Pacific Northwest Karting Challenge

15 June 2018 Kent, WA – Since 1997 Team Seattle under the leadership of Don and Donna Kitch have been involved with Seattle Children’s Hospital with a popular fund raiser for them. Over 5 million dollars have been brought to the aid of the children under the hospitals care.

Coming out to PGP Motorsports Park for the first time, 15 teams and their donor’s dollars came for an endurance team race. With sponsorship help from Jackson Dean Construction and ADVANCED ARE PROTECTION INC. the fund raising, and racing may have a new home and a really fun way to raise much needed dollars.

Adding to the fun for the donors PGP had just received a whole new fleet of karts with just a few runs on them and because they are new the times around the track that the numbers on the kart are the only way to notice which one you are riding now meaning the driver is the only controlling factor in the outcome of a race, can you say equality.

Like in any endurance racing the team of drivers you put together pretty much have to be equal in ability to get the most out of what you are racing, here being consistent in your laps by all.

This fact helped Team Seattle with a lap avg. of 90.150 seconds to claim the top of the podium and with the help of the following teams raised $80,000 dollars from this event. Congratulations to all that took part and the help.

Lots of great images of all the teams – click here to go to the photo album –


Special Hope
Wanna Be Racers
Blanchard’s Brats
Tha Kart of Racing
DACO/Applied Team Hope Care Cure
Seattle “Michael’s Automotive Group 1”
Dirt Fish Teams 1 & 2
BMW + Mini Karting Challenge
Kruisers for the Kure
NW Partitions Racing for Children’s
Speed Racers/Team Seattle Heart Kart