HondaFest NW Continues To Grow

07 Apr 2019 Kent, WA – Filling the grounds with cars and people at Pacific Raceways normally comes the first week in August. Coming in second and growing bigger each year is the HondaFest NW. The trio of a car show, lead/follow and drag racing bring the people and vendors to this annual event.

Rows and rows of all kinds of show cars and most all of them daily drivers filled the paddock area as SpeedFactory set up in the middle of the paddock leaving their normal spot as the drag race portion was cancled due to water weepers on the track.

Leading off the day on the 2.25mi. track instructors from ProFormance Racing School do what is called “lead/follow” with a group of three to seven cars. It is 100% follow the leader but that “leader” knows the fastest way around the track.

No fooling around here as the last car in line has a radio and you can’t out run it. You get out of the spirit of the day you will be booted out of line, Safety First. For those that follow the “drivers” meeting rules you get to push your car a little more than “normal” driving and doing it “safely”.

This part of the day is also growing as 19 sessions of drivers took part with a few doubling up. A great day put together by NWMotiv and Pacific Raceways will again look to grow the program so make a date for next year’s event.

Over 350 images of all the action today – click here to go to the photo album.

Private Test Session at Pacific Raceways

26 April 2018 Kent, WA – When there is an open date at the dragstrip it can be used a racer who really needs the track time, he will grab it. Then word gets around that the track is booked for the day others will join in and help split the cost of the track rental. This cost can be split by up to ten players – the cap set by the track.

The range and reason for taking this track time can be all over but the common item is “seat” time. Under the watch full eye of dragstrip manager Ed Garfield and the always present Race Rescue ready for the 9:00am start. For Ed though the day began early as “Mother Nature” gold dusted the track surface with pollen. Brooming, dragging and spraying done before motors can legally start the track is ready.

Out today Speed Factory and their Honda Civic were getting it set up for an upcoming race. Hood off and getting the launch dialed in. Make a launch, stop, adjust, hit it again, back up to their pit and read the data cool it down and do it again when ready.

When the hood went back on you knew they were ready to make a full track run. And run they did throwing out the laundry after running a 7.58 @ 206 mph. That made their day on just a test pass.

Over in the pits a corral of turbo cars that that could be looking to run in the “Grudge” dates dialing them in. Ono of those cars a yellow/gold Mustang sporting a 302 Coyote motor had his hands full calming down the power to the wheels – he was losing traction on the launch. With the persistence of a true racer he figured it out to make a full pass and use the parachute hanging off the back end. By the end of the day all seemed to have things dialed in and ready to race.

Using the time also a few Jr. Dragsters were out for licensing and testing for their big event coming up in May. Finishing up the story I had to end with my long-time friend Jim Ronan and his wheel stander. Some could look at it as a “bucket list” though those that know Jim it has been a “goal” to license since purchasing the old “Knotts Berry Farm” truck.

Making changes over the winter to improve the truck with the aid of Russ Smith today dialed the wheel stander in little by little. Calming down the throttle hit to not jump up on the skid pads added greatly to get the truck up to the proper attitude. With this obtained Jim started making longer and longer runs at different parts of the track. Then came the big moment making a nice straight pass into high gear down the track better than 330 ft. captured on video and posted to Facebook by Edmund Woody Hloshyk ll.

The excitement that is all over Jim’s face is going to take a long time to calm down though now really looking forward to the next chance to ride the skid pads. Great job Bud.

It was an awesome day at the track – congrats to the Speed Factory folks as social media is buzzing on their world record performance.

Lots of great images, often from angles that are hard to get on a regular racing day. Check them out – click here to go to the photo album.