Final High Performance Sport Driving Day of 2016

17 Dec 2016 Kent, WA – Daily drivers to pure race cars alike took part in the final High Performance Sport Driving Day of 2016.

Seat time they say, “You can’t get enough”.  With a wide range of weather conditions that come up you can practice in a safe manor around the track as corner workers and track personal keep an eye on your driving, safety first is always first, no one wants to pile up their ride and keeping you inside your driving skills pays off.

Today it was 20 degrees for air temps, and a cold track surface to greet the drivers and cars. That seat time was out front and center as KD Motorsports, fresh off their class win in the 25 hour event down in California came out for more in their PRO3 cars.

Running “nose to tail” for 30 min. sessions is nothing like running hours at a time but it’s 30 minutes more seat time in different weather conditions. Follow the PRO3 drivers, get more seat time and become a better driver.

Images from the track are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

The next date is Jan. 7th 2017. For all dates go to Pacific Raceways web site for information. See you next year and have a Happy Holiday Season from all at See It Imagery.