Fall Moto GP Series At Pacific Raceways – Dec 13th, 2014

Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 11413 Dec 2014 Kent, WA – Repetitive action generally means you are going to get better at what you are doing. In the case of the GP Series it does not apply as Lance keeps the course in a different pattern for these events. Changing direction you go is not the only change you will encounter running the series.

In thru the trees, over and around hills and them logs which just a single one posed quite troublesome getting hung up on it and cutting into your lap times and position hard. How do you practice for this stuff?

The best way has to be coming out and running these events and starting out by being in good physical condition. As one rider says “my skills are not bad, but I am out of shape” and this will test you to the max as far as conditioning is concerned. As in any sport you have to be in shape to pre-form at your best level.

I have to think that the more gear you put on your body to protect it from harm the more being in shape comes into play. The next race is on the third day of the new year (Jan 3rd) so it will test your holiday layoff. See you next year. GO- HAWKS !!!

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Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 008Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 154Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 208Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 304Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 322Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 375Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 425Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 527Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 644Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 691Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 743Fall Moto GP Series 12-13-14 242

10th Annual NW Toy Run At Pacific Raceways

10th Annual NW Toy Run  12-7-14 14307 Dec 2014 Kent, WA – This year’s Toy Run has to be the best ever. Mother Nature blessed all with sunny skies and the slight chill in the air was easily handled. When the gates opened at 10:00 am the cars started in with a range that if you named a car or make it came in.

With the Toys for Tots as the main draw and a car show for parking formed perfect picture taking as many had their cameras. With the steady stream of folks dropping off toys the boxes filled up a pair of trucks.

Greeting many of those givers were a number of elves in green, a military man and Tacoma Royalty passing gifts to the helpers and posing for pictures. ProFormance instructors Don and Curtis showed those entrusted in a “lead/follow” around Pacific’s 2.25mi. road course seeing and experiencing for them self what it is like.

Feeding that many people Big Food had them covered with food and drink with many sitting in the sunny stands. We do know the numbers for the toys and cash donations but from what I saw it has to be the best turnout ever. Thanks to all who helped.

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Fall Moto GP Series At Pacific Raceways – Nov 29th, 2014

Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 02129 Nov 2014 Kent, WA – The Fall Moto GP course is challenging enough even for the experienced rider: manmade and laid out to test your skills, all this under perfect weather conditions. Now put mother- nature in the mix and the task at hand and its difficulty are greatly increased. The day before saw rain, rain and more rain covering all the low areas with pools of water, then overnight a couple inches of snow were added to the mix.

An extra layer under the riding gear was a must to combat the wind- blown snow and chill in the air as the riders began there moto. As in any motorized traffic in snow it does not take long to turn it into slop and traction goes off the charts when you get out of the groove. Running in the opposite direction this moto throws out the window what you learned when you ran in the last race.

A 12 inch deep waterhole saw many a rider on their back wheel across the 10′ to 12′ surface not much unlike a snow-machine across water. Who knows what the weather will be like for the Dec. 13th event but when you pit man against mother- nature it can be a crapshoot. Check Pacific’s web site for the info

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Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 103Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 030Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 123Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 146Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 197Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 260Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 294Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 342Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 393Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 419Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 444Fall Moto GP Series 11-29-14 453

Fall Moto GP Series At Pacific Raceways

Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 21923 Nov 2014 Kent, WA – As stated in the previous post on the GP series if you ride a dirt bike and wish to challenge yourself on an obstacle course set up for this type of riding then you need to check this out. Logs, tires, mud holes, side hill riding are just a part of the layout on the MX track. The morning rain creating mud and water holes had the power washers busy after each moto class. Fun in the mud is what everyone got on this event as apposed on the first a nice dry day. I have to say the wet will test your skills in this case. Sound like something you would like to try? Check out Pacific’s web site for upcoming dates. See you then.

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Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 033Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 040Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 057Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 088Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 180Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 192Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 241Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 326Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 340Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 416Fall Moto GP Series 11-23-14 023

Fall Moto GP Series At Pacific Raceways – Nov 8th, 2014

Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 55908 Nov 2014 Kent, WA – The first of a six GP series dates kicked off with a weather day that could not be better. Sunshine and NO rain in sight had all commenting on how nice it was.

With a new layout put down over a couple days by manager Lance Smail and help tested the best of riders. Watching the rider’s transition from the dirt to the asphalt part of the road course at Pacific Raceways had to be the change that tested the riders the most.

A wet and loaded with mud knobby tire does not grip too well leaning into a curve at speed. Those that figured out this change and the other on dirt challenges put down some impressive lap times, passing a number of riders who had not quite figured it out. If you ride a dirt bike you got to check this out, it WILL test you and your skills.

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Go to Pacific’s web site for upcoming dates.


Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 047Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 203Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 268Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 367Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 381Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 466Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 516Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 574Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 643Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 666Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 680Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 741Fall Moto GP Series 11-8-14 769

Motocross Practice At Pacific Raceways – July 2nd, 2014

MX Practice 7-2-14 78702 July 2014 Kent, WA – Sunshine and a lightly moistened track is about the best conditions to moto around and test yourself. These conditions are going to be more prominent as the summer goes on.

Practicing as you race on a mid-week afternoon/evening is a great tune-up for the weekend’s races. This practice saw air under the bikes and dirt flying from the tires digging in. Lots of smiling riders as they exited the track again looking forward to their next moto. These conditions got you thinking? Come on out and join the mid-week fun.

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MX Practice 7-2-14 448MX Practice 7-2-14 725MX Practice 7-2-14 1262+MX Practice 7-2-14 1433MX Practice 7-2-14 1302MX Practice 7-2-14 1199+MX Practice 7-2-14 1275MX Practice 7-2-14 1221MX Practice 7-2-14 1078MX Practice 7-2-14 256MX Practice 7-2-14 650MX Practice 7-2-14 692

Motocross Practice At Pacific Raceways – June 18th, 2014

MX Practice 6-18-14 108518 Jun 2014 Kent, WA – Water and its effect on a motocross track is a fine line. Too much water, like when Mother Nature puts down several inches turns dirt to mud and slop, and that is not conducive to a motorcycle even with the best tires.

With the weather dry the track workers have to hose down the dust and doing so create a fast surface for the riders. Washing this coating of dirt off your bike only takes a hose, as opposed to a pressure washer for the mud from sloppy conditions.

This practice night had the latter working for the rider’s and those who just came to watch. Practice as you race is always in play, so in effect you are watching a race. If dirt throwing and high flying bikes interest you come on out. Check the web site for times and information.

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MX Practice 6-18-14 059MX Practice 6-18-14 198MX Practice 6-18-14 299MX Practice 6-18-14 317MX Practice 6-18-14 571MX Practice 6-18-14 725MX Practice 6-18-14 1167MX Practice 6-18-14 1330MX Practice 6-18-14 610

Motocross Practice At Pacific Raceways – June 4th, 2014

MX Practice 6-4-14 56504 June 2014 Kent, WA – You have to love mid-week practice on your bike, greatly enhanced by sunny weather. A dry track lightly moistened with a spray of water to control the dust makes for some fast and high flying action, and it is only practice.

Practice as you race is the way to learn your limits, a fine balance between on the edge and wiping out, not what you want to do at speed but something you have to endure to get to your limits. Come out for yourself and see non-stop action all over the track.

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MX Practice 6-4-14 1365MX Practice 6-4-14 397MX Practice 6-4-14 074MX Practice 6-4-14 188MX Practice 6-4-14 448MX Practice 6-4-14 541MX Practice 6-4-14 628MX Practice 6-4-14 1139MX Practice 6-4-14 711

Mid-Week Fun At Pacific Raceways

MX Practice 5-21-2014 06321 May 2014 Kent, WA – Mid-week fun? Mid-week practice? Both work by themselves, but put them together along with sunny skies and great weather and you get 6 hours or so of awesome lapping on the new track layout at Pacific Raceways Moto Cross MX track.

It seems this new layout has the many of the riders talking about the fun and challenge to get around the track as fast as possible. With a drop of the bulldozer blade the track can changed overnight.  The layout is a work in progress with more improvements on the table.

If you ride or just like the high flying dirt throwing corners the rider’s navigate, come on out on a Wednesday Practice night or better yet on Friday night to catch all the racing action on Pacific Raceways Moto Cross track.  Check Pacific’s web-site for info.

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MX Practice 5-21-2014 468MX Practice 5-21-2014 268MX Practice 5-21-2014 639MX Practice 5-21-2014 102MX Practice 5-21-2014 123MX Practice 5-21-2014 434MX Practice 5-21-2014 519MX Practice 5-21-2014 677

Motocross & Drag Test N Tune At Pacific Raceway

Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 07614 May 2014 Kent, WA – The Wednesday Night Test N Tune along with the Motocross MC series got great weather and track conditions for new MC sponsor Urban Custom Bikes. More bikes, more racing, more fun bringing more for the spectators to watch on a fine Wednesday night.

Through five rounds of racing past track champ Joe Lind raced thru the rest but got a gift in the final when Chris Benda  fouled.

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Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 062Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 222Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 093Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 107Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 329Drag Test and Tune 5-14-2014 347