Test-N-Tune & Gambler at Pacific Raceways

07 Oct 2018 Kent, WA – October racing in the northwest or as some say the “Northwet” is always a gamble. Todays ability to go on the smart phone and see what the weather is doing and forecasted to do just about to the second can be a blessing or a curse.

Adding to that the direction from which the weather is coming can by just a scant mile be totally different. This became the factor in in which the date became a “rainout” as Pacific Raceway was just inside the border of rain/no-rain and just enough came down to make it un-safe and irritate everyone.

Here are the images from today’s rain-shortened day – click here to go to the photo album.

The weather though looks good for the Oct. 13th date and the 20th is too far away and this is drag racing in the “Northwest” at its best.

Test-N-Tune & Gambler Event at Pacific Raceways

dsc_991322 Oct 2016 Kent, WA – The month of October has been on a pace to eclipse the wettest on record. Thus, the first two of three dates for the month were washed out, I mean washed out. This day though mother nature shined as if to say “not three in a row”.

dsc_9724This the last drag race date for the 2016 season brought a wide range of cars to the track. For most it was a new experience racing only an eighth mile. This length came about over pure safety for the racers as the relentless rains left water seeping thru the cracks. This length was right at home for the “drag radial class” car out for some testing and worked out perfect for the Parker family out for testing on the “funny car”.

dsc_9637As the “gambler” race got underway, after a number of runs to the eighth for a way different “dial-in” than normal really did make for some great side by side racing.

dsc_9933Ending the day with the last money run right at the deadline finishing out the 2016 season and padding the pockets of Robert Cody and John Schwaller for their class wins.

Images are now available, the fall light made for great images.  Click here to go to the photo album.  Thank you so much for your support and purchases!

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