UNFC Funny Car Invitational Finals at Pacific Raceways

07 July 2018 Kent, WA –  It was a packed line up on the schedule today with the rain-out qualifying scrubbing the first round, with at least three rows of haulers toting those funny cars somewhat harking back to the 64 funny car days of the past.

Northwest legends Bill Doner and Bucky Austin lead the way and their past connections with the funny car shows in mind they put together a program that those who witnessed those days and the “nitro” junkies of today totally enjoyed.

In between the funny cars the Swift Tool Series class racers enjoying a great sunny day of racing picking up points towards the E.T. Finals to be held Labor Day weekend in Boise. Round after round they went until the little bugger “Murphy” showed up and as we all know his monkey wrench has many sizes.

Working against the curfew, the scramble was on to get as many rounds in for the Swift racers and the UNFC finals completed.

When the time clock ran out these classes finished, Dawsin Ridge in Jr. Storm, Dustin Ridge in Jr. Thunder, Jordan “JoJo” Dooley in Jr. Lightning, Trenton smith in Jr. Street and the big winner and unbeaten this season in UNFC Bobby Cottrell left second but finished first over Jason Rupert.

The unfinished Swift racers will finish their race the next day.

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Goodguys 30th PNW Nationals Drag Racing

28 July 2017 Kent, WA – Each year towards the end of July the GOOD-GUYS Rod & Custom Association comes to the northwest, packing the Washington State Fair Events Center with an indoor car show with many more outside on the property. Early hot rods of all kinds from an era that produced many of the modern components that are in use today. What is old is new and what is new can be old and car owners show this in car shows and at the Friday Night Drags at Pacific Raceways.

The cars are divided into just five classes depending on the year and or elapsed time. Throw in a few exhibition cars and you have the making of a great time at the track. When announced mark on your date book and check it out then take in the weekend at the fairgrounds.

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Hot Rod 1 – Greg Kent
Hot Rod 2 – Dan Bennett
Comp – Norm Braedt

Funny Car – Bobby Cottrell
Fuel Alt – Bryan Hall
Pro Mod – Garrett Richards

Nostalgia & Jr Dragsters Complete Busy Weekend at Pacific Raceways

09 July 2017 Kent, WA – In a rare race on Sunday the Jr. Dragster racers came ready to race at Pacific Raceways. The juniors were paired up with the Nostalgia group of racers and fine old race cars.

The weather could not have been better for the six classes in the nostalgia series which is great for all those that own the autos built before the mid 70’s. All four American auto manufactures could be seen racing down the track, with a couple of Topalino bodied cars thrown in for something different.

For the Jr’s it was business as usual, laughing and joking around as kids do, but climb into the dragster and its all business. This is true of all the competitors here today as it all revolves around family. All around the pit spaces that are not much more than a camping setup families come out to enjoy the sport they enjoy with the smell of bacon filling the morning air.

This combination of old school racers and their cars mixed with the next generation of racers is a great mix for all to see what was and what will be.

Over 400 images of all the racing today, lots of cool shots of racers “doin it old school” too. Click here to go to the photo album.


Dragster/Roadster – Dave Welch
Hot Rod 1 – Rob Lindley
Hot Rod 2 – Joe Locke
Street Machine 1 – James Van Cleve
Street Machine 2 – Larry DeCamp
Top Gas – Austin Calhoun
Jr. Lightning – Kaden Bean
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke

Car Club, Cars of the 253, and United Nitro Funny Cars!

07 July 2017 Kent, WA – Starting off a big weekend of racing at Pacific Raceways was the Friday night “instant” green for The Cars of the 253 and Car Club with their pack of members sporting their daily drivers and pure race cars.

Running their series on Fridays thru the season the car club members gather pretty much together in the upper “bowl” area of the track. This club of racers has also grown over the years as word spreads of the fun with family and friends and the “common” bonds they share. Not easy to be a repeat winner with the diversity in the club’s race cars. This fact really gives no one an edge and it can be anyone’s night to win.

Coming out on top this night Craig Smith and his ’95 Camaro edged out Bill Cadle and his ’64 Polara.

Also building is the “new” class called “The Cars Of The 253”. Running on selected dates, The Cars of the 253 also use the “instant” green start for racing. Only running to the 1/8th mile the reaction to the green can and will catch you off guard. With “no” amber lights counting down to green to set you up you have to be ready once both are staged. Brain to finger or thumb on a button or foot on the brake pedal “will” really test your reaction to the green. Those that cut some pretty good lights under the “normal” tree are finding a bit bigger number on their time slip. Adding to the fact once you get that slip you get “no” info on who you raced. Call someone out, pair up and hit the tree with first to the stripe the winner. This is pure “heads up” racing at its best taken from the streets to the “safety” of the dragstrip.

Top of the list tonight is Lloyd Flatum and his ’01 S-10. Next race for this group is Aug. 11th.

Rounding out the evening was the United Nitro Funny Cars (UNFC) setting up for their race on Saturday; the teams got their first qualifying hit. There is nothing like “nitro” sounds reverberating around the track. The class is the combination of Bill Doner and Bucky Austin bringing the United Nitro Funny Car event to the track. Not quite the “64” funny car event from Doner’s past here at the track but a big event none the less.

Also not the nitro funny cars you see at the national event held each summer at Pacific Raceways these are “old school” race cars like they raced back in the day. Yes they “do” have current safety equipment on the cars and a little help from the lessons learned from the technology developed since these cars ran in their heyday.

Top of the field going into Saturday is Mark Sanders throwing down a 5.677 et at 224.81 mph.

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Goodguys NW Nationals Nostalgia Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

GoodGuys 7-29-16 (531)29 July 2016 Kent, WA – A terrific blast from the past is the best way to describe what GoodGuys is all about. A three-day car show at the fairgrounds and Friday night drags at the track bring thousands of folks out to see and watch.

GoodGuys 7-29-16 (340)In their hey-day these race cars were the top of the show and today it is still the same. Nostalgia is big no matter what you are describing and when it comes to racing, and it’s even bigger when you look at the stands you could see it – the stands were filled the seats on Friday night.

GoodGuys 7-29-16 (294)Add in to the mix some altered and dragsters from the day and eleven funny cars brought together with help from Bill Dooner who was the instrument for the big shows when Pacific Raceways was Seattle International Raceway. Those events drew tens of thousands to the track back in the day.

GoodGuys 7-29-16 (231)Looking forward to next season and the GoodGuys race I can see a bigger and better show for all those that love the old days of racing and the cars that ruled the strip.

Lots of great images tonight, the light was just about perfect – check out the images in the photo album – click here.

GoodGuys 7-29-16 (167)GoodGuys 7-29-16 (476) GoodGuys 7-29-16 (211) GoodGuys 7-29-16 (223)GoodGuys 7-29-16 (531) GoodGuys 7-29-16 (340)

Nostalgia Race at Pacific Raceways

Nostalgia Race 7-10-16 (102)10 July 2016 Kent, WA – Capping off a very busy 3 event weekend at Pacific Raceways, and after two days of fighting Mother Nature she left the track alone as the weather passed around the area for great racing. The cooler than normal temp with a good track temp put a number of racer’s to their best passes ever.  Watching these early years race cars make passes some of which only come out for this race along with the series runners is great to watch.

Nostalgia Race 7-10-16 (384)Throw in a bunch of AA/Supercharged powered rides that will pass 200mph in six and a half seconds. Add to that Randy and Kim Parker with a new car for daughter Stephanie.  Her maiden run done with a thumbs up from dad, and a little nervous Stephanie laid down two fine runs not quite to the sixes that the car is capable of running but worthy of big hugs from the crew and parents.

Nostalgia Race 7-10-16 (366)Great weather for great photos today too – click here to see all the images from today’s action.

A great day for all those watching from the stands and a real great day for these winners:

AA/GAS- Scott White
Dragster/Roadster- Allan Thornock
Stick Shift- Jamie Roth
Top Gas- Jess Dale
Hot Rod 1- Brian Mcginnis
Hot Rod 2- Chris Sheldon
Street Machine 1- John Rheinberger
Street Mach9ine 2- Larry DeCamp