West Coast Grudge at Pacific Raceways

16 June 2019 Kent, WA – A West Coast Grudge weekend with a Swift Tool Series in between them, and the show did not disappoint all those racers and spectators alike. The prizes are getting bigger and so is the entries to claim those dollars.

The word of mouth and the presence on social media and its reach is drawing more from outside the Puget Sound region. With a car count that could be had with your two hands to know having a 16-car field to give those fans a full day of “heads up” and “instant” green racing.

Outlasting the field in the MOB 275 class Shaun Friedlander picked up the prize and what can be said about Nick Duda and that blue Vette that just seems to run on a string keeping his “West Coast King” position.

If you are into heads up and wheels up racing check out their next race on July 13th.

On that note I would like to thank Mike Weiss for the photo op, the track crew for all your fun and the management and owners of Pacific Raceways for all their support through out the years.

Images are in two albums – one for Friday, and one for Sunday’s action – click here to go to the photo gallery.

With that See It Imagery is signing off from Pacific and the West Coast, something will pop up in the coming months.