Super Saturday #3, Swift Tools #11, Jr Dragsters #10, High School #5 & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

28 July 2018 Kent, WA – Race number eleven of the Swift Tools ET Series rounds off the chance for racers to qualify for the E.T. finals and in the end track champions. The field was just one racer shy of 250 that took the tree in the first round in all classes combined with just a handful here to test for the upcoming national event.

Add to this for the Swift Tool E.T. series it is an “All Access Challenge” which earns you a “Wally”. The trophy on its own is a hard one to earn and all racers covet earning one.

Having said that a huge shout out to Cole Dickhoff who for the second year in a row picked up two in the same week in two countries and tracks. A lot of racers go their entire racing career and never get one and to get four in two years speaks volumes on this young mans talent and I hear he is also quite good on a go-kart.

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The winners for today’s race are:

Super Pro – Norm Braedt
Pro – Brian McGinnis
Sportsman – Art Kirby
Motorcycle – Stacy Hesch
Jr. Lightning – Ian Theofelis
Jr. Thunder – Cole Dickhoff
Jr. Storm – Dawsin Ridge
Stock – Alan Falcone
Super Comp – Derek McMasters
Super Gas – Lane Cavar
Super Street – Martin Rachel
Top Comp – Kevin Rennick
Turbo Thunder – Dennis Hogan

Swift Tools ET Series #8 & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

June 2018 Kent, WA – The early season rain cut the number of races for the Swift Tool series and this being number 8 of 13 had a packed house filling the grounds. With near or just above 200 entries, more than 80 in Pro alone, all were out in the sunshine enjoying the racing and weather.

Taking in the action the bike riders from WMRRA looked forward to their finals on Sunday, and there were some fast bikes and fast cars sharing the 14 hours of operation time the track has for the day.

We came ever so close to completing race number eight with a huge effort by the drag crew, but that 11:00 PM curfew slammed things down like a hammer on a nail. This fact stopped all classes but the motorcycles where Jim Werre grabbed a double break out win over William Nitta.

The next Swift Tools ET Series race is July 8th.

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Car Club – Jr Dragster #7 & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

22 June 2018 Kent, WA – Car Club at Pacific brings out a wide range of the Big-3 production cars and trucks. A ’64 Polara in one lane and a ’18 Charger in the other is quite a sight for the Mopar brand but then again, a ’69 Nova lined up next to a ’64 Chevy II harks back to early GM battles then mix it up with a ’15 Grand Cherokee against a ’06 Silverado.

All of these combinations can be found on a Car Club race date and are quite a treat for those watching. Along with the Car Club this date two groups of 1/8th mi. racers that are a mile apart in appearance and power.

The Jr’s. running their ¼ scale dragsters and the WCSA door slammers, the single cylinder of around 30 cubic inches for the Jr’s, to the over 800 cubic inch, eight-cylinder monster motors in the door slammers.

This night though belonged to the dragsters as “Mother Nature” reared her crying mode and ended the night after the Jr. finals.

The winners are: Ryan Warnke in Jr. Lightning, Alexis Krier in Jr. Thunder, Abigail Cole in Jr. Storm and Trenton Smith in Jr. Street.

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Car Club, Jr Dragsters & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

25 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – It was the end of the season for the Car Club members and it showed as the lanes were loaded with cars looking to take home the last race hardware. The Jr Dragsters here for their second to last race in their season also filled the Fall National lanes with Jr. Thunder’s champ too close to call.

Rounding out the race date, WCSA brought their high horsepower rides with smaller than normal tires for that much power for qualifying and attempts to tame all that power.

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Jr. Lightning – Selena Lenihan
Jr. Thunder – Alexis Krier
Jr. Street – Camerin Webster
Car Club – Don Berry

Car Club & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

17 June 2017 Kent, WA – Two quite different clubs brought their action to the track, one for the evening and the other for the weekend. For those in the Car Club it’s another race in their series that brings all sorts of race cars to run down the track, from pure race cars and a bunch of daily drivers.

This diversity makes for some pretty strange pair-ups running each other. Divided into the main three car makers (Ford-GM-Mopar) in the lanes you see diversity for yourself. This night though the GM brand won out in the finals as a pair of Camaros one a 1969 and the other a 2013 faced off for the trophy. Ken Nylin and his 2013 bested Larry DeCamp and his 1969 to pick up the hardware.

To the WCSA their action on Friday is to qualify for their race on Saturday. Running only 1/8th mile these high horsepower race cars run on only an 8 ½ inch wide racing slick tire. Harnessing that power on a tire that should be twice the size is the goal. Add to that because you qualify one day and race the next can bring “mother nature” into play.

This fact is the demise of many a race day in the northwest as the weather finally put an end to a huge effort by the drag crew to make it happen. Also bitten by the rain was race number eight in the E.T. series and race number three in the H.S. series.

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The Next race is July 9th for the E.T. and H.S. series.

Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (296)13 Aug 2016 Kent, WA – The final Super Saturday of the season drew just over a baker’s dozen from 300 entries. Sixteen different classes for the racers to fit into have many thinking of the SS trophy sitting on the shelf.

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (320)With just five dates in the season you do not get many chances to get one. Also in the mix was the WCSA and their high powered hotrods racing to the 1/8 mile. As a spectator you can’t beat the wide range of cars in a number of heads-up racing. The winners list is long.

Over 400 great images of all the Super Saturday action are now online – click here to go to the photo album.

Super Pro – Emmett McKillop
Pro – Brian McGinnis
Sportsman – Larry DeCamp
Motorcycle – Mark Sires
Stock – Jody Lang
Super Comp – Darral Pettit
Super Gas – Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Mark Campbell

Jr. Storm – Jaslyn Bean
Jr. Thunder – Luke Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Kennedy Krier

Open Comp – Craig Castagno
Outlaw 8.5 – Sherry Rohr
Outlaw 10.5 – Outlaw Trucking
Pro Street – Gene Fleury

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (291)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (318) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (335) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (286) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (308)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (311) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (299) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (301)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (296)

Jr Dragster #11 & Car Club #6 at Pacific Raceways

Jr.#11 8-12-16 (212)12 Aug 2016 Kent, WA – It was the second to the last race for the Jr. Dragsters, and they filled the lanes with cars in what had to be the largest entry list of the season. Many are still in contention for a trip to the E.T. Finals and others are already getting set up for next season.

On the other side the Car Club keeps on growing with more racers joining in for a night of racing. Then there are those that are here for a test and tune for the Super Saturday event the next day. Here also was the WCSA with the four classes qualifying for their Saturday race.

Back to the Jr’s, after gaining his license McKailen Haddock, son of funny car driver Terry Haddock got his first taste of racing like his dad. Watching his licensing the day before you could hear the seriousness in dad’s tone at the same time the proud eyes of a father watching his son. Though losing in the first round he did everything right the way he was taught and will only get better with seat time.

The Jr. Winners are in Jr. Storm Raylee Higgins, in Jr. Lightning Ryan Lamoureux and in Jr. Thunder Ian Theofells. In the Car Club it was a father and son match as the Douglas’s Wayne and track champ Nick faced off seeing dad Wayne getting the light.

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Jr.#11 8-12-16 (203)Jr.#11 8-12-16 (215) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (217) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (206) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (208)Jr.#11 8-12-16 (212)

Swift Tools ET Series #7 & #8 at Pacific Raceways

Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (619)26 June 2016 Kent, WA – Back-to-Back E.T. races at Pacific Raceways are fun in many ways – bringing well in excess of 200 entries for the weekend.  Along with the Swift Tools E.T. series the West Coast Streetcar Association and Canada West Doorslammers brought their high powered machines for their series at Pacific Raceways.

Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (185)The great weather for racing had everyone ready to go at the scheduled time. Knowing how many runs no matter the class is shown in the “run order” that everyone has access to see. Knowing the times that you run also helps plan their doings when not running. You still have to eat and do any servicing to your race car. Unlike some tracks Pacific Raceways no matter the user on the dragstrip or road course they run until a curfew.  Packed lanes and running to that hour ended the #7 race unfinished.

Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (220)Finish up Sunday was the logical answer.  The run order already set for Sunday according to the time allotted has dragstrip manager Ed Garfield in a time juggling mode. Knowing that towards the end of Sunday races the “cool down” times brings moments of no racing he explained at the drivers meeting the new schedule.  It was executed to perfection by the dragstrip crew getting all races completed before time ran out with a big “great job” to the crew from Ed.

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Super Pro – Tory Lea
Sportsman – Kenny OKeefe
PRDC – Stacy Hesch

Super Pro – Mark Johnson
Pro – Dennis McGinnis
Sportsman – Kenny OKeefe
PRDC – Joe Lind
Doorslammer – Kirk Lanz
Open Comp – Jay Krier
PNSCA – Mike Weiss

Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (676)Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (706) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (679) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (686) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (694) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (696) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (705)Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (220) Swift #8-WCSA-Doorslammers 6-26-16 (185)