LO 206 at PGP Motorsports Park

27 Jan 2019 Kent, WA – Packing the grounds with a near record number of entries for a non-paying race produced some great kart racing. Though foggy all day the thing it did best is kept the racing conditions the same thru practice, qualifying and the three-heat race.

The commonality in the three group 206 class is a Briggs and Stratton crate motor and a minimum weight for each kart then boils down to driving abilities. With colorful badging from the different manufactures and even home built with lap times less than two seconds apart which produces side by side and nose to tail racing around the 0.850 mile track at PGP.

In the main final the fastest lap came from the second place kart trying to chase down the winner was 1:09.967. Not bad time there now let this sink in, the fastest lap in the Jr. class also the second place finisher trying to chase down the winner turned in a lap of 1:09.305.

Also, to note the Jr. winner turned in a faster lap time then the winner of the main. You gotta watch the next generation coming up as they soak it all in with youthful enthusiasm.

Get on the internet and find PGP Motorsports Park and join in on the fun. The Jr. winner was Trey Amzen and the main was Kevin Janders with William Evans in the Heavy class.

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Puget Sound Road Race Association Karts at Pacific Raceways

16 June 2018 Kent, WA – The Puget Sound Road Race Association and its group of kart racers came back to Pacific Raceways 2.25 mile track for the first time in seven years.

This fact showed as the paddock area around the ProFormance Racing School building was packed with entries for this race.

A morning of practice on Friday only and a race on Saturday both done by the 4:00 PM curfew as the drag strip had the track after then. With over 20 groups to run under depending on machine you will see some karts the tickle 140 mph down the straight away and that is just “one” inch off the pavement and like a motorcycle you are not attached to the machine.

The drafting that is done like NASCAR is gained a lot by an areo-package, here for most of the classes it is the human body and watching them go nose to tail six of seven-long is quite a sight.

Running seven groups with all but one being staggered starts with as many as five classes running at the same time and like the handicapped start in E.T. racing at the end all should be equal.

The list of winners is long so visit the PSRRA site for the list.

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Pacific Northwest Karting Challenge

15 June 2018 Kent, WA – Since 1997 Team Seattle under the leadership of Don and Donna Kitch have been involved with Seattle Children’s Hospital with a popular fund raiser for them. Over 5 million dollars have been brought to the aid of the children under the hospitals care.

Coming out to PGP Motorsports Park for the first time, 15 teams and their donor’s dollars came for an endurance team race. With sponsorship help from Jackson Dean Construction and ADVANCED ARE PROTECTION INC. the fund raising, and racing may have a new home and a really fun way to raise much needed dollars.

Adding to the fun for the donors PGP had just received a whole new fleet of karts with just a few runs on them and because they are new the times around the track that the numbers on the kart are the only way to notice which one you are riding now meaning the driver is the only controlling factor in the outcome of a race, can you say equality.

Like in any endurance racing the team of drivers you put together pretty much have to be equal in ability to get the most out of what you are racing, here being consistent in your laps by all.

This fact helped Team Seattle with a lap avg. of 90.150 seconds to claim the top of the podium and with the help of the following teams raised $80,000 dollars from this event. Congratulations to all that took part and the help.

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Special Hope
Wanna Be Racers
Blanchard’s Brats
Tha Kart of Racing
DACO/Applied Team Hope Care Cure
Seattle “Michael’s Automotive Group 1”
Dirt Fish Teams 1 & 2
BMW + Mini Karting Challenge
Kruisers for the Kure
NW Partitions Racing for Children’s
Speed Racers/Team Seattle Heart Kart

4-Stroke at PGP

10 Dec 2017 Kent, WA – Race number 2 in the winter series for the 4-stroke racers could not have asked for a better day to race. The chilly air cooled the motors and racers, but the sun did its job warming the human body while taking in the action on the track.

There is a poster in the PGP office that says, “The sun is fun, but wetter is better”. I think that the cold is for the bold could be added to how much fun you can have karting no matter what the weather is doing.

Qualifying, 2 heat races and the finals is the order of the day and as the sun and racers built heat into the track the lap times with a 1:10.029 in the finals steadily lowered the lap times thru the race day.

Of the 26 entries for the race Mason Buck became the biggest mover as he started in the rear and by the end of racing he ended up in second place on the podium with Kyle Wick taking the top spot and Kevin Janders coming in third for the LO 206 class.

LO 206 Heavy had Geoff Newman atop the podium, next to him William Evans claimed second and Paul Connor picked up third.

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4-Stroke Racing Series At Pacific Raceways

07 Jan 2017 Kent, WA – 08 Jan 2017 Kent, WA – Put money on the line and contenders for it will come out. Today the LO 206 class of 4-stroke karts came out to claim some.

The first hour of practice saw the “slicks” running on the karts but just as it came to an end the rains came and so did the mad scramble to change tires. Three heat races had no change to the weather so the “rain” tires put all on the same playing field.

A lot of great “side by side” and “nose to tail” competition looking to claim that first place cash. In the end the buck did stop fittingly to Mason Buck in the top spot with Stepanova Nekkeel in second and Monroe Jordan third place on the podium.

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Look for upcoming dates on the PGP website.

Weather Induced Coverage – Test-N-Tune & 4-Stroke Karts

Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 065Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 08620 March 2016 Kent, WA – Weeks of anticipation to get a run down the dragstrip has arrived. Winter upgrades and new cars need to be tested.  There is only a month till the start of the 2016 E.T. Drag Racing Season, so these test and tunes can be very helpful.

Not so helpful though was Mother Nature as the weather pundits called for rain. We first got a round of “street” tires and then the “slick” tired racers got their shot at the track. Up next the motorcycles.

Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 085

As normal track champion Joe Lind was first in the burnout box. Did I mention that water is needed to do your burnout? Water provided by the track in a controlled amount.  Burnout completed and ready to “stage” Mother Nature started adding more water to the burnout box and everywhere else that matters to a drag racer.

There were no breaks in the rain and the test and tune is now history, so it was off to the PGP Motorsports Park for some 4-stroke kart racing – they have “rain” tires and the gear to keep you somewhat dry. We got there just in time to catch the last qualifying heat as the rain continued, throwing spray off the tires as they sped by.

Noted is the fact the lap times do not differ much between the dry or wet track surfaces – a testament to how well the rain tires work.

Throwing down some very steady lap times Derek Wang could not be caught and claimed the P1 spot. Standing in P2 young Mason Buck is showing the progression he has made over the past year and a frequent stander on the podium Zak Bothel picked up P3.

Two albums are available, one for the first Test-N-Tune event of the season, the other for 4-Stroke.  Click on the links below to go to the photo albums.

Drag Racing TNT Images – Click Here

4-Stroke Kart Racing Images – Click Here

Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 002Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 087 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 140 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 202 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 205 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 005 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 023Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 086 Test and Tune and 4-Stroke 3-20-16 065


4-Stroke Racing Series Event At Pacific Raceways

4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 13521 Feb 2016 Kent, WA – This “Daytona Day” brings the LO-206 racers to the track for another in the race series.  Aside of wanting to watch the Daytona 500 in Florida the weatherman had predicted a storm cell right around the time the “finals”.

With these factors coming into play the schedule was tweaked a little to at least beat the weather. This was mainly due to the fact that the racers had to finish the three heat event on the tires they started with.

Clear, chilly and dry equals “slicks” not “rain” tires and they were the proper choice for today. Lapping the track in a little over 70 seconds says the grip was good and these times showed it. Its how in racing one can go the fastest lap and in the final race not make the podium, that’s racing.

4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 336The podium placers standing in a downpour are Zak Bothel in first, Craig Collins in second and Derek Wang taking third.

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4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 1794-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 280 4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 295 4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 141 4-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 1974-Stroke Racing Series 2-21-16 336

4-Stroke Racing Series – Dec 27th, 2015

4-Stroke Series 12-27-15 44827 Dec 2015 Kent, WA – The end of the year marks the halfway point in the 4-stroke series and a much different set of driving conditions then the last race. It was cold and dry to start the qualifying, slick tires to start – though by the end there was a mad scramble to get a few laps on the rain tires.

That light rain soon changed to a snowy mix with more snow then rain giving the drivers a little extra to contend with though a “wiper” for the visor would have been quite handy.   Later, the snow was long gone as the warmer rain took over lasting the remaining heats at least giving the racers some constant conditions for tuning.

4-Stroke Series 12-27-15 512

Making the best of this race and conditions saw young Mason Buck rise to the top of the podium with Ricky Arnold grabbing second and Kyle Wick picking up third.

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4-Stroke Series 12-27-15 0124-Stroke Series 12-27-15 2034-Stroke Series 12-27-15 493 4-Stroke Series 12-27-15 3734-Stroke Series 12-27-15 1624-Stroke Series 12-27-15 3824-Stroke Series 12-27-15 0124-Stroke Series 12-27-15 2034-Stroke Series 12-27-15 512

Toy For Tots – NW Toy Drive at Pacific Raceways

Toys for Tots 12-6-15 17906 Dec 2015 Kent, WA – Each December the Pacific Raceways property plays host to some very generous people. The annual NW Toy Drive benefiting Toys for Tots. Sponsored by Lexus of Bellevue and the O’Brian Auto Group thousands of folks brought their un-wrapped gifts or cash donation for the Marine Corps Reserve program.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 010Combine this with holiday music covering the many cars out for the car show gathering. Out on the 2.25 mile track a “lead/follow” was done, overseen by ProFormance Racing School giving those who take part an idea of what it feels like to drive a road course.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 170Of course Santa and his helpers were on hand accepting gifts and posing for pictures, also on hand passing out candy canes was Ed Troyer from the Pierce County Toys for Tots program.
Toys for Tots 12-6-15 400Every year that I have covered this event it has gotten bigger and bigger thus proving the generosity of the NW to those in need. Great job by all those involved as it takes many to help bring it together each year. Till next year Happy Holidays to all.

Toys for Tots 12-6-15 002Images of all the excitement and holiday cheer are now available click here to go to the album, & Happy Holidays!

4-Stroke Racing Series Enjoys Perfect Weather

4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 21529 Nov 2015 Kent, WA – The previous race in this series saw pouring down rain and rain tires, this day brought nothing but bright sunshine, but with it came some very chilly air. Frost covered all of nature, though the track surface totally free of the white stuff.

For the racers no raingear just an extra layer under the driving suit. Clip along at just over 40mph with the temperature less than 40 degrees and that extra layer is a must to keep that chill at bay.

The sun heated the track surface and slicks had good grip – it made for some pretty quick lap times around the 0.850 mile layout.

4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 510Taking the podium this chilly and sunny day in third spot Kyle Wick, in second place last races winner Ricky Arnold and the top spot on the
podium claimed by Cole Franchini.

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4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 2154-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 5104-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 277 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 419 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 446 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 2714-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 426 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 016 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 311 4-Stroke Racing Series 11-29-15 360