Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Comes To Pacific Raceways

19 Aug 2018 Kent, WA – A Test & Tune, Qualifying, and great racing was the formula for a four-day weekend in which just shy of 350 entries attempted to end up with a little gold statue they call a “WALLY” at Pacific Raceways this past weekend.

Weather could not have been better for racers and spectators alike though it was a little warm for the finals that finished just ahead of a smoke bank from a nearby fire.
On a funny note Chris Demke started the weekend pushing a “shoe” 300 feet down the track leaving it there for all to see and a track worker to go and retrieve.

Chris Marshall showed big performance by earning “Wally’s” from both the “Nationals” and the “Divisional” events at Pacific Raceways, and always-a-threat local racers Jeff Lane and Jody Lang added to a long list of “WALLY” wins.

Three days of great racing resulted in over 1,900 images available – click here to go to the photo albums.

Chris Thode in Top Comp
Tanner Theobald in Super Comp
Aaron Kinard in Super Gas
Jess Dale in Super Street

TAD – Chris Demke
TAF – Chris Marshall
Comp – Jeff Lane
Super Stock – Jody Lang
Stock – Norm Webber
TS – Doug Crumlich
TD – Mark Campbell
SC – Aaron Kinard
SG – Rob Willis
SS – Gary Ericksen
SM – Miles Hauer
SP – Parker Theobald
Pro- Dustin Ward

LODRS Returns to Pacific Raceways For 2nd Race of the Season

20 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – There was plenty of action at this season’s “Regional” event at Pacific Raceways. The event got started with a test and tune on Thursday, then ran thru to the finals on Sunday running like a clock the whole weekend.

With no issues with the weather a better weekend of racing would be hard to find. A “shootout” was run on Friday in line with qualifying; the shootout saw Shawn Herbst grab Top Comp class. Super Comp saw Kyle Seipel earn the top spot. In Super Gas Dean Petersen from Courtenay, BC picked up a companion for the ride home and local racer and sponsor Ron Buckholz from Tacoma added a Super Street win to take home.

Taking home the “Wally” trophies on Sunday were:

Top Alcohol Dragster – Shawn Cowie
Top Alcohol Funny Car – Shane Westerfield
Competition Eliminator – Jeff Lane
Super Stock – Justin Lamb
Stock – Rick Green
Top Sportsman – Robert Strohm
Top Dragster – Paul Nero
Super Comp – Trevor Harkema
Super Gas – Chris Cannon
Super Street – Ron Buckholz
Sportsman Motorcycle – Dan Partridge
Super Pro – Lloyd Flatum
Pro – Ryan Warter

There is a complete event folder with four albums of images for the weekend. So many images we lost count – click here to go to the event folder, and please enjoy all four days of racing images!

Fantastic Finale to Four Days of LODRS Action at Pacific Raceways

25 June 2017 Kent, WA – Hosting a NHRA Northwest Division 6 event brings the best of the best to grab that “Wally” trophy when all is said and done. Pacific Raceways has two of these events this season, something I don’t think they have done before. Yes, they did have a “two” event weekend under a previous division director but not two separate dates.

There had to be a little question in the minds of those that put this date on the schedule, see as a lot will say in the northwest say “summer” begins on the 5th of July. Not the case this four-day race weekend. Mother nature threw down nothing but sunshine though increasing the temp every day with race day Sunday jumping into the 90’s, not normal for the end of June and just a few days into summer.

The gamble you play with Mother Nature paid off this day of “finals” as it reads like a “who’s who” in division six racing.

Starting with Jeff Lane, a many time division champion picking up another “Wally” in Competition Eliminator. Who else but Jody Lang in Super Stock, another many time “Wally” winner. Method Racing is a name you will see many times in Stock Eliminator, either Cal or Mary Ann powering their “Nova” to another “Wally”.

Top Sportsman saw a very first-time winner of the coveted “Wally” when James Rutherford came all the way from Wembley, Alberta Canada, (a 15hr. drive) and hoisted his trophy. Another name you will see is Paul Nero taking care of business in Top Dragster to grab the “Wally”.

In what has to be the best-looking pit area the Dalrymple’s came in force with “five” race machines for at least three separate classes. Hoisting the “Wally” this time out of the group, Michael got it done in Super Comp. Taking the ’63 Corvette to the winner’s circle and another name that grace’s the D-6 books, Chris Cannon put his hand around the “Wally” in Super Gas.

Many of his friends call him “Bags” but his name is Steve Beggerly, past track champ in the E.T. series at Pacific Raceways and has lifted a “Wally” in the past did it again in Super Street. Coming up from Gladstone, OR, Don DePeel powered his ’74 Kawasaki for a “Wally” in Sportsman Motorcycle.

No stranger to the “Wally” himself, Dale Green put his DG Machine ’08 American dragster in the winner’s circle. Another local racer, Al Chinn and his ’64 Nova Wagon running in a “not” normal class for him put it in the winner’s circle holding up the “Wally”.

Congrats to all the winners who endured the heat for a fine four days of racing.

The event album now sports a total of five albums, covering all four days of racing, testing, and qualifying. Some great shots of action on the finish line are included, and are really cool, in spite of the heat this weekend. To go to the event albums – click here.

Also a young lady very near and dear to myself and my daughter up from Boise spending time with her squeeze Jason while he worked the race spending a little time with a strange camera (she shoots Cannon I shoot Nikon) working on her own photography skills. Thank You young lady, till next time.

LODRS Test-N-Tune at Pacific Raceways

22 June 2017 Kent, WA – Pacific Raceways is hosting the NHRA Division-6 racers this weekend. They are coming to the track the first of two times this season, racing in June as compared to the middle of August will be a change for the racers.

People in the Northwest joke about summer beginning on July 5th but the weather forecasted for this weekend it will seem like the late summer event. Plenty of hydration is going to be the order of the weekend as the temps are jumping 10 to 15 degrees above the normal for this just into summer time race.

Should be a great weekend for racing, come on out and see the action, it will be great also.

Images from the Test-N-Tune sessions today are now available – click here to go to the main event album for today’s images. More images will be added over the course of the weekend.

Good luck to all the drivers and teams!!

NHRA Division Six Season Finale at Woodburn

DSC_632019 Sep 2016 Woodburn, OR – The final division race of the season no matter the location will bring those that need to protect their position in the standings, those that know with a good showing can move up in the standings and those that just love to race no matter where they are in the standings.

DSC_6158This was truly the mix for the final NHRA Northwest Division Six race held at Woodburn Dragstrip.

DSC_5113Thursday and Friday the weather could not have been better, sunny but not really hot temps. All of a sudden the smart phones started buzzing about “mother nature” and the radar picture. Just when the racing  was about to get serious the rains came and washed away Saturday.

DSC_6592With figuring done, it was planned the race could finish on Sunday in the time allotted meaning no issues. Come Sunday morning the no issues went away thanks to Mother Nature and her relentless overnight rain. So much rain fell that it lifted the rubber from the track surface forcing the track and D-6 crew to scrape and re-prep the track. Thanks “Mother Nature”.

DSC_5714Darkness was the deciding factor now and they ran all that could be run till dark, and then it was on to Monday.

On to Monday morning and again the weather played a part as a heavy dew covered everything not protected from it along with pretty dense fog obstructing your view.  The crew got the rest of the event done in just a few hours even with later start, those few hours that were taken away by the weather showed that the hard work and dedication by the Woodburn and D-6 crews can race ready a track surface no matter the issue.

A big thanks to Jay and Joey for their help and answers, it was always a good time at their track. For a list of the winner’s visit the D-6 web site.

Over 1,200 images are now available, many from some new vantage points.  Click here to go to the event album – there are a total of five albums, organized by day to make it easier.  CLICK HERE.

DSC_5444DSC_5487 DSC_5119

Big Division Six Weekend at Pacific Raceways

DSC_337922 August 2016 Kent, WA – Continuing on from the hot weather the Pacific date for the NW Division 6 qualifying began.  Along with the division race the sportsman finals from the NW National rain out was on the docket and a whole different set of conditions to deal with.

DSC_3122As for the reminders about staying cool and hydrated, it was everywhere. Bottles of water were in hand and a cool towel around the neck. Also seen where more “bumpershoots” than on a rainy day in the northwest. Having endured the heat on Friday and Saturday, Sunday the marine cloud layer brought out the coats and sweatshirts much to the joy of all.

DSC_3306Now all the data gained in the heat is out the window with as much as a twenty degree drop from the previous days. In the heat Saturday though the sportsman finals were run and Chuck Glanz took the Top Dragster class and local racer Brian Phillips home the Top Sportsman “Wally” in Super Stock, second generation racer Cody Lane added to his trophy case, also up from Tigard, Or. Steve Laskowske grabbed the Super Gas win and from further away Jerry Denton from Tempe, Az. will long haul the “Wally” from Super Street and what had to be the best winner after over four decades of racing Tory Lea got his first “Wally” running in Super Comp.

DSC_2591Congrats to the National event winners now on to Sunday. As mentioned it felt good to have a jacket on and no umbrellas in sight. There was great side by side racing as the best of the division went rounds as the temp rose to a very comfortable shirt sleeve day. For those in the stands it could not be better soaking the sun and racing.

DSC_2497In what had to be the highlight even before the finals for the division race began is local history. I know it did not happen on the same day as normal finals at a NHRA event nor did it happen on the same date but under the heading “Protect The Harvest NW Nationals” class winners list will be father and son Jeff and Cody Lane from nearby North Bend.  None the less it is rare indeed for a father and son to win at the same national event; great job you two and your crews.

Link for images of the event, organized into FOUR albums – over 2,000 images! – click here.

Also ahead of the list Jeff can claim winning a National and Divisional “Wally” on the same day. On to the winners with a great big “Thank You” to Pam Gorman for keeping my info straight:

Top Alcohol Dragster: Garrett Bateman
Top Alcohol Funny Car: Chris Marshall
Competition Eliminator: Jeff Lane
Super Stock: Rick McKinney
Stock Eliminator: Greg Kielman
Super Comp: Trevor Harkema
Super Gas: Greg Hehr
Super Street: Jeff Jackson
Top Sportsman: Shawn Herbst
Top Dragster: Tony Burton
Sportsman Motorcycle: Danny Patridge
Super Pro: John Chitwood
Pro: Dennis McGinnis

DSC_3016DSC_3238 DSC_3247DSC_3280 DSC_3306 DSC_3379

NHRA Division Six Spokane Rain-Out Completed at Pacific Raceways

DSC_105518 August 2016 Kent, WA – It’s not normal in Eastern Washington – the dry part of the state gets rain, but it can happen. Thus the rain-out phase went into action for the NHRA Division Six event held earlier this season in Spokane. The racers and powers that be agreed that completing the event at Pacific Raceways would fit so here we are.

DSC_0858The weather was every bit like the east side of the Cascade Crest in the summer time, with temps well into the 90’s – that is not the norm for the west side for those that reside here so hydration and shade became the point put out over the PA and track personnel.

DSC_1007For those that go to Spokane in the summer time it had to feel like home and how to deal with the heat. As those that race in these conditions know the settings for a baseline then put it to work on the record setting and quite normal prepped track by Pacific’s drag crew. Those that had it laid down some dead on their dial and cutting down the tree with triple zeros.

Lots of great images of these amazing machines in the heat – click here to go to the photo album.


Competition Eliminator: Brian Hyerstay
Super Stock: Darcy Clarke
Stock: Jody Lang
Super Comp: Mike Shannon
Super Gas: Dave Kelly
Super Street: Josh Dalrymple
Top Dragster: Nick Axtman Jr.
Top Sportsman: Mike Williams
Sportsman Motorcycle: Cody Cumpton

DSC_0800DSC_1132 DSC_1209 DSC_0800 DSC_0884 DSC_0899 DSC_0924 DSC_1092DSC_1055

Final Day of NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Pacific Raceways

LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 72823 Aug 2015 Kent, WA – Sunny Daze. This was the look for the weekend of LORDS action at Pacific Raceways.  With all the fires burning in Eastern Washington the smoke made it over to blanket the Puget Sound area.  Not a strong smell of smoke but it blocked the nice view of the surrounding mountain range and Mt. Rainer.

As far as the racing went it had no bearing on the track. The racers went down the strip in accordance with what the log books say about the conditions. With most all the competitors now pitted in what is used for the pro’s during the National event as opposed to the back stretch of the road course made for up close and personal viewing for all those attending.

Round after round of class racing to the winners on a curfew imposed deadline is not an easy task even under perfect conditions, and with this the Super Pro and Super Gas finals had to be set for an upcoming date.

Images in two albums for all the action on Sunday –

Click here for Album Series “A”

Click here For Album Series “B”

OR Click Here For Link to Page with ALL Three Days of NHRA Division Six Albums –

Today these winners were awarded the NHRA “Wally’s”.
TAD – Chris Demke
TAFC – Sean Bellemeur
Comp – Jeff Lane
Super Stock – Alan Falcone
Stock – Tommy Gaynor
Super Comp – Brian Preszler
Super Street – Todd Sims
Top Sportsman – Don Sefton
Top Dragster – Mike MacBrair
Motorcycle – Don DePeel
Pro – Joel Dalke
For the Harley action:
Pro Fuel – Janette Thomley
Pro Gas – Lance Bonham
Hot Street – Charles Robbins
Screamin’ Eagle – William Rowe Jr.
Draggin Bagger – William Rowe

LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 014LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 718 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 724LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 724 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 734 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 736 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 739 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 740 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 745 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 746 LODRS Pacific Raceways Sunday 8-23-15 752

Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Thunders Saturday At Pacific Raceways

LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 27322 Aug 2015 Kent, WA – It was another full day of qualifying and racing at the NHRA Division Six Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at Pacific Raceways.

LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 187Over 500 images from a number of vantage points captured the action at the track. Saturday’s images are now available – click here to go to the album, and thank you for your support and purchases!!

LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 291We’ll have a final album of images tomorrow for the final day of the event, with winner circle photos and more.

LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 503LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 509 LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 505 LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 194 LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 217 LODRS Pacific Raceways Saturday 8-22-15 222