PRDC at Pacific Raceways

23 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – The last mid-week race for the season greeted all with summer weather that speaks drag racing. Mostly sunny and just into the seventies gave the bike riders a break when all leathered up.

Joining the motorcycles, the lanes had a steady flow of cars out for a test and tune. Some of those testing for the upcoming weekend as a number of classes are still up for grabs.

As for the bikes tonight former track champ Jake Havens stepped out of his pickup truck and it’s sitting position to his Hayabusa to earn the top spot and its winnings this evening.

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PRDC at Pacific Raceways

26 July 2017 Kent, WA – The bikes are coming! The mid-week bike race is growing and bringing those who would not normally drag race their bikes.

Getting a pure street bike to launch from a dead stop takes a bit of trial and error. Thanks though to those who take part at every event helping those new to the track and race series. Add to this a test and tune in between the bike runs can also bring new drivers to the track.

Not just something to do on a Wednesday afternoon/evening, pure race cars use this time to check out a new combination or just to check things out for the upcoming weekend race. And to this degree you never know who with what race car is going to show up in the middle of the week.

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The next race is Aug. 23 see you then.

PRDC Winner – John Plaster

PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

12 July 2017 Kent, WA – Early evening racing into the night in summertime – not much of a better time to race. It was not superhot and a slight breeze made for some very comfortable racers and spectators alike.

The bike riders were super grateful to not have to bake in their leathers. Still hydration is the number one thing even in the slightly cooler temps from the previous few days. Summertime is here so come on out for some mid-week racing into the night.

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The next mid-week event at Pacific Raceways is July 26th.

PRDC winner was Andre Westmoreland
Diesel winner was Ray Bartroff.

PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

28 June 2017 Kent, WA – After a weekend of record-heat the mid-week bike and diesel drags basked in cloudy skies and very comfortable temperatures. Along with the two regular Wednesday series running tonight, the test and tune lanes saw quite a mix of street cars and some true race cars out to test and earn a competition license.

One of those out for the process of getting a competition license was a guy named Gary. Two years of hard work with near five more just putting around on his 1970 Duster. It runs on pump gas and uses a footbrake to launch, it also has no side windows and drives on the streets. This is where the description of the car takes a turn as it is modeled after the very early “funny cars”. No lift-up body here, it has “doors” on both sides and they are all metal though the guts have been removed for weight.

The car is fully caged as per NHRA rules with a motor that fits the era. He set out to bring about a “street” car with all the looks of “old” school that he could safely motor around the hi-ways enjoying his project.

He plans on running it on the track though at this point the class is unknown but with his good friend Randy Parker there to help-out; no telling what class it will fall into.

Good luck wherever you land and look forward to seeing it run again.

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PRDC winner: Jim Were
Diesel winner: Ray Bartroff
Money winner: Kam Kling

PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

14 June 2017 Kent, WA – Tonight it was race number four in the mid-week get together for the bikes and diesels. A big number of the E.T. series racers come out for the bike series, and it has now grown to the point that a racer, whose home track is Woodburn made the trip north.

Yes, it is true that the local bikes go there but I do not think it’s for a mid-week race. Gary Tokos makes the trip though I do admit I do not know where he lives between Pacific and Woodburn but seeing him come to take part in a Wed. night race points and his love to compete in the sport he loves.

This kind of energy is what drives all the bike riders that come out for this series and the fact they all help and cheer for each other. Many a friendly rivalry has come from this group of riders that come out to race.

Mark June 28th and come out for a late afternoon/night race for the bikes and diesels.

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Tonight’s winner in PRDC is Jim Were and in the diesel class Ray Bartroff picked up the trophy.

A Mid-Week Day at Pacific Raceways

31 May 2017 Kent, WA – In a little over a twelve hour time period, multi-use venue Pacific Raceways hosted ProFormance Racing School in the morning to early afternoon. Then there was a transition to the dragstrip and run until curfew.

The driving school starts at 7:00 AM with classroom instructions given by owner Don Kitch. The students take in diagrams and discussion that once on the track you put to practice. Four stages set up, two on the west end of the track and two on the east end. Each exercise from the beginning leads to the next, incorporating what you just learned from the previous stage.

Then back to the classroom to talk about what you just went thru, and then out to your car or truck for one on one coaching with one of the many instructors that work with ProFormance Racing School. Going thru 20min. sessions with an instructor as co-pilot guiding you around the track on the proper line which equates to the “safest” and “fastest” way to run the track. Give ProFormance a call to find your date for school.

As the driving school finishes their day the dragstrip crew is hard at work prepping the surface for racing into the evening. This afternoon/evening brings the motorcycles and diesel-powered rigs for points racing. With a test & tune at the same time you never know who or what may be taking advantage.

Street cars, race cars and license up-grades all fall into the T&T lanes assigned to them, walk the lanes and see the wide range of people using them. For those racing the series in Diesel Hudson Myers picked up the trophy and William Nitta denied Deanna Pelletier her first win in the PRDC series.

Images are now available for the whole day at Pacific Raceways – Click here to enjoy a unique mix of images from both the road course and the dragstrip!

Memorable Evening of Racing and Licensing at Pacific Raceways

17 May 2017 Kent, WA – Mid-week racing again hit the track for the bikes and diesel rigs along with a test and tune for those who wanted to test their rides. Early testing had a dragster running in Super Pro, a car that runs in Super Gas and a fine looking red Pontiac that runs in Comp. All with a different agenda seeking answers to their questions on the improvements they had made. It was fun to photograph!

Running into the night the bikes and their riders paired off in rounds till only two remain. This group that comes out for the mid-week fun is just what it is. They all like each other and help one another when needed; what a great group of riders. Out lasting the field, Chris Benda beat William Nitta for the trophy.

In the Diesel class Ray Bartroff took out Kevin Jellum for his first win and the trophy.

Also taking advantage of the test and tune a pair of drivers out to get licensed for some E.T. class racing. Out in a clean looking dragster was Alston Hentges, son of long time northwest racer Mark Hentges. A;stpm made his passes to run in Super Pro in what may end up in the future as “like father, like son” as Mark has a dragster of his own that is much faster than the mid 8’s Alston laid down to earn his license.

In what has to be the feel good about the track came when driving down her grandfather’s BLVD Camerin Lyle completed the number of runs required to earn a license to drive in the Jr. Street class of E.T. racing. Sporting one of Mark’s memory shirts, she donned a helmet and belted herself in and off she went. Her father Rob along for the ride as required by the class to the 1/8 mi. mark hitting near 70 mph on the pass and of course mother Kim watching from behind taking it all in. Gaining her license now she can legally run down the track with a competitor in the other lane. Helping with this part drag strip manager Ed Garfield drove his ride in the other lane pointing out a few things that she will encounter when racing. For Camerin it will take some time to erase the smile she was sporting at the end of the night and we know her grandfather has a big smile while watching from above.

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PRDC & Diesel Drags at Pacific Raceways

03 May 2017 Kent, WA – Things started off the mid-week racing as last year with PRDC & Diesel drags. Also, to greet everyone was 70 degrees of temp, for the first time in 175 days. Could not ask for better weather for drag racing.

Adding to the mix a test and tune for all others, this part of the night brings all sorts of cars to test themselves weather street driven or pure race car. Better bring your “A” game if you would like to test the “grip” of the track as it “will” test your parts to the max, a testament to the drag crew and what they do.

Picking up the trophy in Diesel was Ray Bartroff and outlasting the field in PRDC was John Plaster.

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See you May 17th for the next mid-week race.

Final 2016 Wednesday Nite PDRC & Diesel Drags at Pacific Raceways

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (45)23 August 2016 Kent, WA – The final Wed. night racing of the season brought the largest entry into the Diesel portion of the night and a couple of new faces in the bike class.

It was total shirt sleeve weather on an August night but not so hot to seek the shade. As the mid-week race grows the competition grows with it for some great racing and watching from the stands.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (198)Only two classes but a whole bunch running in the test and tune portion of the night. The winner in Diesel saw Aaron Parsley out last the field and Mark Sires got the win over Brian Howe.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (245)Lots of great images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (36)PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (224) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (242) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (50) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (57) PRDC and Diesel Drags 8-23-16 (135)

PRDC #5 At Pacific Raceways

PRDC #6 7-20-16 (147)20 July 2016 Kent, WA – The mid-week bike race has to have the most consistent group of racers at the track. This group has made the Wednesday night race a get together to race and work among the racers to improve their performance.

PRDC #6 7-20-16 (88)They are all friends till the light turns green –by helping each other the competition gets closer. This in turn gets the rider’s up on their game on the starting line because they know it will be close at the finish line.  They are always gathering after running to compare slips and watch their competitors run. Then they head back to their pits to do it all again helping those advancing to the next round.  This has to be the tightest group of racers who compete at the track.

But there can be only one in the end and Chris Benda is on the fast track as this is another win to add points to his lead.

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PRDC #6 7-20-16 (92)PRDC #6 7-20-16 (163) PRDC #6 7-20-16 (175) PRDC #6 7-20-16 (182) PRDC #6 7-20-16 (187) PRDC #6 7-20-16 (82)