GM Nationals at Pacific Raceways

GM Nationals 9-10-16 (164)10 Sept 2016 Kent, WA – Bringing out all things GM to a car show and drag racing will see combinations from mild too wild. Pure joy fresh off the dealer lot and those from the owner’s garages.

GM Nationals 9-10-16 (5)If you can think it, you can do it with a GM block or body. Bring it to the GM Nationals and they will have a class it will fit into, drag or show with very nice trophies for the winners. Toss into the mix a nostalgia dragster, a fine looking pro mod and a newly built funny car making passes down the dragstrip, and you have a great day!

GM Nationals 9-10-16 (349)GM Nationals 9-10-16 (213)It was even better than last year and everyone is looking forward to a better next year.

The event photos are now posted online, and are available – click here to go to the photo album.

Those picking up the trophies are Jim Mabry in Electronics and a very elated Frank Rhodes in Hot Rod while Candy Caldwell got the win in Street DOT and driving his Silverado to the win in LS/LT.

GM Nationals 9-10-16 (538)GM Nationals 9-10-16 (543) GM Nationals 9-10-16 (524) GM Nationals 9-10-16 (532)GM Nationals 9-10-16 (529) GM Nationals 9-10-16 (519)