National Open at Bremerton Raceway

12 May 2019 Bremerton, WA – When a “WALLY” is up for grabs the racers come in droves to get one in their hands. This year’s race at Bremerton Raceway, packed with racers for the first time under the new 1/8th mile track setup.

Two days of racing with a test and tune and gambler on Friday for one of the biggest races of the season at Bremerton.

Racing with the sunshine as there are no lights at the track with a packed house had the racing going on till the last minute of daylight to hand out those “WALLYS”.

For all of those out in the sports world that ride a skate board or snow skies or boards riding the “rail” is one of the challenges you try but riding a “K-Rail” on a Harley is something that will never end well as one of the bike class riders demonstrated on Saturday, un-hurt and a bit embarrassed from his mistake and apologetic for stopping the race Scott will ride again on his regular race bike.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the races were completed so I have no race winner information but would like to congratulate all those that took home a “WALLY” from this year’s National Open race at Bremerton Raceway.

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National Dragster Challenge & King of The Track at Bremerton Raceway

06 Oct 2018 Bremerton,  WA – Rolling on to the raceway property with the sun out bright after a day long down pour the day before is always a great sight for the eyes.

This race weekend is loaded with “lasts”. The last race to earn points in the E.T. series towards track championships and to qualify for the “King of the Track” also it is the last race weekend for Bremerton Raceway season and the last weekend for Gordon and Barb Howell overseeing the operations of the racetrack and in this position changing the schedule for the KOT from the next day to this day because of the impending weather for that day.

Smart move as the next day became a “rainout” as far as racing but the big winner this day was Russell Lopeman who heard his name announced for the trailer giveaway presented by Freeway Trailers and Bremerton Raceway.

Challenge winners and KOT are Jeremy Sears in Super Pro, Mike Evans in Motorcycle, Brian McGinnis in Pro, Brian Thompson in Sportsman, Dawsin Ridge in Jr. Thunder, Charlie Burkevics in Jr. Lightning, Dustin Ridge in 2nd Chance Lightning and Congrats to Thomas Vickers in winning “King of the Track”.

All in all a great way to end the season at Bremerton Raceway and I have to add a huge “THANKS” to Gordon and Barb over the years for the help covering your work and enjoy your time away from the track.

Lots of great images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

2018 ET Finals Was Epic!

02 Sept 2018 Boise, ID – As the rotation goes around between the four host tracks for the Northwest E.T. Finals all headed to Firebird Raceway this year. Close to 500 entries packed onto the grounds, divided up into 14 team pits.

With the Managers Cup, the Race of Champions and the Team championship up for grabs with the winners of the Race of Champions going to Pomona as the Division 6 players for a 7-Division battle for number one in their class.

The weekend got tarted on Thursday with a test and tune for all that needed to adjust to the conditions that is Firebird Raceway. On to Friday and the Gambler race for all those that wish to enter and the runs were also your qualifying hit as those not in get a hit also. The more that enter the bigger the payout and any help with costs to a racer can be helped greatly with a win.

Those that pocketed the cash:

Kurt Gross in Super Pro
Brian McGinnis in Pro
Shannon O’Leary in Sportsman
Riley Toth in Bike/Sled
Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning
Logan Scrivner in Jr. Thunder
Cooper Chun in Jr. Street.

On to Saturday and it was the Track Managers Challenge and the Race of Champions. A race within a race as all members of the team’s race with the winner added to the team total and as the track champions do battle for the Race of Champions portion also adding to the team total.

With two classes requiring seven rounds to get a winner that’s a lot of racing. Round after round and into darkness it took to go thru the eight classes of racers. The four classes of winners in the ROC that will represent Division Six in Pomona are Pat Osmundson in Super Pro, Matt Lielman in Pro, Devin Fround in Sportsman and Scott Grondahl in Sled/Bike.

The four ROC winners not yet included in the trip to Pomona are Damien Chinn in High School, Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning, Lindsey Miller in Jr. Thunder and Calli Deming in Jr. Street.

In the Track Managers Challenge of the fourteen tracks that entered the E.T. Finals the big winner this year was Woodburn Dragstrip with 49 points to claim bragging rights for another year and those eight class racers that are now on a huge “high” for what they just accomplished.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday as they say is here with the “Team” Championship up for grabs. With a round win number that will take a long time to better Woodburn Dragstrip “Team Pacific” and it’s 55 racers were ready to attempt a re-peat. Food and liquids provided by “Pirates Loot” over the weekend kept all going into Sunday with a last breakfast before racing. Team photo finished, the members scattered to the pit area to get ready to do battle. Early on the round wins were tough to come by and no record this year and the place in the standings fell.

This fact was also true for a number of tracks, as a many time winner for this series came up with a big win and that team is Portland Int’l Raceway with 86 points.

The class winners in this race

Brad Pattan in Super Pro
Steve Kelly in Pro
Gary Howe Jr. in Sportsman
Mark Canty in Bike/Sled
Kyle Wagenaar in Jr. Lightning
Ryan Bese in Jr. Thunder
Cooper Chun in Jr. Street.

On a special note for a three-day weekend of racing with three separate races to win a racer can only dream of winning all three. Well a young man named Kyle Wagenaar had his dreams come true by “sweeping” the three races, a rare feat indeed done by anyone but to do it in the Jr. Lightning class says a lot about this, young racers future.

Images from the entire weekend, broken out in Albums by day, are now available – click here to go to the photo albums.

Till next time “Congratulations” to all the winners and “Good Luck” to those going to Pomona.

John Kilroy Footbrake Challenge & Mark Sarver Memorial 1/8th Mile Shootout

01 July 2018 Bremerton, WA – A bigger weekend would be hard pressed to find with the grounds packed for the John Kilroy Footbrake Challenge, the Mark Sarver Memorial 1/8th mile shootout and shootouts for the bikes and Jr’s.

190 entries divided into two groups going after the big money this event grown into since started a few years back. Hosted by the Sears Family Racing with a slew of sponsors this “one” day event could morph into a “two” day event with entrust growing rapidly as the first race had just under a couple dozen, can you say a ten-fold growth in just a few short years.

The idea of nothing but your brakes holding you on the line is every bit of “old school” racing, no trans brake and all electronics turned off or zeroed out to even have a dragster entered running with the door cars.

In what had to be everybody’s photo op every time he came to the line Jake Guadagnolo traveled from Linden, Ca. some 17+ hrs. to Bremerton Raceway toting his bumper dragging 70 Nova. Only going a few rounds in the footbrake race he redeemed himself putting on a show round after round in Pro and Super Pro on Sunday coming ever so close to winning both, in the end taking the trophy in S/P. In his words “I love this place and am coming back next year and bringing my friends with me”.

To cap off Saturday just hours before sundown a “wedding” broke out for Joe Grahm and Kathy Strong to say their “I Do’s” on the starting line. Congrats to the newlyweds.
Ending the day with the “Rolling Stones Concert Experience” put on a show back in the “Cul-De-Sac” racing pits, great way to end the day with great music.

Saturday’s winners are Jess Dale in Super Street, Emmett McKillop in Super Comp, Lane Cavar in the Sarver 1/8th. Mi. Shootout, FB Blue Peter Oliviero, FB Red Brandon Reaves, Footbrake Champion Peter Oliviero, Jr. Shootout Cooper Chun.

Sunday had the Bremerton Raceway E.T. Series in full swing with many of the “footbrake” racers now back in their normal race trim, IE trans brakes and electronics. In addition, the unfinished races from the National Open were also held with Tony Arthur getting the “Wally” in Super Comp and Todd Sims getting his “Wally” in Super Street, congrats to both on adding to the “trophy” case.

Sunday’s results are Jess Dale in Super Street, Tony Arthur in Super Comp, Jake Guadagnolo in Super Pro, Jim Were in Motorcycle, Gary Howe Jr. in Pro, Renea Berger in Sportsman, Sean Ryland in Jr. Street,Maurice Castro in H.S., Kort Holbrook in Jr. Thunder, Ian Theofelis in Jr. Lightning, Isabell Boardway in 2nd Chance Thunder and Jiovanni Collecchi in 2nd Chance Lightning.

Only Super Comp and Super Street were completed, stay tuned to details for the final rounds for the other classes.

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2018 National Open at Bremerton Raceway

The 2018 National Open brought together racers from all over the northwest and Canada to Bremerton Raceway for a chance at the “WALLY”. Better than 250 entries packed the grounds at their chance to end up on top of the class.

Kicking off Saturday morning the “cull-de sac” racers put together a pancake breakfast for all the juniors and parents to begin the day full and happy, great job on all the food. Then it was on to packing the lanes with racers for a couple of hits, opening anthems and on to racing.

Beautiful weather with sun and a slight breeze could not have made it any better. Racing round by round throughout the day until the eleven “Wally” trophies were presented. It was a great day and on to the second half of the two-race weekend.

Within 12 hours “Mother Nature” blanketed the area with very low clouds, chilly temps and a huge chance of rain. With everyone watching their cell phone weather apps and radar it now turned into kind of a crap shoot as to completing the race before the rain stopped everything. The track was prepped and only one time hit and then it was on to racing.

Just one round got done and into the next the radar spoke the truth with “green” showing all around the track and racers heading for cover. In the end “she” wins and the race day is called.

Again, a big thanks to the cul-de-sac racers for breakfast and to the purple German potato salad cook, the bomb and H.B.

Check out the over 650 images form both days  – CLICK HERE


SS/Stock Combo – Pete Oliviero
Super Street – Jason Zemanek
Super Gas – Forest Fincher
Super Comp – Mark Johnson
Super Quick -Don Sefton
Junior Thunder – Cole Dickhoff
Junior Lightning – Jordon (JoJo) Dooley
Pro – Ken O’Keefe
Super Pro – Dale Green
.5 Motorcycle – Stacy Hesch
Sportsman – Matt Wieck

A Bremerton Weekend

02 July 2017 Bremerton, WA – Overcoming adversity. When machines break down in the factory where one line depends on another to function troubleshooting becomes the action. In the older days it was kind of easy, did the belt come off? Did it become unplugged? Is something jamming it? All easy to look for and fix if that was the issue.

Now days with computers and electrical parts are combined the task is not as easy. Multi-meters, and computer error codes are what you are looking at to find the source of what has stopped everything from working. In what amounts to better than a half a mile of wires and sensors finding the issue can be a daunting task.

Saturday was that day for Bremerton Raceway and their staff. Error codes on the computer system helps narrow it down but with so many things connected to each other, is it this one or that one? In what amounted to better than an eight-hour search and find and re-place the timing system is back running.

Now what was to be a “race” day has turned into a test and tune operation to run the system making sure everything worked properly. That now out of the way part two of overcoming adversity day.

Saturday and Sunday are “two” separate races, with the exception of the super comp and super street racers, they have one each day. The “heads” got together and moved the Sunday event to a new date and moved all Saturday to Sunday. This move created a “first” for the SC and SST racers as it is now a “double header”.

Two complete races in one day. For the “two” winners, that’s right I did say two they may want to have them all this way.

In Super Comp class Emmett McKillop grabbed both trophies in his ’14 M&M dragster. In the Super Street class Todd Sims powered his red ’66 Nova to the top putting a trophy in each hand.

Now to what was the “event” of the weekend. What started as “The John Kilroy Footbrake Race” now slated as the “Northwest Independence Shootout” brought 119 racers from near and far to get a pile of “cash”, and a “hand-made” trophy at the end of racing. The keyword here is “footbrake”. No Trans brake, nothing but your foot on the brakes.

Put on by the Sears Family Racing with help from many more this race has grown huge. Four thousand to the winner, two thousand to the runner-up, not a bad payday for nine rounds of racing. The total payout money nearly touched “ten thousand” dollars.

When money is involved the racers will come to try and put it in their pockets. I have to say watching a car that normally runs off a trans-brake switch to his foot instead of his finger really shows what “footbrake” racing is all about. Rett Berteilotti in his “first” attempt at this style of racing became a new passion in his own words “this is fun”. It was so much fun to him that “he” claimed the “runner-up” cash and trophy and stated, “I’ll be back next year” for more of this “fun” racing.

To the big winner we go and is not a newcomer to putting the cash in his pocket. Pulling this off in 2015 Dustin Ward did it again. His hard launching “hemi” yanking the front tires off the track just keeps on going this time after having to “buy” back into the race after beating all the other buybacks. The big fella knows his race car like a “glove” and the red Dart fits him like one. Thinking this may be a fluke winning two out of the past three, think again. Dustin has put the car in many a “winners circle” around the Northwest.

In the “Shootout” classes Mark Cavar driving the dragster for the first time this season got the win in the electronics 1/8th mile racing. The motorcycle shootout Jim Were and his ’12 Kawasaki made it to the winner’s circle. For the Jr’s in a combined class race Cooper Chun from Vancouver, Wa. Running out of the Jr. Lightning class claimed the trophy. Congrats to all the winners and hope to see you at next years race.

Lots of great images for both days of action – click here to go to the event gallery, where images are organized into two sections, one for the Test-N-Tune, and one for Sunday.

Bremerton Double Header – John Kilgor Footbrake Race

Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (473)03 July 2016 Kent, WA – It was back-to-back events in an E.T. Series with points to be had in close competition this weekend at Bremerton Raceway.  Weekends like this can change your standings overnight. Big moves can be had to move up in the standings with the closeness of the points.

Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (362)

An early out by those ahead of you will get you up on the wheel to take advantage of it, but don’t get too eager – the “red” light is still there to take you out. By the end of racing on Sunday there were a number of new number one’s in the classes setting up for the remaining races to be quite contested.

The big prize for the weekend was the John Kilgor Footbrake Race. Old school foot on the “brake” and mash the gas is the “rule”. Turn off your race car’s electronics and remember how you raced in the past. It came with a winner payout that totaled “30” one hundred dollar bills and payouts many places down.

Win a few rounds and you were playing with “house” money that packed the lanes with racers looking to win some money. Put together and overseen by the Sears Family Racing and Gary Howe and his construction company.   It has been growing each year since its inception shows how popular it has become.

Great job by all and bigger and better next year. We’ll begin the winners list with the footbrake winner Rob Boardway who got the pile of cash yet I think the “big” winner of the weekend was Dustin Ward, who first picked up the “Pro” class then pocketed the runner up cash in the footbrake race on Saturday then repeat in the “Pro” class on Sunday. Talk about in a “zone”-  he was in it this weekend and it showed. Congrats to all the weekends winners all 25 of them.

Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (470)Images are broken out in two albums, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday.  Over 700 images to choose from.  Thanks for your support and image purchases!

Bremerton Double Header – Two Albums – Click here

Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (466)Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (368) Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (467) Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (468) Bremerton Sat. 7-2-16 (469) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (344) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (346) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (348) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (350) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (352) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (354) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (358) Bremerton Sun. 7-3-17 (364)

2015 ET Finals At Firebird Raceway

E.T. Finals 9-5-15b 05903-06 September 2015 Boise, ID – Firebird Raceway is just outside Boise Idaho, and was the setting for this year’s E.T. Finals.  It’s a ten to sixteen hour trip for most of the Pacific Pirates.  Wednesday saw many already there with Thursday and Friday bringing in those that had to get away from work.

E.T. Finals 9-6-15 308Wednesday and Thursday, the weather could not have been better at Firebird Raceway. It was a little cooler than normal but a welcome break from the heat that has been around all summer long in the whole northwest.  Test and tune Wednesday and Thursday was in the past as we rolled into Friday’s Gambler Race the weather was a changing.

The sky thickened and all eyes were on it. Weather checking on all the smart phones were saying the same thing, Get Ready. And come it did as the wind picked up and moved anything that was not tied down and those that were scrambled to keep it from going to Kansas. The wind put a halt to racing as it coated the track surface with sand leaving it looking somewhat like sandpaper.

With just a few rounds left to finish the powers that be could have cleaned the track to continue but the threat of rain when getting that completed put an end to the idea there.  It was great decision on their part as the rain came.

Saturday morning started dry then Mother Nature again threw a wrench into the works soaking everything. The plus side to this was the long and continuous lineup for Firebird’s yummy breakfast, with biscuits and gravy. They are good as I joined the others going through the line.

E.T. Finals 9-3-15 223Once the Race of Champions got started the day went off without a hitch completed with the crowning of the class champs that will represent Division 6 in Pomona. Mighty Joe Lind will take his bike and represent Pacific Raceways as not only the track champ but as the Division 6 champ, Great job Joe!

E.T. Finals 9-5-15 334Sunday’s race weather could not have been better though quite chilly early. Racing today for all attending was for class champions in each of the E.T. classes with points for each win to determine the overall track champs, and once again the group from Woodburn in a tie breaker won, laying claims for 2015.

With the finals going north of the border next year plans to do so start now and will require ID to cross, hope to see you there.

I would like to thank David Atkins of Atkins Rotary for introducing me to Lauretta. Quite a skilled photographer with a sharp eye on nature. Having never photographed drag racing before I offered up a camera for her to shoot what she sees and have fun. Here to spend some quality time with her father most of her shots followed him as is natural. By her own admission “I know nothing but would very much like to learn”. Looking at her shots she is right though there are shots that show her natural ability and just a few pointers will bring those skills that she has already has to the top.

Maybe our paths will cross again to see what she has learned and pass those little pointers along. Thanks Lauretta for your additional pics and a glimpse into your look at a first timer to the drags, could not have been a better choice to get away from everything and see what your father enjoys.

The images are organized by day – in four albums – click here for the Event Folder with links for all four days of the 2015 ET Finals! Good Luck in Pomona!

E.T. Finals 9-5-15 152E.T. Finals 9-6-15 335 E.T. Finals 9-6-15 416 E.T. Finals 9-4-15 038 E.T. Finals 9-5-15 293 E.T. Finals 9-6-15 197

Westbay Bracket Weekend At Bremerton Raceway

Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 34717-19 July 2015 Bremerton, WA – It was a full weekend at Bremerton Raceway – the staging lanes were filled with 16 classes on the docket for Saturday and 7 on Sunday; it made for an action filled couple of days.

A test and tune on Friday night for those early runners for the weekend’s races to started things off. Roll into Saturday morning and the real reason everyone was here, race time. The weather was just plain hot as the sun baked everyone to over 90 degrees and sent all seeking shade where they could find it. There was no cooling off until the sun was well set and the same was predicted for Sunday.  It’s hard to get good sleep in this weather.

Sunday morning greeted everyone with the temps in the mid 70’s and climbing. This again had everyone seeking hydration and shade whenever possible, it was just plain hot but it beats the rain that everyone wants.  If a downpour had come no one would have objected, there was just a big sprinkler for all to run thru.

There is full event coverage by Seeitimagery – Four Albums of images are now available, the links to the album are just below – or click here for a list of all 2015 Events at Bremerton Raceway.

TEST N TUNE – (Friday July 1th, 2015) – Click Here

Saturday – Jr Dragster #13 – Car Club #2 – Series A Images – Click Here

Saturday – Jr Dragster #13 – Car Club #2 Series B Images – Click Here

Sunday Finals Images – Click Here

All in all a great weekend for Breann and I to cover the action, till next time see you then.


Car Club – Steve Neel
Inline – Don Berry
SM II – Gary Gandy Jr.
HR I – Dave Carman
Stick Shift – Ewe Gerde
Pickup – Joel Phillips
Jr Storm – Cole Dickhoff
Non Elec. – Al Chinn
1/8 Sportsman – Jeremy Sears
1/8 Pro – Robert Steffen
1/8 Super Pro – Terry Wilcox
Jr. Thunder – Makenzie Lamoureux
2nd Chance Thunder – Charlie Burkevics Jr.
Jr. Lightning – Yeshua Wilcox
2nd Chance Lightning – Selina Lenihan

Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 354 Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 326 Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 335 Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 338 Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 339 Jr.#13 and CC #2 and Nostalgia Hot Rod j 7-18-15 350



Top Eliminator – Tracy Weingard
Nostalgia Tour – Allan Thornock
Nostalgia Tour B – Tracy Weingard
Super Pro – Pat Hoglan
Pro – Zach Craig
Sportsman – Richard Gauthier
MC – Stacy Hesch

Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 125 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 127 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 131 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 135 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 137 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 139 Westbay Bracket Series #13 7-19-15 142