Winter Practice Tree Event- March 12th, 2016

Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 03112 March 2016 Kent, WA –  The Winter Practice Tree Series keeps growing. The shift to The Sports Page set in motion the combination of good food and spirits with the competitive nature of drag racers, and it’s a lot of fun too!

Practice Tree Series 3-12-16 004

Reaction to the tree is the ongoing challenge to cut that perfect light. Bragging no matter where starts with cutting a good light. Staying in shape to do so is that muscle memory gained from practicing, like anything you want to get better at it’s what you do. Many a racer has the hand held practice device to stay in tune but that’s by yourself, to stand next to someone to do the same adds that competitive edge to beat the other person in the lane.

Next up the real thing as the shift now goes to the track as the season is on the horizon with one important fact that will be missing and that is “no” drinking and racing that “is” legal for The Winter Practice Tree Series.

In the final race Jim Mabry took the practice tree and Amanda Jackson claimed the Pro Tree event. Absent from the final event do to a previous engagement Carl Thorsett is the overall winner this year.

Till the next Practice Tree have a wonderful season of racing.

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Practice Tree Series 3-12-16 006Practice Tree Series 3-12-16 009 Practice Tree Series 3-12-16 008

Winter Practice Tree Series – Feb 27th, 2016

Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 00127 Feb 2016 Kent, WA – When Pacific Raceways and The Sports Page set the dates for the Winter Practice Tree Series this date had nothing special set for it.  That all changed last weekend when Kenny O’Keefe’s race car was destroyed in a garage fire.

The ’69 Chevelle has been Kenny’s race car since the mid ‘80s. This was his baby and to lose it all at once is a hard hit for anyone to take.  Pacific’s racing “family” is large and ready to help when someone needs it and this night became Kenny’s night for that help.  Tonight there was a donation jar and all the cash from Pacific was donated to Kenny.  Toss into that a raffle for a bike put together by Kathy Mahoney of “The Sports Page” adding to the Kenny Ka$h jar.

Somewhat lost to the night is the fact that Carl Thorsett doubled up again on the nights races. Congrats to him and a big thank you to all those who came out to support a long time Pacific racer and his quest to get back to the burnout box and beyond.

Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 040Added note:  Carl Thorsett’s Pro Tree winner picture provided by Bracket Stars and from Sandi O’Keefe a big thanks to all those who helped raise over $1000 and a growing Go Fund Me site.

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Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 012Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 001 Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 029 Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 036 Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 038Practice Tree Series 2-27-16 040

Winter Practice Series Event #3 – February 13th, 2016

Winter Practice Tree Series 2-13-16 04813 Feb 2016 Kent, WA – Mid-way thru the Practice Tree Series brings the racers out of the rain, though most at this time of the season most are in their shops preparing for the upcoming race year out of the rainy weather anyway.

Today it was not quite the record number as the last race but more towards normal. There was an hour of practice and then it was down to business.  Also nice to see was “wives and girlfriends” joining in along with “non-racers” in a mostly “super-pro and pro” racers.

Adult beverage in one hand and the other on the button is not out of the ordinary as this is the “only” way to drink and race at the same time.

Gaining a little ground Carl Thorsett lost in the final to Tony Arthur. In the final of the “pro” tree race Paul Young picked up the prize.

Paul Young photo courtesy of “Bracket Stars”.  The next race is on February 27th 2016.

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Winter Practice Tree Series 2-13-16 046Winter Practice Tree Series 2-13-16 047 Winter Practice Tree Series 2-13-16 049Winter Practice Tree Series 2-13-16 050

Winter Practice Tree Series Event #2 – Jan 30th, 2016

Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 05930 Jan 2016 Kent, WA – As the word gets around about the fun and food combination at “The Sports Page” for the Winter Practice Tree Series the lineup for practice has grown to new lengths.  A record number on the “ladder board” showed right away for sure what the number of people in line to practice.  Add that the payout to the winner at the end of the night, the more entries the bigger the prize made for quite a night!

Husbands and Wife’s along with Boyfriends and girlfriends adds up to “Family”. The gatherings here for the practice tree is no different than at the track it’s all about family fun and entertainment. What may not be known is the night is really a “two” race night.

The normal full tree for the “Practice Tree” then afterwards a “Pro tree” winner takes all event. And because the possibility exists can you say “double-up”. A “rare” feat to say the least and this night Carl Thorsett was in that rare air sweeping both events with some pretty quick reaction times a lot of them starting with a zero.

Out the door with the “spoils” and high fives and hugs for the winner as another “family” night comes to a close. To join in this fun see Pacific’s web site for the next date. See you there.

Images of all the fun and the cash are now online – click here to go to the photo album.

Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 014Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 027 Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 042 Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 056Winter Practice Tree 1-30-16 059