Private Test Session at Pacific Raceways

26 April 2018 Kent, WA – When there is an open date at the dragstrip it can be used a racer who really needs the track time, he will grab it. Then word gets around that the track is booked for the day others will join in and help split the cost of the track rental. This cost can be split by up to ten players – the cap set by the track.

The range and reason for taking this track time can be all over but the common item is “seat” time. Under the watch full eye of dragstrip manager Ed Garfield and the always present Race Rescue ready for the 9:00am start. For Ed though the day began early as “Mother Nature” gold dusted the track surface with pollen. Brooming, dragging and spraying done before motors can legally start the track is ready.

Out today Speed Factory and their Honda Civic were getting it set up for an upcoming race. Hood off and getting the launch dialed in. Make a launch, stop, adjust, hit it again, back up to their pit and read the data cool it down and do it again when ready.

When the hood went back on you knew they were ready to make a full track run. And run they did throwing out the laundry after running a 7.58 @ 206 mph. That made their day on just a test pass.

Over in the pits a corral of turbo cars that that could be looking to run in the “Grudge” dates dialing them in. Ono of those cars a yellow/gold Mustang sporting a 302 Coyote motor had his hands full calming down the power to the wheels – he was losing traction on the launch. With the persistence of a true racer he figured it out to make a full pass and use the parachute hanging off the back end. By the end of the day all seemed to have things dialed in and ready to race.

Using the time also a few Jr. Dragsters were out for licensing and testing for their big event coming up in May. Finishing up the story I had to end with my long-time friend Jim Ronan and his wheel stander. Some could look at it as a “bucket list” though those that know Jim it has been a “goal” to license since purchasing the old “Knotts Berry Farm” truck.

Making changes over the winter to improve the truck with the aid of Russ Smith today dialed the wheel stander in little by little. Calming down the throttle hit to not jump up on the skid pads added greatly to get the truck up to the proper attitude. With this obtained Jim started making longer and longer runs at different parts of the track. Then came the big moment making a nice straight pass into high gear down the track better than 330 ft. captured on video and posted to Facebook by Edmund Woody Hloshyk ll.

The excitement that is all over Jim’s face is going to take a long time to calm down though now really looking forward to the next chance to ride the skid pads. Great job Bud.

It was an awesome day at the track – congrats to the Speed Factory folks as social media is buzzing on their world record performance.

Lots of great images, often from angles that are hard to get on a regular racing day. Check them out – click here to go to the photo album.

AM Skills & PM Lapping at the ProFormance Racing School

25 April 2018 Kent, WA – Another class went through the legendary ProFormance Racing School program on Wednesday.

Young drivers fresh from the local drivers training schools have the most to gain by taking this class but older drivers who have picked up a new hot rod that will go way beyond the legal speed limit anywhere on the hi-ways and bi-ways.

No matter what your age or driving experience what you drive away with at the end of the day is a skill set that translates into you being a better driver among the masses on the roads.

Check out the web site for info for your school date.

Images from the courses today are now available – click here to go to them.

Swift Tools ET Series #2 at Pacific Raceways

22 April 2018 Kent, WA –  After the rain-out of race #1 it was great to see the sunshine but still covered in coats and sweatshirts as the wind was a bit chilly. It was great to see all the racers eager to hit the tree, many for the first time this season thus filling all the classes in the Swift Tool Series.

It was time trials first, then we went on to opening festivities and into eliminations then that “Law” that no one likes hit the track as the curfew hit the hour and racing was done for the day.

Lots of great images for this event, click here to go to the photo album. As always thank you for your support and purchases!

High Performance Sport Driving Day

20 April 2018 Kent, WA – The last post was all about pure race cars and competition licensed drivers. Today it is a mix of club cars, those drivers that have street driven cars that have gone thru the school and a mix of pure race car and drivers.  Again, the chance for those shaking down a new build or up grades to the current car to make sure things are working as predicted.

Adding to the goings on today a film crew named led by Craig Brooks was out to put together a video for Don Kitch and ProFormance Racing School to use in the classroom. Always moving forward to aid in the teaching of new students to the program Don understands that in his teaching explaining something is much better received with the aid of video as most all people do a lot better when shown something as apposed just explaining the point you are trying to get across.

Check out the web site for ProFormance Racing School for school dates that fit your time frame and go do it and leave a better driver because of it.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Race Car Lapping Day At ProFormance Racing School

18 April 2018 Kent, WA – A non-race pure lapping day at the track in a 100% race car has to be a joy for the driver and crew. With no pressure that is around on a race day the relaxed atmosphere showed everywhere.

This was the first time out this season time for learning a new car all together. Testing all the changes, getting your rear-end learning the new or remembering that feeling of G-forces cornering at speed and the push back in the seat as you floor the gas peddle down the straightaway.

The 25 minute sessions for the two groups seem to go by quickly but to the drivers the extra 10 minutes. (normal race time 15min.) seemed to go on like running two races in one.

All in all it was a great day for the 100% race car lapping program. Also a big shout out to the Briscoe Family who with the Ferrari trailer as a backdrop, provided food and drinks for everyone during the  lunch break.

Images of all these ultra-cool race cars are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

All Day Lapping at ProFormance Racing School

15 Apr 2018 Kent, WA – The first all day lapping for the year brought a number of drivers out for the day. Mother Nature though more than likely kept a lot away as it rained overnight soaking the track surface making race tires useless.

As the day progressed the track dried and the lap times got better and bringing out the race tires for that traction needed for the better lap times. In the 30min. sessions you can roll off 40mi. on the odometer around the 2.25mi. track with some pretty fast speeds coming off the straight stretch heading into turn 2.

Come the next all day lapping as we head into better weather a nice 70 and sunny forecast will bring out the faster lappers for a day of fun. Keep an eye on the ProFormance Racing School web site for the upcoming date.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Wet Day For 2018 Hondafest NW

08 Apr 2018 Kent, WA – The 5th annual Hondafest NW put all the car show entries on the same playing field – “wet”. Under the rainy skies the paint that pops in the sunshine is now a shine wet look that unless under a pop-up blends in with all the other wet entries. For a look at the car show images go to .

In addition to the car show, there were vendors of various types – the Speed Factory group showed the Honda crowd their race car driven by James Kempf and the smell of hot food was put out by Bigfoods.

The other action was on the road course. In what is called “Lead/Follow” Don Kitch owner of ProFormance Racing School lead groups of people in their cars around the 2.25 mi. track. After a driver’s meeting where Don expresses to those in the group that this is not a race, it is where I go, you go and no lagging behind to speed up later and making sure I have in the “Follow” car the general manager of Pacific Raceways John Ramsey and he has a radio. Not needed this day as the speeds were held in check by the water Mother Nature was pouring on everyone all day, though these conditions are one of the elements that ProFormance Racing School uses in it’s AM Skills program. Learning what your car is doing when it is wet putd thru the school program. Check the ProFormance Racing School web site for a date for you.

One final item for the day was a 1963 MG B racecar out making laps letting all know about the SOVREN Spring Sprints hitting the track the end of this month. This MG is from Chehalis, Wa. In 1996 it was restored to race condition and in 1998 and raced in the SOVREN events since and was conference champion for three years in the 1980’s. Check out this car and many more the 27th, 28th and 29th for the SOVREN Spring Sprints.

Lots of images from the 2018 Hondafest are now available – click here

Teen Street Survival & PM Lapping at ProFormance Racing School

06 Apr 2018 Kent, WA – ProFormance Racing School and its program for the “Teens” brought in a packed classroom of young drivers and their parents for the second session this season.

As young driver’s hit the road with the basic skills from a driver’s training program and its rules and regulations what is missing is the “What if’s”. Going thru this program will put you in those “what if’s” in a safe and controlled manner to which you as the driver will “feel” and how to react to it.

Adding this information spelled out in the classroom by owner Don Kitch and put into practice by his stable of instructors you will drive away at the end of the day a more confident and better driver.

For your turn at the class go to the ProFormance Racing School page and set a date.

Images from the sessions today are now available – click here to go to the photos.