VW Nationals at Pacific Raceways

VW Nationals 7-17-16 (88)17 July 2016 Kent, WA – From Canada, Washington and Oregon VW drivers and the things that they done to them are on full display at their annual event at Pacific Raceways, the VW Nationals.

VW Nationals 7-17-16 (36)

The popularity of the “bug” is big and getting bigger as the original models are getting quite pricey when sold. That’s the custom end of the VW; those that drag race are all after the same thing. Though slightly different in looks they are pretty much the same when it comes to the power plant.

The fact that you have to have a parachute attached to the rear end speaks loudly. Hiking the front end onto the wheelie bars is not uncommon and they are truly getting faster.

This year’s winners are in Sportsman Craig Johnson got the win and Pro class had Rocky Jennings topping the field. For the Run Tuff class Dave Wright got the trophy and for the Quick 8 Terry Hoogstins proved the best this race.

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VW Nationals 7-17-16 (118)VW Nationals 7-17-16 (142) VW Nationals 7-17-16 (166)

Import Face Off at Pacific Raceways

Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (43)05 June 2016 Kent, WA – The imports are here and pretty much the future as the power that they are getting out of four cylinders is quite impressive.

What stands out are the speeds and ET’s that are obtained by the four cylinders. Cole Marmon in his ’00 Civic laid down an 8.553 at 184.27 mph on one of his runs. You cannot deny those numbers that many a V8 or even the V6 powered rides would love to get.

Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (129)

Work with what you got and today’s cars, most anyway do not come with a V-8 and with today’s tech knowledge and laptops you pretty much can change on the fly. Motor heads back in the day had the V-8 and look at the horsepower per cylinder they have obtained.

Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (58)

Today’s motor with the unlimited combinations that the laptop can produce to run the motor for any given application for the four cylinders should not be overlooked. Having said that the very same tech applied to the V-8 has many a buzz on those results.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

The trophy winners for this year’s Import Faceoff are:

Outlaw – Tim Robards
FWD – Cole Marmon
Forced Induction Pro – Kyle Wilkinson
All Motor Pro – Jorge Zambrano
Forced Induction Sport – TJ Lewton
All Motor Sport – Kristen Campbell
Bracket – Jay Saysanom

Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (12)Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (209) Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (12) Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (90) Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (161)Import Faceoff 6-5-16 (194)