food was pretty deep at times. If the crowd gathered at the track tonight is any indication the Friday night series this year should be packed with fun.

Images of all the riders are now available – click here to go to the album to make selections and purchases.


Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 342Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 046Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 047Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 067Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 081Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 097Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 137Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 164Friday Night Race Series 5-1-15 296

Moto-X Practice At Pacific Raceways

MX Practice 4-29-15 25729 Apr 2015 Kent, WA – Mid-week practice this early in the season is rare and many riders came out to take advantage of it. With an event set for Friday an early practice time can give you an edge.

Lance’s new layout on the Moto-X track will give the riders a whole new feel to the track. This is done each year and a variation of it is used thru the season. From what I seen from some of the riders lap times it could prove to be a fast track.

Check with Pacific’s web site for info on times and dates for this season.

Images from the practice session are now available – click here to go to the album.


MX Practice 4-29-15 054MX Practice 4-29-15 249MX Practice 4-29-15 412MX Practice 4-29-15 428MX Practice 4-29-15 486MX Practice 4-29-15 602MX Practice 4-29-15 603MX Practice 4-29-15 560MX Practice 4-29-15 682

Fall Moto GP Series Event At Pacific Raceways

Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 30703 Jan 2015 Kent, WA – As the GP Series goes the weather will play a part for the riders to contend with. Snow, rain, and sunny skies have presented their challenges to the riders. Today it was Fog.

Up and down it went but never lifting and at times the fog was so thick that anything faster than a human can run became zero visibility or what is known as “Whiteout” conditions. Luckily at the time the youngest of the riders were on the track and their slower lap times gave time for the fog to lift by the time they got to that part of the course.

Who knows what Mother Nature will put out for the next series race but whatever it is there are a few riders that the weather seems to have no effect on as one young rider was off his bike and watching the remainder of the race before the second place rider finished. Like I said, he was not affected by the weather. Besides he is a “very skilled” rider and it showed.

This was the last race in the GP Series for the 2014/2015 season; see you when the series starts again.

Images with some great views through the fog are now available – click here to go to the album.

Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 176Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 278Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 272Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 207Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 257Fall Moto GP Series 1-3-15 352