AM Skills, Novice HP & PM Lapping at ProFormance Racing School

19 July 2017 Kent, WA – Summertime and school are in full swing at ProFormance Racing School. Twenty students came to class today for their lessons in what the instructors pass on in four separate exercises.

Yes, it is what owner Don Kitch explains with diagrams and talk while you are sitting on a stool taking it all in. Now with the instructors at your door you are now in a better seat to understand what you just heard in class. The seat of your pants will tell you more of what you are learning, transferring into action what you are told by the instructor as you start and once again a de-brief after going thru the exercise.

Split into two groups of ten each going to both ends of the Pacific Raceways property each having two of the four exercises in the program. This fact also brought the need for extra instructors from the pool that work for Don and his program. Knowing now most of the instructors and every now and then some come and lend a hand when others cannot make it, it is summertime and vacation season after all.

Seeing a new face in the instructor group leads to an enquiry and a need for a mug shot. This mug shot not the typical I have done in the past as guys just stick their face at the camera and say shoot, no big deal. Shooting a female face is a whole new ball game though to my surprise Shannon McGuinness is one of the guys. No need to comb her long dark hair. ”It is what it is” she says and It’s all good. What a nice young lady with a background in PRO-3 racing bringing her smile and experience to pass on to other’s so they may become better drivers themselves. Hope to see her more and learn more of her background in racing and how she came to teaching.

Images from all the session are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Two Days of Action at ProFormance Racing School

06 July 2017 Kent, WA – It was two days and two separate classes at the ProFormance Racing School at Pacific Raceways, but the same set of exercises for both. Wednesday saw a mix of cars and drivers with Thursday being women only and their daily drivers.

ProFormance Racing School and its instructors will take you through four exercises, two at each end of the Pacific Raceways property that will teach you what to do in case evasive action is needed when you are behind the wheel.

Two stages run you at 25 mph and two at 50 mph. Who knew that jamming on the brakes would bring a boatload of smiles after doing so. The feeling you get in the seat of your pants telling you what “you” told your car to do “will” teach what to do once you put “input” into the steering wheel.

All this is explained to you in the classroom by Don Kitch then put into practice on track overseen by the instructors and de-briefed by said instructors on what they seen and heard as you go thru each of the exercises. This all before noon then it’s out on the track with an instructor driving your car around the 2.25 mile road course for two laps on track showing you the correct way to complete a lap, then it’s your turn.

Drivers are usually timid at first then as the laps go by the times to lap the track get shorter in time, hence faster speeds and under control. Without a doubt the best bang for the buck you can do for yourself or your child.

Images for the two days are organized into two albums:



Go to the ProFormance website for info on your date to become a better driver.

AM Skills – Novice HP PM Lapping at ProFormance Racing School

14 June 2017 Kent, WA – When it comes to “hands on” and the “seat” of your pants driving going thru the class at ProFormance Racing School will put you in touch with the road way more than a machine can provide. You will learn car control and what it feels like when an adverse situation presents itself and more importantly what to do when it does happen.

Yes, I do suppose you could go thru your entire driving life and never having to use what you learn in the school but the “law” of averages puts this in lotto winning odds. Going thru the school has to be the best bang for the buck you can do for yourself when you are behind the wheel. Really, go to the ProFormance Racing School website for a date to improve your driving skills.

Images of all the sessions are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

JFC Racing & PM Lapping at Pacific Raceways ProFormance Racing School

07 June 2017 Kent, WA – Testing new and improved parts and pieces is in most cases is done one thing at a time. Make too many changes at one time can throw you off track – was the changes due to this or that worked or did not work.

Data, it’s the key to seeing if the changes are working and by how much, or not. Always improving and evolving JFC Racing brought the Wolf GB08-MJ-V8 to Pacific Raceways with a host of upgrades and changes to test them.

New tires from Avon Tyre, upgraded CV joints, a better braking package and the electronic throttle package all needing to be tested. Of the four drivers that have had their hands on the steering wheel no one knows the car better than owner Miles Jackson. His seat time in the car gives his crew the feedback that the other drivers lack, making a pretty accurate assessment from what he is feeling. Over the span of three hours, coming out on the track making three or four laps logging the data and back to the pits to see what gains were made if any and make changes and on to the next change. This process is pretty much universal to all race teams and can be pretty mundane for the most part but the other side of the coin says “look what this did for us”. Those moments will bring big smiles to the team that their hard work will pay off when you keep pressure on yourself to always keep improving.

Now it’s back to the shop to fine tune the data, check the car from front to back and make any changes that may be needed then back to the road course to do it all over again. Go to and follow this local race team and their goals, and Good Luck on your next race.

The PM Lapping Course of ProFormance Racing also had track time today – and images are now available for all the action on the road course. Click here to go to the photo album.

A Mid-Week Day at Pacific Raceways

31 May 2017 Kent, WA – In a little over a twelve hour time period, multi-use venue Pacific Raceways hosted ProFormance Racing School in the morning to early afternoon. Then there was a transition to the dragstrip and run until curfew.

The driving school starts at 7:00 AM with classroom instructions given by owner Don Kitch. The students take in diagrams and discussion that once on the track you put to practice. Four stages set up, two on the west end of the track and two on the east end. Each exercise from the beginning leads to the next, incorporating what you just learned from the previous stage.

Then back to the classroom to talk about what you just went thru, and then out to your car or truck for one on one coaching with one of the many instructors that work with ProFormance Racing School. Going thru 20min. sessions with an instructor as co-pilot guiding you around the track on the proper line which equates to the “safest” and “fastest” way to run the track. Give ProFormance a call to find your date for school.

As the driving school finishes their day the dragstrip crew is hard at work prepping the surface for racing into the evening. This afternoon/evening brings the motorcycles and diesel-powered rigs for points racing. With a test & tune at the same time you never know who or what may be taking advantage.

Street cars, race cars and license up-grades all fall into the T&T lanes assigned to them, walk the lanes and see the wide range of people using them. For those racing the series in Diesel Hudson Myers picked up the trophy and William Nitta denied Deanna Pelletier her first win in the PRDC series.

Images are now available for the whole day at Pacific Raceways – Click here to enjoy a unique mix of images from both the road course and the dragstrip!

Record Crowds at 2017 HondaFest NW

09 Apr 2017 Kent, WA – Filling the grounds with cars and people at Pacific Raceways normally comes the first week in August. Coming in second and growing bigger each year is the HondaFest NW. The trio of a car show, lead/follow and drag racing bring the people and vendors to this annual event.

Rows and rows of all kinds of show cars and most all of them daily drivers filled the paddock area as SpeedFactory set up in their favorite spot next to the staging lanes.

Leading off the day on the 2.25 mile track instructors from ProFormance Racing School do what is called “lead/follow” with a group of three to seven cars. It is 100% follow the leader but that “leader” knows the fastest way around the track. No fooling around here as the last car in line has a radio and you can’t out run it. You get out of the spirit of the day you will be booted out of line, Safety First.

For those that follow the “drivers” meeting rules you get to push your car a little more than “normal” driving and doing it “safely”. This part of the day is also growing as near 50 drivers took part with a few doubling up.

All this time the “drag crew” is prepping the drag strip for the afternoon of side by side running of all kinds of cars and trucks.

Leading off the action the ultra- fast Honda’s from SpeedFactory in a mix of testing and checking the latest setup put down some impressive numbers as noted by the crowd and crew reactions.

A great day put together by NWMotiv and Pacific Raceways will again look to grow the program so make a date for next year’s event.

Lots of great images from all over the facility – click here to go to the photo album. As always thank you for your support and purchases!

AM Skills, Novice HP & PM Lapping at Pacific Raceways

26 Mar 2017 Kent, WA – For the dozen plus folks who took part in the ProFormance Racing School this day the weather played a big part. Choosing the date to go to school you hope for a great weather day, but this is the northwest in spring time and the weather is a crapshoot, with the record rain thru late winter into early spring today it just continued.

Bringing out the bumper-shoots that under normal use here shades the drivers from the sun reared back to their original use, to keep the rain off. To ProFormance Racing School and its instructors the weather makes no difference on the program and how they instruct the students.

Looking at the exercises, there are four of them, going thru them I believe it would be worth taking the class twice if possible, in the rain and in the sunshine. What you feel in the seat of your pants will be two very distinct sensations. Once you feel the difference in wet to dry you will come away a better driver in the northwest.

Important enough to parents to put their children thru the class to teach what is not in drivers training and to a husband and wife today with their personal plates sharing the experience together.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Check out this program on the ProFormance web site for your date to better driving.

ProFormance Racing School Action at Pacific Raceways

19 Mar 2017 Kent, WA – As more and more parents see their children go thru drivers training and what they are learn they are coming to driving schools for the skills that will better prepare them for driving on the hi-ways and bi-ways.

Seeing parents weather by their pushing or their kids choosing going thru the stages that ProFormance Racing School and their instructors teach is every bit a recordable moment. Deep in parents minds and spoken, this is the best bang for your buck to be found for young drivers.

This also you see on the faces of the students as they gather after the first go round and how fun it is to learn what your car is telling you when you tell it to do something. Then of course at the end of the school day the confidence that the students now show truly shows the impact of going thru the school.

Over 300 images are now available online – click here to go to the photo album.

For info on upcoming dates go to the ProFormance Racing School web site or their Facebook page.

Alfa Romeo Club PM Lapping Day at Pacific Raceways

11 Mar 2017 Kent, WA – Going thru a driving course in nice weather can be a challenge but when you put Mother Nature and the “Northwet” it does add a new dimension to what you are trying to accomplish.

As explained by instructor Mirko the rainy weather will help you feel in your backside what your car is doing when you put input to it. Steering, braking and peddle control is brought to the forefront going thru the four coned stations.

Seems simple enough, though once behind the wheel the focus gets intense as you want to complete the task as instructed as a dozen or more teachers watch your every move, then de-brief, good or bad what you just did.

Then take those instructions and get in line and do it again. It is truly a do it and you will get it right and become a better driver because of it. Anytime you get the chance to take a driving course like ProFormance Racing School, Doug Herbert’s “Brakes” or a Teen driving class you will come out of them a better driver for it. Do yourself or a loved one a big favor and check into a program near you and go thru it.

Images from the full day of action are now online and available for purchase – to go to the album, click here.

ProFormance Racing School AM Skills, Novice HP & PM Lapping Weekend at Pacific Raceways

11 Feb 2017 Kent, WA – Back for the first time this year the AM Skills class brought in sixteen students for classroom and on track learning. No matter your age or gender you start in the classroom eyes intent on what Don Kitch is telling you. It is the start of what ProFormance Racing School is all about.

What you gain from the in classroom and the four coned stages will show you and let your body feels and what input you need to do to your car in case you need to do so. Being prepared for anything when you are driving is the awareness you will also gain. Just about everything that is taught in the class is not given in drivers training.

This fact brought out a young lady just about ready to get her driving life underway. With no prompting from her parents the choice to take the class was her own, pretty smart on her part. As per requirements all teen drivers are instructed to bring their “daily driver” to class. This young lady rolled up in a full size Chevy truck, something I have not seen run thru the program, all makes and models of cars but no trucks. The shiny smile, I say that because she does wear braces would be hard pressed to remove at the end of the day and also saying “I will be back” to the track to learn even more.

Follow this teen driver’s lead and contact ProFormance Racing School for info on upcoming dates to do the same for yourself as this wise beyond her years young lady did for herself.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photos, and as always thank you very much for your support and purchases!