Record Field For 2018 IRDC Summer Classic

22 July 2018 Kent, WA – Heading into the weekend at Pacific Raceways the IRDC group could say that the 3rd time was the charm. A record number of entries to the race that have not been seen for quite a while filled the grounds with haulers, trailers and motorhomes.

To see 40 plus cars lined up two by two for the start of a race is quite impressive, both in sight and sound. Combine all the classes along with the novice class and you had near 200 trying to qualify on Saturday with group 6 having an even dozen.

You have to think the “nose to tail” and “side by side” racing had to be a blast for the drivers testing their driving skills. No race shop here with spare cars and parts as a lot are one of a kind and crashing it is out of the question.

The IRDC is finished for the 2018 season at Pacific but they have more races at other tracks, go to the IRDC website for the schedule and race results from this race.


IRDC Milltek Sport Grand Prix at Pacific Raceways

23 July 2017 Kent, WA – IRDC racers filled the paddock area at Pacific Raceways for a weekend of racing on the 2.25 mile road course. Better than 150 entries in six race groups got a splendid weekend weather wise, though it was a tad hot in the afternoon on Saturday.

Qualifying in the morning then lunch and get after it for the afternoon of racing, that was the schedule each day with a racer and worker BBQ Saturday night.

Combining the sprint race into a non-points event, and also round #2 of qualifying into one race worked toward the championship race on Sunday.

Images From Sunday and Saturday’s Test Sessions are now available.  Be sure to check out both albums.




Group 1 – PRO3 – Brian Bercovitz – SPM – Dan Rogers

Group 2 – CR – Daniel Shradar – CR – Daniel Shradar – CSM – Todd Morin – EP – Chuck Arnold
HT – Jeremiah Russell – ITX – Jon Wilson – PRO7 – Phil Edwards – SM – Will Schrader

Group 3 – CF – Jeff Truess – FF – Mark Keller – FM – George Doran

Group 4 – GT1 – Gunther Hohagon – GT2 – John Schweitzer – GT3 – Bud Reichard – ITE – Dan Rogers
SE46 – Charles Hurley

Group 5 – EIP – Terry Overdiek – ITA – Colin Koehler

Group 6 – FSR – Richard Boggs – FV – Stephen Saslow

Huge IRDC Weekend at Pacific Raceways

IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (93)24 July 2016 Kent, WA – Back for the second date of their 2016 season the IRDC came to race on the 2.25 mile road course at Pacific Raceways. The nearly 140 entries spread out in 6 groups had a wide range of race cars to watch.

IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (248)Many of the race cars have their roots in Europe and the large bore group that mixes it up with the early NASCAR type body and power makes for some great racing. Throw in names like Stoh, Protoform, Chevron and Cheetah in the open wheel group made for some great races to watch from the many places to do so on the property.

IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (245)Group 1 mostly made up of Pro-3 BMW race cars had by far had the most entries. Very equal in performance they will race side by side and nose to tail for most of the race, again making for some great racing to watch.

IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (297)We can’t wait until next season when they will again be back at the track.

3 Albums of images for all three days of action – and some new viewpoints too – check out all the images and albums with the links below.  Thank you for your support and purchases!

2016 IRDC Test N Tune – July 22nd2016

2016 IRDC Saturday Photo Album – July 23rd, 2016

2016 IRDC Sunday Photo Album – July 24th, 2016

IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (43)IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (346) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (384) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (43) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (119) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (162) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (202) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (207) IRDC Sunday 7-24-16 (321)

2016 IRDC at Pacific Raceways

IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 42515 May 2016 Kent, WA – Oh how the weather can change, last weekend was sunny and warm with record temps and this weekend it was back to the” northwet”.  Such is spring in the northwest and really what makes this area such a beauty. Like planning for your vacation months in advance you never know what the weather will give you.

This weekend IRDC and their volunteers gathered at Pacific Raceways for a weekend of racing on the legendary 2.25 mile track. There were nearly 150 entries in the six main groups with a “Novice” race along with the NWMECS race.

IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 301Those grey skies covered all on Saturday and did not change, so it was a dry track and race tires on.

But it was a whole new game for Sunday as the drizzle would not stop and the “rain” tires graced the race cars.

IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 201

This is true road racing; you deal with what “mother nature” gives you and be pre-paired for it. There is an art to racing in the rain and it’s on display with IRDC says general manager John Ramsey.

IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 269

Great race cars and great drivers put on some very close side by side racing in all of the groups. IRDC is back in July for more great racing though the odds give “sunny” weather though you never know.

Two Albums break out both Saturday & Sunday’s action – click on the links below for the two albums.

Saturday – May 14th, 2016 Photo Album – Click Here

Sunday – May 15th, 2016 Photo Album – Click Here

IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 010IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 186 IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 220 IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 010IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 201 IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 269 IRDC Saturday 5-14-16 402 IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 121 IRDC Sunday 5-15-16 180

2016 IRDC Test-N-Tune at Pacific Raceways

IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 01013 May 2016 Kent, WA – Packing onto the Pacific Raceways grounds are many different types of race cars for a weekend of racing IRDC style.  It is always fun to watch the small bore group as the pack their way around the track nose to tail.

IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 332

Then there are the sounds that the big bore group put out can get your insides vibrating. Plan on coming out this weekend and watch some great side by side racing.

Images from Today’s Test-N-Tune action are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 066IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 332 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 416 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 428 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 444 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 502 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 032 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 221 IRDC Test and Tune 5-13-16 329

IRDC Car Tender Challenge X at Pacific Raceways

IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 37931 Jul – 02 August 2015 Kent, WA – As the list of entries neared 170 the racers for this weekend’s Car Tender Challenge X the IRDC event was on. Five classes of cars and a lot of fun for all, and, yes, there is the stress of getting things right for the race but the mood is all fun. To see the fun all you need to do is watch the crew that is gridding these race cars.

Greg and his crew are up and down the grid sometimes running to meet the next car to assign them to their correct grid position, and from up above on the lift it is quite a sight to watch. Seeing this from above and the race cars themselves is a sight that I do not get too often and this vantage point is something that whenever permission is granted I will give you that view.

Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 394

The racing itself is as always hot and heavy. In groups 1 and 2 the largest of entries for the weekend created some great side by side and front to back racing. Sometimes it would be sweet to see thru those dark visors to see the grins on the driver’s faces, priceless I would guess.

IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 660

Images are broken down into three albums – one for each day.  Take a look at all three; there are over 1,500 images available for the entire weekend.

July 31st, 2015 Session – Test N Tune Album

August 1st Session – Qualifying Photo Album

August 2nd Race – Racing Photo Album

Looking forward to the next time that the IRDC group of racers come back to Pacific Raceways 2.25 mile track.

Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 138IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 340 Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 207 Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 236 Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 306 Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 351 Car Tender Challange X 8-2-15 402 IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 143 IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 250 IRDC Car Tender Challenge 8-1-15 299

4-Stroke Racing Series At Pacific Raceways

4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 08202 Aug 2015 Kent, WA – The first week into August is only day two and the temps are starting to rise from the high 80’s to in the 90’s.  Seattle is just not the place to think of this weather. Rain right? Everyone was hunting for shade and water to keep cool and hydrated.

The racing in the 206 light class was the one to watch as the action was hot and heavy as the karts rounded the track. A little over a minute is all it took for the winner to lap the track and bring home the trophy.

Craig Collins did this in the 206 light class while Ricky Arnold took it in 206 Heavy and Doug Huggler captured the World Formula top spot.

Lots of images of the action today – click here to go to the photo album

4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 1044-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 275 4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 104 4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 199 4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 2164-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 0024-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 539 4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 537 4-Stroke Race Series 8-2-15 538

IRDC Race Day At Pacific Raceways

IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 51917 May 2015 Kent, WA – Race day is here and people are up early. Some have a race weekend ritual that they go thru no matter what track they are at and some just go with the flow. Either way when race day comes everyone gets an anxious pang to get going. With a count of entries nearing 180 cars that makes for a full day of racing, and one group totaled over 40 cars.

There was some great pack racing with only inches separating the cars from each other – unlike other forms of racing where there might be some bump drafting, it is not really condoned here. It is good to be an aggressive driver, but not at the expense of your competitor. Watching the action has me looking to the end of July when IRDC will be back at Pacific Raceways, see you then.

Over 800 images today – from quite a few different vantage points, so take a look, and again thank you for your purchases and support!

IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 370IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 1185 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 834 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 871 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 903 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 927 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 999 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 1046 IRDC Race Day  5-17-15 1108

IRDC Qualifying At Pacific Raceways

IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 76816 May 2015 Kent, WA – As the paddock full of racers awoke to overcast skies above the thought of rain was on the minds of the racers and their setup for the day of IDRC qualifying here at Pacific Raceways. You want to get the best times you can and the rain or wet surface will cut that down and the setup you planned for qualifying.

Practice the day before gave the racers a good base line to go off of and no one likes change in the middle of the game plan, but the ability to adapt makes for a better racer and team thus setting you up for a better position to start up front of the pack, that’s Qualifying.

After a fine lunch served up by Bigfood Concessions and an afternoon of more qualifying Bigfoods was at again – hot and heavy putting together a selection for end of the day that would rival any concession food around. This the treat for the workers who for the labor of love that they put out doing what they do to run the race as smooth as possible.

Spotted in the pre-grid was Don Kitch owner of the onsite ProFormance Racing School – lending his driving skills for a one hour endurance race dedicated to Ron Johnson, a fitting way to end the day.

Qualifying Images are now available – click the link to go there. Thank you for your support and purchases!

IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 498IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 750 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 333 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 376 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 424 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 432 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 485 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 646 IRDC Qualifing 5-16-15 661

IRDC Practice At Pacific Raceways

IRDC Practice 5-15-15 42915 May 2015 Kent, WA – In their first of two visits to Pacific Raceways 2.25 mile track the IRDC groups were out in full force today. Nearly a full paddock of haulers of all sorts brought the racers and their rides out for some fun.

Looks like the small bore group has quite a few in the field. Should make for some fine racing action over the next two days not to say that the other groups are not in the same position but the more the merrier.

We’re looking forward to all the action in all the classes this weekend. Not doing anything, come on out and watch the action.

Images for today are now available – click here to go to the Friday Session album

IRDC Practice 5-15-15 338IRDC Practice 5-15-15 662 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 365 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 444 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 499 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 516 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 518 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 521 IRDC Practice 5-15-15 525