PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

28 June 2017 Kent, WA – After a weekend of record-heat the mid-week bike and diesel drags basked in cloudy skies and very comfortable temperatures. Along with the two regular Wednesday series running tonight, the test and tune lanes saw quite a mix of street cars and some true race cars out to test and earn a competition license.

One of those out for the process of getting a competition license was a guy named Gary. Two years of hard work with near five more just putting around on his 1970 Duster. It runs on pump gas and uses a footbrake to launch, it also has no side windows and drives on the streets. This is where the description of the car takes a turn as it is modeled after the very early “funny cars”. No lift-up body here, it has “doors” on both sides and they are all metal though the guts have been removed for weight.

The car is fully caged as per NHRA rules with a motor that fits the era. He set out to bring about a “street” car with all the looks of “old” school that he could safely motor around the hi-ways enjoying his project.

He plans on running it on the track though at this point the class is unknown but with his good friend Randy Parker there to help-out; no telling what class it will fall into.

Good luck wherever you land and look forward to seeing it run again.

Images are now online and available for purchase – click here to go to the photo album.

PRDC winner: Jim Were
Diesel winner: Ray Bartroff
Money winner: Kam Kling

Team Group Health/Sound Velo Cycling At Pacific Raceway

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On a rainy day in the Northwest most people are trying to stay warm and dry. This is not the case if you are one of the lady cyclists and part of Team Group Health/Sound Velo Cycling. They chose a rainy February Saturday recently to practice for the upcoming cycling season by hosting a “Beginner Race Clinic” for new team members. This clinic helped prepare the Cat-4 women’s field for a safe and rewarding 2012 race season. More than 30 rides used the Pacific Raceways Road Course practicing such things as bike handing, cornering along with riding and racing in a pack.

The team is the area’s largest women’s cycling team. They compete in road, track, cyclocross, and mountain bike racing events at the local, regional, and national levels. Their focus on women and large presence in each cycling discipline differentiates Team Group Health from other area cycling teams. With more than 70 members strong, they are a veritable force whenever the rubber meets the road, the track, or the dirt.

The woman of Team Group Health/Velo Cycling are proud of a long history of community engagement and competitive success, as well as a reputation for exceptional sportsmanship. Each season, the team remains focused on these core qualities as they strive to improve women’s racing by developing new riders and building an elite racing team. Not only will you find them competing on the road, at the track, or playing in the dirt, they also spend countless hours volunteering in our community and at cycling-related events and mentoring racers new to the sport.

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Team Group Health on Facebook:!/groups/70563651617/
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