33rd Annual Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn

23 Sept 2018 Woodburn, OR – The last big event at Woodburn Dragstrip is now in its 33rd year and the draw to racers and spectators alike was huge! With each day being its own race day, the amount of classes (25 over the two days) brings a wide range of race cars and trucks to the famous dragstrip. Adding to the mix the Outlaw 8.5 and 10.5 bring their high-powered cars to the track for some 1/8th mile racing.

BB/Funny Cars, Pro Nostalgia and a pair of jet funny cars put on a show for the spectators along with a race among themselves to get a winner.

With the entries for both days racing ran into the darkness turning on the newly finished light pole behind the burnout box. This is a race weekend you need to mark on your date book for next year as it is a great show of race cars and horsepower.

Tons of images from all 3 three days are now available – click here to go to the photo albums.


Danny Wargnier in Top Gas
Jarod Anderson in Hot Rod
Brian Horn in Street Machine
Jimmy Heriford in Street Rod
Paul Carbaugh in Stick Shift
Ron McBee in Gasser
Dave Mueller in Inline/Flathead
Steve Cooper in Run Tuff
Don DePeel in ET Motorcycle
Bob Osborne in Harley
Ty Anderson in Super Comp
Gary Erickson in Super Street
James Boyce in Stock/Super Stock
Ryan Bese in Jr. Lightning
Logan Scrivner in Jr. Thunder.


Greg Howland in BB/Funny Car
Marc Pruett in Pro Nostalgia
Paja Agotonovic in Outlaw 10.5
Michael Dunks Jr. in Outlaw 8.5
Tony Arthur in Super Comp
Jess Dale in Super Street
Dave Barcelon in Stock/Super Stock
Don Burgoyne in Dragster/Roadster
Donny Richards in Super Pro
Chris Stone in Pro
Jimmy Heriford in Sportsman
Terry Holloway in ET Motorcycle
Jeff Lilly in Pro Mod
Gene Hegle in Quick 8
Austin Varner in Jr. Lightning
Lindsey Miller in Jr. Thunder
Terry Holloway is King of the Track.

Congrats to all the winners at this years Fall Classic. Also need to thank Dave and Jack for the jump to get my dead battery going and to Jay Bird good luck on your new adventure to the east of the Mississippi river.

2018 ET Finals Was Epic!

02 Sept 2018 Boise, ID – As the rotation goes around between the four host tracks for the Northwest E.T. Finals all headed to Firebird Raceway this year. Close to 500 entries packed onto the grounds, divided up into 14 team pits.

With the Managers Cup, the Race of Champions and the Team championship up for grabs with the winners of the Race of Champions going to Pomona as the Division 6 players for a 7-Division battle for number one in their class.

The weekend got tarted on Thursday with a test and tune for all that needed to adjust to the conditions that is Firebird Raceway. On to Friday and the Gambler race for all those that wish to enter and the runs were also your qualifying hit as those not in get a hit also. The more that enter the bigger the payout and any help with costs to a racer can be helped greatly with a win.

Those that pocketed the cash:

Kurt Gross in Super Pro
Brian McGinnis in Pro
Shannon O’Leary in Sportsman
Riley Toth in Bike/Sled
Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning
Logan Scrivner in Jr. Thunder
Cooper Chun in Jr. Street.

On to Saturday and it was the Track Managers Challenge and the Race of Champions. A race within a race as all members of the team’s race with the winner added to the team total and as the track champions do battle for the Race of Champions portion also adding to the team total.

With two classes requiring seven rounds to get a winner that’s a lot of racing. Round after round and into darkness it took to go thru the eight classes of racers. The four classes of winners in the ROC that will represent Division Six in Pomona are Pat Osmundson in Super Pro, Matt Lielman in Pro, Devin Fround in Sportsman and Scott Grondahl in Sled/Bike.

The four ROC winners not yet included in the trip to Pomona are Damien Chinn in High School, Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning, Lindsey Miller in Jr. Thunder and Calli Deming in Jr. Street.

In the Track Managers Challenge of the fourteen tracks that entered the E.T. Finals the big winner this year was Woodburn Dragstrip with 49 points to claim bragging rights for another year and those eight class racers that are now on a huge “high” for what they just accomplished.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday as they say is here with the “Team” Championship up for grabs. With a round win number that will take a long time to better Woodburn Dragstrip “Team Pacific” and it’s 55 racers were ready to attempt a re-peat. Food and liquids provided by “Pirates Loot” over the weekend kept all going into Sunday with a last breakfast before racing. Team photo finished, the members scattered to the pit area to get ready to do battle. Early on the round wins were tough to come by and no record this year and the place in the standings fell.

This fact was also true for a number of tracks, as a many time winner for this series came up with a big win and that team is Portland Int’l Raceway with 86 points.

The class winners in this race

Brad Pattan in Super Pro
Steve Kelly in Pro
Gary Howe Jr. in Sportsman
Mark Canty in Bike/Sled
Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning
Ryan Bese in Jr. Thunder
Cooper Chun in Jr. Street.

On a special note for a three-day weekend of racing with three separate races to win a racer can only dream of winning all three. Well a young man named Kyle Wagenaar had his dreams come true by “sweeping” the three races, a rare feat indeed done by anyone but to do it in the Jr. Lightning class says a lot about this, young racers future.

Images from the entire weekend, broken out in Albums by day, are now available – click here to go to the photo albums.

Till next time “Congratulations” to all the winners and “Good Luck” to those going to Pomona.

45th Season Opener at Woodburn Dragstrip

20 May Woodburn, OR – Woodburn Dragstrip opened in 1961 between two plots of farm land. Today if expansion could be had they would as the grounds were packed with nearly 350 racers and tons of spectators for two days of season opening racing.

The event featured a dozen classes in sportsman racing along with AA/Supercharged, Pro Nostalgia, Top Alcohol Dragsters/Funny Cars and the Jet Funny Cars.

Jay Livingston was like an orchestra conductor making sure all the notes are in place and the event went smoothly and got finished on time. When something gets out of tune it’s not long before Jay got it back into harmony. In the end a great job by “all” those involved no matter in what roll they played pulling off another “Season Opener”.

The winners for Saturday are Ian Theofelis in Jr. Lightning, Cole Dickhoff in Jr. Thunder, Dale Green in Super Comp, Allen Macham in Super Street, Bill Bushmaker in S/SS, Derrick Jackson in Sportsman, James Taylor in ET Motorcycle and Bob Osborne in Harley Eliminator.

Two Albums with over 800 Images! – LINK


AA Supercharged – Chuck Moore
Pro Nostalgia – Kacee Pitts
Super Quick – Stephanie Nass
Super Street – Nicholas Shepherd
S/SS – Tommy Gaynor
Dragster/Roadster – Doug Gray
Super Pro – Devon Hilton
Pro – Steve Stuart
Sportsman – Robert Glafka
ET Motorcycle – Terry Holloway
Pro Mod – Jeff Lilly
Quick 8 – Kerry Drost
Jr. Lightning – Tanner Gaetz
Jr. Thunder – Lindsey Miller

32nd Annual Bi-Mart Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

24 Sept 2017 Woodburn, OR – Depending on your Friday obligations it was a two or three day weekend of racing in great weather for racers and spectators alike at the 32nd Annual Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip.

It was a test and tune on Friday and two separate races, one Saturday and again on Sunday. Saturday ran 13 classes with 16 on Sunday. From BB/Funny Cars down to the Jr. Dragsters and just about all the classes in-between for a Nostalgia and E.T. themed race weekend.

Adding to the weekend was the final two races for the Super Comp and Super Street Associations series and for the BB/Funny Car Association series. For the spectators in the stands, they watched wheel standing cars, high powered race cars on small tires power down the track the action and diverse classes had to be a joy to watch. Throw in a jet powered dragster belching fire had many a cell phone out recording the run.

Images from all three days are now available in three albums located in the event folder. Click here to go to the photo album.

We are looking forward to number 33 next year and with the 264 entries this year and sure to be more for the next Fall Classic will make a great weekend of racing.

Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Allen Macham
Street Machine – Curt Landis
Hot Rod – Rick Sales Sr.
Street Rod – James Heriford II
Inline/Flathead – Walt Skoczylas
Gasser – Ron McBee
E.T. Motorcycle – Don DePeel
Harley Eliminator – Henry Robinson
Jr Lightning – Conner Rice
Jr Thunder – Nicholas Karr
Jr Tuff – Rilynn Saucy

BB/Funny Car – Kim Parker
Pro Nostalgia – Kacee Pitts
Outlaw 10.5 – Paja Agatonovic
Super Pro – Gary Wargnier
Pro – Tony Price
Sportsman – Tony Bombara
ET Motorcycle – Kerry Drost
Super Comp – Greg Pessemier
Super Street – Jess Dale
Dragster/Roadsters – Paul Comeau
Super Shifter – Jamie Roth
Quick 8 – Gene Hegle
Pro Mod Motorcycle – Shawn Biehm
Jr Lightning – Ian Theofelis
Jr Thunder – Xzavier Heaton
Jr Tuff – Nicholas Karr

44th Annual Baster Auto Season Opener at Woodburn Dragstrip

21 May 2017 Woodburn, OR –  Blame Mother Nature, or the fact it is your class racing for the first time this season and any other reason you can lay it on, Thank Them or It. In the past 43 season opener’s Mother Nature has had her hand in the weekend outcome. Thank those weather folks that gave you the heads up on the weekends forecast. That information alone brings the spectators to enjoy the racing weather but combined with all factors also brought 325 entries (a record number) to Woodburn for the season opener.

Packed into the pits more classes than both your hands could count. As a dragstrip owner, these numbers are to dream about but on the other hand you have a time frame to run all the entries. Those behind the scenes people, you know, those up in the tower stepped up and came ever so close to finishing Saturday (a couple of semi’s and finals) but when put together over the two days came in ahead of time leaving enough daylight on Sunday for all to clean up and load up for the trip home.

Always have a good time when going to this event and give a big thanks to Jay and his crew that always make me feel welcome and look forward to #45 next year.

Two days of images are crammed into two albums of images – click here to go to both albums.

31st Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

DSC_798425 Sept 2016 Woodburn, OR – The number says this final event for the 2016 season at Woodburn has been a hit for many years, 31 to be exact. The weekend has grown many times over since its inception; this year’s weekend packed the grounds with racers and spectators alike, all here for the great show.


The combinations of classes had one for all to enjoy on the track and in the pits. With the great weather after the early morning fog on Saturday both race days finished by sundown. The final race of the Super Comp Association added two new winners to the list for this season of racing.


Big thanks to Jay and Joey and their crew for providing a great show for all to enjoy. And special thanks to Randy Parker for sharing just one part of all that knowledge and experience he has stored up. Looking forward to event number thirty two and what it will bring.


Lots of great images, with a lot of cars you don’t see week-to-week. There are two albums to enjoy, one for each day.



DSC_7071DSC_7827 DSC_8213 DSC_8230 DSC_7200 DSC_7297

NHRA Division Six Season Finale at Woodburn

DSC_632019 Sep 2016 Woodburn, OR – The final division race of the season no matter the location will bring those that need to protect their position in the standings, those that know with a good showing can move up in the standings and those that just love to race no matter where they are in the standings.

DSC_6158This was truly the mix for the final NHRA Northwest Division Six race held at Woodburn Dragstrip.

DSC_5113Thursday and Friday the weather could not have been better, sunny but not really hot temps. All of a sudden the smart phones started buzzing about “mother nature” and the radar picture. Just when the racing  was about to get serious the rains came and washed away Saturday.

DSC_6592With figuring done, it was planned the race could finish on Sunday in the time allotted meaning no issues. Come Sunday morning the no issues went away thanks to Mother Nature and her relentless overnight rain. So much rain fell that it lifted the rubber from the track surface forcing the track and D-6 crew to scrape and re-prep the track. Thanks “Mother Nature”.

DSC_5714Darkness was the deciding factor now and they ran all that could be run till dark, and then it was on to Monday.

On to Monday morning and again the weather played a part as a heavy dew covered everything not protected from it along with pretty dense fog obstructing your view.  The crew got the rest of the event done in just a few hours even with later start, those few hours that were taken away by the weather showed that the hard work and dedication by the Woodburn and D-6 crews can race ready a track surface no matter the issue.

A big thanks to Jay and Joey for their help and answers, it was always a good time at their track. For a list of the winner’s visit the D-6 web site.

Over 1,200 images are now available, many from some new vantage points.  Click here to go to the event album – there are a total of five albums, organized by day to make it easier.  CLICK HERE.

DSC_5444DSC_5487 DSC_5119

Tulip Festival Drag Race & NW Super Comp Association #1 at Woodburn Dragstrip

Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 14223 April 2016 Woodburn, OR – The trip down I-5 to Woodburn has spring showing everywhere. Mother Nature doing her thing transforming the northwest into blooming beauty. The past few weeks it has been sunny and warm and everyone knows that you need to water to grow so in and out of the rain bands I go.

Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 217Into Oregon the rain was left behind in Washington but the clouds in the sky say it’s not over.  After drying out the track after an early morning shower, and not much more than heavy dew got the track prepped for the start of time trials.

Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 064We ran thru the rotation of classes then the rain came brief and wet.  The Woodburn staff got the track dried and another round of class time runs, and then a halt due to a slight drizzle in the shutdown area. Track dry again and the weather was holding as eliminations began, round after round until the quarters and Mother Nature struck again.
Four times the track had been dried and the finals are close in a number of classes.  We pushed on with the skies in turmoil and with the finals underway the radar showed what no one wants to see as the rain pushed in from the top end and put an end to racing for the day.

Sunday morning was bright sunshine and warming temps that had everyone ready for the race day ahead, but this at 7:00am. By 9:00am the weather closed up all around the track and the sprinkles began.

The radar again showed what was coming and for how long and the race day had to be cancelled. Over shadowed by the weather is the reason I am here to cover the Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association (NWSCA) and its first race of the season for them. Ty Anderson becomes the early point leader with his win, sorry no time or ET gotten. A special thanks to Luba for the cheeseburger and Sunday Morning coffee.

Images of all the racing and runs that go in under the weather are now online – some really unique and cool cars! Click here to go to the photo album.

Congrats to him and see you at the next PNWSCA event at Renegade the end of May.

Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 131Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 189 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 215 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 230 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 247 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 131 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 144 Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 153Tulip Festival Drag Race & Super Comp 4-23-16 142

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-26-15 55027 Sept 2015 Woodburn, OR – The end of the season event for a dragstrip tends to be bigger than most other times. For Jay and Joey the co-owners of Woodburn Dragstrip, this date was planned and set up as any scheduled event during the off season as most of this is planned out.  They are always looking or talking to the other track operators on their dates as two choices to a racer is mostly about cost. The annual fall classic did not get the way of other events; it is the 30th year for it says that they planned well. It is a favorite for many to attend either racer or spectator alike. This showed in the pits with racers and the field spectator parking how many enjoy it and how popular it is.

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 352

The unknown to all this planning is Mother Nature as she reared her wrath on a Nitro Harley and BB/Funny Car event thus the scramble to re-schedule it. That turned out to be this weekend and the photographers talked about the number of and wide range of cars running that had never seen before here. Close on some events but never like this. Watching the creations from the past years with updated safety is a genuine thrill plus throw in the wild creations the Pro Mod people come up with is somewhat akin to the altered runners from years past.

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 229The racers that compete in the 10.5 class is another range of possibilities for racers to play with and trying to control all that horsepower on a ten and a half inch wide slick is why they only race to the 1/8mile.  Way too much speed and power beyond that point, safety is most important but they are fun to watch at that distance.

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 258
For those at the track on Sunday the chance to see a third generation test his dragster for a Bakersfield event coming up. Walt Austin, his son’s Pat and Mike here to oversee and crew for Pat’s son Drew to make some passes. The awards, accomplishments and accolades this family is way-way more than I have space for both on a national and local level in the sport of drag racing. Great to see them out as a family racing again, Good Luck in Bakersfield.

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 433In a two for one win Dale Green picked up both the race event and by winning he also grabbed the season championship for the Northwest Super Comp Assn. When you have to win to win Dale shows what it takes to do so, congrats to you.

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 209

Also check the Series “B” folders for the fine work Breann did covering the event from her perspective. Thank You

Images are broken out into four albums – an “A” & “B” Series for each day of this two day event Click here to go to the four albums – lots of great shots!

30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-26-15 55030th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 433 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 229 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 25830th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 289 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 366 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-26-15 072 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 011 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 094 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 241 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 279 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 352 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 446 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 533 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 578 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15 587 30th Annual Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart Fall Classic 9-27-15b 209

Two States, Two Tracks, 3 Events – Busy Racing Weekend!

LORDS Woodburn 9-18-15 55821 Sep 2015 Kent, WA & Woodburn, OR – Two states at two tracks and three completely different events. It all started Friday in Woodburn, Oregon for the first day of the last NHRA LORDS for Division 6 race for 2015.

LORDS Woodburn 9-18-15b 319Fog surrounded the track but left the track bathed in sunlight for great racing conditions. It is always great to see those who take part in the divisional events as the yearly visit to Pacific Raceways is the normal and Woodburn is a treat. Now working with Breann to expose her to the other tracks in the northwest and expand her natural talents was great to watch, she says thanks for teaching but you cannot teach what comes naturally.  Have to also say thanks to Jay and Joey for their help and to the Division 6 crew as it is always fun around them.

LORDS Woodburn 9-18-15 484Event pictures are laid out in two albums, make sure and check both, as there are many images from a number of different vantage points.

For Event Folder with Two Albums For 2015 LODRS at Woodburn – Click Here.

It was back to Pacific Raceways for the GM Nationals on Saturday. If you had GM anywhere on your ride it is fair game for this event, held yearly at Pacific Raceways.   The car show and drags make the day as the custom and pure original GM rides are showcased for each.

GM Nationals 9-19-15 051Overcast skies but warm for this time of year made for happy faces sitting watching from the stands or walking the car show. Back where she is happiest Breann went about what she loves to do, create with a camera and getting it to see what she is at that moment seeing. She does amaze me with her creativeness as she is getting more exposure with the camera.

GM Nationals 9-19-15 147The four classes drew nearly 120 competitors to the strip for a run at the trophy and of course bragging rights for their GM Nationals win.
Six rounds in Hot Rod saw Robert Steffen go closer to his dial to edge John Schwaller. In the Street DOT class Eric Brittion got the win over Pacific’s HS champ Patrick FioRito. Running too quick in the Electronics class Josh Hughes added another win to Fast Freddy Hoffman and his vast collection of hardware from Pacific/SIR.  A much better reaction time put Rich Chase in the winner’s circle over Bill Sallia in LS/LT class.  T was a great day all around as the growth of the event keeps growing as the word spreads.

GM Nationals 9-19-15b 399GM Nationals 9-19-15b 402GM Nationals 9-19-15b 408GM Nationals 9-19-15b 412 GM Nationals 9-19-15b 419 GM Nationals 9-19-15b 424

Event pictures are laid out in two albums, make sure and check both, as there are many images from a number of different vantage points.

For 2015 GM Nationals at Pacific Raceways – Series A Images Click Here…

For2015 GM Nationals at Pacific Raceways – Series B Images Click Here…

Silent Thunder 9-20-15 022Ending the 3 events weekend was the Silent Thunder event – is as it says “silent”. Though not quite true as these electric powered cars can do a tire smoking burnouts and the “guttural” sound the cars hit the power is very distinctive.

I had never heard a Tesla on the streets punch the power but the traction grip that the dragstrip crew provides for all races has to really test these power plants. Are these the highest powered electric cars moving up in the world? The improvements that have been made and the innovations of others may prove to be on the right track for the future.

2015 Silent Thunder Images are now available – to go to the album, click here.

Doing this event solo but with Breann on site working the social media aspect completed three days and three totally different events for a change from the norm and the smile I ended with trying something and seeing the what the student is teaching me.

Images from all three events are now available – we thank you for your continued support and purchases!