Lust Punch at Louie G’s

26 Jan 2019 Fife, WA – In and around the greater Seattle the venues to take in live music are aplenty. Place that hold thousands and just a few hundred – live music can be found. For the local up and coming bands the couple of hundred fans and followers are great to practice their craft. Up close and personal band mates and fans enjoy the closeness of these venues.

One of these bands, Lust Punch and venues Louie G’s in Fife got together as the opening act on a three-band night of live music. Hundreds of followers and newcomers alike are finding out how good these trios of musicians are.

Made up of Nick Knight on lead guitar and vocals, Retten Steincipher on drums and back-up vocals and Jessica Gittings on bass and back-up vocals preformed their 32 live show to a packed house. These three musicians jamming thru their set with bitching guitar work by Nick crafting his sound and a thumping bass from Jessica’s talented fingers and a drum solo by Retten pounding on those skins and metal that just has to be heard to understand his talent with feet and sticks.

Their music is hard and refined a testament to their skills both alone and together. Find them on the internet and give them a listen at their next show, you too will become a follower to a trio combined to make up “Lust Punch”.

Images from a great night at Louie G’s are now available – click here to go to the photo album.