32nd Annual Bi-Mart Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

24 Sept 2017 Woodburn, OR – Depending on your Friday obligations it was a two or three day weekend of racing in great weather for racers and spectators alike at the 32nd Annual Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip.

It was a test and tune on Friday and two separate races, one Saturday and again on Sunday. Saturday ran 13 classes with 16 on Sunday. From BB/Funny Cars down to the Jr. Dragsters and just about all the classes in-between for a Nostalgia and E.T. themed race weekend.

Adding to the weekend was the final two races for the Super Comp and Super Street Associations series and for the BB/Funny Car Association series. For the spectators in the stands, they watched wheel standing cars, high powered race cars on small tires power down the track the action and diverse classes had to be a joy to watch. Throw in a jet powered dragster belching fire had many a cell phone out recording the run.

Images from all three days are now available in three albums located in the event folder. Click here to go to the photo album.

We are looking forward to number 33 next year and with the 264 entries this year and sure to be more for the next Fall Classic will make a great weekend of racing.

Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Allen Macham
Street Machine – Curt Landis
Hot Rod – Rick Sales Sr.
Street Rod – James Heriford II
Inline/Flathead – Walt Skoczylas
Gasser – Ron McBee
E.T. Motorcycle – Don DePeel
Harley Eliminator – Henry Robinson
Jr Lightning – Conner Rice
Jr Thunder – Nicholas Karr
Jr Tuff – Rilynn Saucy

BB/Funny Car – Kim Parker
Pro Nostalgia – Kacee Pitts
Outlaw 10.5 – Paja Agatonovic
Super Pro – Gary Wargnier
Pro – Tony Price
Sportsman – Tony Bombara
ET Motorcycle – Kerry Drost
Super Comp – Greg Pessemier
Super Street – Jess Dale
Dragster/Roadsters – Paul Comeau
Super Shifter – Jamie Roth
Quick 8 – Gene Hegle
Pro Mod Motorcycle – Shawn Biehm
Jr Lightning – Ian Theofelis
Jr Thunder – Xzavier Heaton
Jr Tuff – Nicholas Karr

2017 Swift Tools ET Series Finals at Pacific Raceways

26 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – Champions are made by playing the game and the game is the outcome but all that prep that no one see’s or really hears about is what really makes the champion. For those involved will look at this race #13 as their number that became a “lucky” one and not the normal that is applied to the number.

This the last race of the 2017 Swift Tool E.T. Series will see those champs crowned and from them will emerge a “King of The Track”.

Tons of great images for this final race – click here to go to the images. Thanks always for your support and purchases!!


Super Pro – Dustin Ward
Pro – Brian McGinnis
Sportsman – Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle – Chris Benda
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Stock – Angela Bushmaker
Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Ed Hauter
Pro Street – Yvonne Lucas
Outlaw 10.5 – Al Mangold
Outlaw 8.5 – Sherry Rohr
Open Comp – Paige Castagno

ROC – Dale Green is “King of The Track”



Double Header Weekend at Pacific Raceways

Super Saturday 6-11-16 (86)12 June 2016 Kent, WA – An action packed weekend of racing brought well in access of 200 entries spread among thirteen classes on Saturday and seven on Sunday.

Fighting off mother nature on Saturday as the track prepped and ready and cars called to the lanes, came the DOWNPOUR.  Just enough to soak everything and everyone scampering for cover. When the rain finished the Pacific drag crew brought the track back to condition as if the rain never happened.  Plenty of thanks from all for this well oiled crew earning the track the nickname “the house of hook”.

Super Saturday 6-11-16 (87)This crew takes pride in track prep that will pull your shoes off if you are not careful. Noticing this grip first hand Jonathan Hillstrand of the “Deadliest Catch” TV Show out to earn his license to race and giving the Jr. Dragster winner’s a big congrats and trophies. It was quite a thrill for them as their faces showed big smiles.

Over 900 images are available for the double header in two albums:

Day One – Super Saturday Album – Click here.

Day Two – ET#6 & Outlaw 10.5 Sunday Album – Click here.

The field set in the 8.5 and 10.5 Outlaw race on Sunday and the winner’s for Saturday’s races are:

Top Comp: Mark Cavar over his son Lane
Super Gas: Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Comp: Dale Green
Super Street: Dustin Martin
Jr. Storm: Raylee Higgins
Jr. Lightning: Sam Hawes
Jr. Thunder: Cole Dickhoff
BC Shifters: John Depoucq
Stock: Brad Burton
Super Pro: Todd Riley
Pro: Chris Johnston
Sportsman: Larry DeCamp
Motorcycle: Chris Benda

No issues with mother nature for Sunday as the sun ran in and out of the clouds though the number of cars ran the race right to the 5:00pm curfew. Great weekend of racing and a job well done by the Pacific drag crew. Sunday’s winners are:

Super Pro: Darral Petitt
Pro: Brad Burton
Sportsman: Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle: Andre Westmoreland
BC Shifters: Jamie Roth
Outlaw 8.5: Tom Marshall
Outlaw 10.5: Eric Petersen

Super Saturday 6-11-16 (75)Super Saturday 6-11-16 (76) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (80)Super Saturday 6-11-16 (156) ET #6 and Outlaw 10.5 6-12-16 (406) ET #6 and Outlaw 10.5 6-12-16 (417) ET #6 and Outlaw 10.5 6-12-16 (429) ET #6 and Outlaw 10.5 6-12-16 (432) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (136) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (138) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (142) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (144) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (148) Super Saturday 6-11-16 (150)Super Saturday 6-11-16 (86)