Swift Tools ET Series Race #12

12 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – The road to the E.T. Finals and track champions got a bit clearer at the end of race number 12 of the Swift Tools ET Series at Pacific Raceways. Add to this it was also a “Super Saturday” and the last of the season and everything turbo in the Buick world with a “Turbo Thunder” event.

Super Saturday with this many classes to run takes the planning and execution by track manager Ed Garfield and his drag crew. This came to focus in the combination of smart driving by Lane Cavar after pitching a rod when he pulled to the wall, kept the oil trail short and aiding in the very fast clean up by the drag crew to back to racing and finishing before curfew.

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Super Pro – Greg Linne
Pro – Nick Douglas
Sportsman – Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle – Chris Benda
High School – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Jr. Street – James Ryland
Stock – Scott Burton
Super Comp – Darral Petitt
Super Gas – Bernie Plourd
Super Street – Dustin Martin
Top Comp – Tory Lea
Turbo Thunder – Robert Hainline
Turbo Open – Gurts Singh

Swift Tools ET Series Make-Up Race at Pacific Raceways

11 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – Having dates that you can use in case of early season rain-outs is a must. Here in the northwest the early season races are in the hands of Mother Nature and she likes to keep it green around here. Now with the E.T. Finals on the horizon the makeup date comes into play and the points count for those in the hunt.

Along with the makeup race, Car Club, High School and the Grudge racing group that came out in force. Formally called “The Cars of the 253” it’s good to see how much it has grown during the season.

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Super Pro – Dave Wakefield
Pro – Dan Herrmann
Sportsman – Art Kirby
Motorcycle – Andre Westmoreland
High School – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Cole Dickhoff
Car Club – Larry DeCamp

Swift Tools ET Series #3 & All High School Drag Racing

06 May 2017 Kent, WA – When planning race dates some have more importance to finish then others. This is the case with the High School Drags. The winner gets a race date with Antron Brown on the Saturday of the Northwest Nationals. When Mother Nature washed out the “dragstrip” portion it was re-set for the next day during the Swift Tool event.

There was already a full plate of classes for the day so it would take some doing to run all the high school entries along with the E.T. racers. This fact was tested again by Mother Nature as she soaked everything overnight forcing a later start than normal as chilly wind slowed down the drying process.

Once started the Pacific Raceways drag crew run thru the classes like clockwork finishing the last race one minute before curfew.

Images of all the drag racing action for both the Swift Tools ET Series and the All High School Drags are now available – Click here to go to the photo album

The long list of “winners” are as follows:

Burnout contest: Abbie Hagen
Tug-O-War: Kelli Temeyosa
Super Pro: Wally Cronin
Pro: Brian McGinnis
Sportsman: Veronica Hodgson
Motorcycle: Jim Were
Jr. Storm: Raylee Higgins
Jr. Thunder: Ryan Warnke
Jr. Lightning: Selena Lenihan
High School: Lane Cavar
HS Alumni: John Dickinson Jr.
Pro Street: Ken Sihota
Outlaw 8.5: Sherry Rohr
Outlaw 10.5: Ron Pease
Open Comp: John Eldridge

All High School Drags Burnout & Tug-O-War at Pacific Raceways

05 May 2017 Kent, WA – The annual All High School Drags, Burnout and Tug-O-War got underday with the Burnout and Tug-O-War action on Friday.  The dreaded “R”ain moved the drag racing over to Saturday, but the very popular Burnout and Tug-O-War were held on Friday.

Winner of the Burnout Contest was Abbie Hagen, Kelli Temeyosa won the Tug-O-War.

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The Hagen Twins

This habit that is called “drag racing” grabbed me in the early seventies. Since then, I have met thousands of stars that take part in the sport.

As any photographer that covers motorsports will tell you, the people you meet and their background can cover the full spectrum of life. As the photographer for Pacific Raceways, I cover a variety of different forms of motorsports, from Drag Racing, Motocross, Road Racing and Go Karts, and they all share one thing in common, Family.

All, of these families have their stories. When an unusual “story” presents itself, I like to focus on it…

An unusual or unique story in drag racing at Pacific Raceways are twins Abbie and Angie Hagen. As high school seniors they will once again compete in the Air Force Reserve High School Drag Racing Series. The twins hope to improve on their 3rd and 4th place finishes last season.

Their attraction to drag racing stems from father Steve who came to the track to watch the 1978 Fall Nationals. In the mid 90’s when looking to buy their first house Steve and wife Kim found a home just a few blocks from the track.

A few years later the twins were born and raised just blocks from the sounds of the race track. Abbie was the first to hit the track though not what you may expect. As a sophomore, she entered her father’s Dodge Challenger in the high school burnout contest. Abbie in the driver’s seat and Angie sitting on the passenger side, the track announcer asked her if her Dad knew you were burning the hides off his car? Without hesitation Abbie replies “Yes, he is in the back seat”.

Twin sister Angie was not really into Drag Racing, she kind of fell into it at her sister’s request. Abbie was fighting for points in the high school class. So, Angie jumped into her sister’s car hoping to do well. Angie had so much fun she decided that she should have a Challenger too. Then the Hagen’s became a three Challenger family as Abbie found one very close to her sisters.

With dad Steve running in the Sportsman class and the girls in the High School class, it is easy to spot them in the pits with the White, Red and Green Challengers lined up in a row.

This time together earned both girls a trip to the “winners circle” for trophy and pictures and enough points for Abbie to earn a prestigious spot on the E.T. Finals Team and a trip to Canada to race at Mission Raceway. Not bad for their first season of racing!

Seeing the fun that Abbie had last season, a bit of a sibling rivalry has formed! Angie is forgoing softball this season to put all her energy into racing in her effort to make it to the E.T. Finals and of course Abbie will try to re-peat her ET Finals performance.
If these two-college bound young ladies go at racing with the same energy as they do for school, the competition should be a bit worried!!

April 15th is race number one for the Air Force Reserve High School Series this season and should one of them win this special day to begin with would really be “frosting on the birthday cake”. Good luck to both of you this season.

Super Saturday Event at Pacific Raceways

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440)09 July 2016 Kent, WA – Going into the third of the super Saturday’s on the race schedule was on hold. The Jr. Race the night before was stopped due to Mother Nature; rain continued thru the night soaking everything not covered.

This put the drag crew to early work drying the track with no help the aforementioned Mother Nature. Nearing the end of the drying process she decided one more time to start the drying all over again. Not deterred the drag crew went back at it now with a little help from the weather as the skies broke up just enough to speed up the drying.

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448)Over 450 images are now available – click here…

Now ready to go and late of the normal start time the drag crew was tested with over 200 entries and 15 classes to run and finish to the winner’s circle.  After running thru the classes like the well-oiled group that they are this Super Saturday goes into the books with these winners:

Super Pro- Emmett McKillop
Pro- Greg Steen
Sportsman- Derrick Schumsky
Motorcycle- Chris Benda

Jr. Storm- Raylee Higgins
Jr. Lightning- Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder- Luke Cavar

High School- Lane Cavar
Super Gas- Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Comp- Dale Green
Super Street- Dustin Ward
Stock- Brian Seaberg
Turbo Two- Rob Stariha
Turbo Thunder- Gene Fleury

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (408)Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (452) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (410) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (432) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (434) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (436) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (441) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (445) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (446) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (447)

Air Force Reserve All High School Drags at Pacific Raceways

High School Drags 5-6-16 02706 May 2016 Kent, WA – Calling all high school drag racers and their friends to the track for some fun competition! Each year Pacific Raceways hosts the high school drags for safe drag racing, way better here at the track than on the streets.

High School Drags 5-6-16 109

With licensed NHRA driver’s in attendance the drivers meeting begins with track manager Ed Garfield explaining the starting line area and how it equates to the Christmas tree and what it does to start the race. Pointing down track explaining how to exit the track at the three possible exits, and please don’t stop and turn around on the track.

Ed also stressed that if you have an issue on the track pull over to the guard rail and stop, to minimize any possible leakage which then is easier to clean up. Be safe in all manners was stressed as the meeting closed to begin the time trials.

After two rounds of collecting time slips then it was time to get serious.  The NHRA drivers were at the head of the staging lanes explaining how to read what is printed and how to pick a dial-in for their race. Do what you did the previous two runs and you should run this number.

High School Drags 5-6-16 201

It was pretty good coaching as quite a few came within a couple of hundredths of their dial-in. Add to the racing a DJ playing music, a tug-o-war with a big chain stretched between trucks and of course the “burn out” contest for all to watch.  Because of the number of entries they ran up against the curfew though, the time that is in place for the track and the finals will be finished the next day.

Images of all the fun and action are now available.  Click here to go to the album.

High School Drags 5-6-16 030High School Drags 5-6-16 122 High School Drags 5-6-16 149 High School Drags 5-6-16 182 High School Drags 5-6-16 210 High School Drags 5-6-16 052 High School Drags 5-6-16 107High School Drags 5-6-16 027 High School Drags 5-6-16 109

Swift Tools ET #2 & High School #1 at Pacific Raceways

Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 26917 Apr 2016 Kent, WA – Sunday morning and day two of the back to back Swift Tool ET Series. The weather man is predicting record temps for this day though the high temps will came at the end of the race day. For the racers it means the cool air and sunshine, nothing better, and a great way to start the 2016 Swift Tools ET season.

Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 079For those winners in the first race yesterday it was a chance repeat; not an easy task but it can be done, for everyone else it was hey – “it’s my turn today”.

No repeat winners today… Those who won this race day are:

HS: Lane Cavar
MC: Jim Were
Sportsman: Casey Reed
Pro: Dustin Ward
Super Pro: Kevin Youngs in his first win ever, Congrats

Lots of images for the whole weekend, click here for the album for Sunday’s racing.

Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 057Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 113Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 269Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 321 Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 325 Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 326 Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 330 Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 338 Swift Tool ET #2 - HS #1 4-17-16 306