7th Annual Dee Adams Memorial Fire & Thunder at Renegade Raceway

28 May 2017 Yakima WA – Kicking off the 2017 Memorial Day weekend was The 7th Annual Dee Adams Memorial Fire & Thunder at Renegade Raceway. Mother Nature’s blessed all to the “fire” of the sun and not the “thunder” from the skies.

This is primarily a night time race track as the desert heat is not at all fun to play in, not the beach here to cool off in. With lights on a property that has no curfew running late into the cool of the night has its perks.

Watching and listening to jet funny cars in the dark of night throwing flame and sound will capture your senses. Many more race dates are set to catch night racing in the desert, check the Renegade Facebook or Web page for info and race results.

Sunday did bring about a pair of winners in what could be called the “Dalrymple Double” as Josh and Michael collected the trophies in Super Street and Super Comp respectfully. Can they do it again June 10th at Pacific Raceways, come on out and cheer them on.

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3rd Annual Trick or Treat Shootout at Renegade Raceway

DSC_951709 Oct 2016 Yakima, WA – Drag racing at its core is every bit a family affair. Toss in Halloween and it shows even more. The gathering of families for the Trick or Treat Shootout combined with the Super Quick and Jr. Championship Series had them at Renegade Raceway in Yakima, WA for a weekend of racing and champions crowned.  Racers from all over the northwest and Canada were running for the trophies and better yet the coveted “Wally”.

DSC_9293Racing into the darkness Saturday enhanced the excitement for many a Jr dragster driver, building to what in the end was that “Wally”.

Dylanie Petersohn just nine years old came in a borrowed car after hers expired at her last race in her first season of racing captured that gold hardware. A feat as most all would say is not easy to do and shows the talent and composure the drivers have at her age while competing in Jr. Thunder.

DSC_9289In the Jr. Lightning class Nathan Watts threw down reaction times that all started with a zero and put a .001 on the board on a single in round two on his way to the “Wally”.
Picking up the “Wally” in the Malarkey Roofing Products sponsored Superquick Series Andy Schlenker outlasted the field in his Mullis dragster.

DSC_8940On to Sunday and the quest begins again for the hardware though unlike yesterday today the weather became a major player. After two rounds in the books the powers that be had to pull the plug as “Mother Nature” became the winner this day. This forced Division Director Matt to go to his laptop and put a “championship” stamp to the series.

DSC_9250In the end Don Sefton in “Super Quick”, Tiffany Howe in Jr. Lightning and Cooper Chun in Jr. Thunder were crowned “Champions” for the season series. To all that came for the weekend look forward to next season and this event at Renegade Raceway.

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6th Annual Dee Adams Fire & Thunder at Renegade Raceway

6th Annual Dee Adams Fire and Thunder 5-28-16 (151)29 May 2016 Yakima, WA – The trip to Renegade Raceway is one that I looked forward to when the dates were announced.  I had not been there since the mid ‘80s and was wondering what it was like now. Sure you can go to the web and see from above the layout of the track as you can for most all tracks, but going back and feeling the atmosphere can’t be beat.

6th Annual Dee Adams Fire and Thunder 5-29-16 (127)Covering the Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association (PNSCA) at the different tracks brings you into the happenings and festivities for that weekend. This has Funny Cars and Jets along with some fine nostalgia machines.

6th Annual Dee Adams Fire and Thunder 5-28-16 (242)This yearly event at Renegade honors the roots of the dragstrip and the people that brought it about. Running a lot of the weekend under the lights brings out the flames that really show at night and when the Jets run you can’t beat it.

6th Annual Dee Adams Fire and Thunder 5-28-16 (213)Looking for a date that I might return to take in more of the hospitality that Derek and Sara showed me and the drag crew that allowed me to take care of the tasks at hand.

The PNSCA winners are Ty Anderson in the Saturday race and Trevor Harkema claimed the Sunday race.

The next PNSCA race is June 11th, 2016 at Pacific Raceways, see you then.

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