Spike & The Impalers at The Chalet

02 Feb 2019 Enumclaw, WA – Built over 100 years ago the Chalet once again hosted Spike and the Impalers for a Saturday night of live rock and roll. This northwest band founded on January 1st,2002 has seen their followers grow many-fold.

Fronted by former local radio DJ, Spike O’Neill has seen a number of members in and out of the band. Jeff Kathan on percussion and Lynn Sorensen on base there from the beginning forming the beat of the band. Joining the band on guitar and keyboards Steve Hanna, Scott Adams with his saxophone, Susan Kendall Morals brings her incredible vocals complemented by the very scorching guitar work Manuel Morals who rounds out the members who now have been performing together getting past five years.

Akin to a well-oiled machine the band rocks out a twenty song play list that gets many of the packed house followers dancing up in front of the band.

With 99 percent of the 460 seats filled at the start of the show when Kermet Apio started his comedy show, and yes he does pull his name into some hilarious comedy. If you have not seen Spike and his band go to their web-site and find an upcoming date and check them out they put on a great show.

Images from a great night are now online and available for purchase – click here to go to the photo album.

Spike And The Impalers at the Claws Chalet Theater

11 Mar 2017 Enumclaw, WA – As a DJ for local classic rock station KZOK Spike O’Neill has his pulse on the music that is played by them and brings this music to life as “Spike and the Impalers”. The “Claws” Chalet Theater and its stage became a perfect setting for 500 or so to enjoy some rocking live music.

Leading off the show local comedian Susan Jones put it to the audience with some great wit and punch lines. Nothing like laughter to get everyone in the same frame of mind ready to jam on some great live music and this she did as a huge thunder of hand clapping and yells as she finished and introduced the band to the audience.

Jumping into an Edgar Winter tune right away got everyone going, leading to Spike singing as he walked up on stage the next song in the nights set. The diversity of the band members and the multiple instruments they can play along with Spikes voice brings some rocking music to life. With no counter I lost track but there had to be at least 20 songs on the set list including a slow song so those dancing up front could hug up for one song. I say if you get the chance to see the band play you need to go, they won’t let you down.

Band members are: #Spike O’Neill – #Lynn Sorensen – #Jeff Kathan – #Manuel Morias – #Susan Kendall Morias – #Scott Adams – #Steve Hanna – #Jaysen Dickhoff Comedian: #Susan Jones

Got Lots of great shots – go to the photo album by clicking here.