Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Comes To Pacific Raceways

19 Aug 2018 Kent, WA – A Test & Tune, Qualifying, and great racing was the formula for a four-day weekend in which just shy of 350 entries attempted to end up with a little gold statue they call a “WALLY” at Pacific Raceways this past weekend.

Weather could not have been better for racers and spectators alike though it was a little warm for the finals that finished just ahead of a smoke bank from a nearby fire.
On a funny note Chris Demke started the weekend pushing a “shoe” 300 feet down the track leaving it there for all to see and a track worker to go and retrieve.

Chris Marshall showed big performance by earning “Wally’s” from both the “Nationals” and the “Divisional” events at Pacific Raceways, and always-a-threat local racers Jeff Lane and Jody Lang added to a long list of “WALLY” wins.

Three days of great racing resulted in over 1,900 images available – click here to go to the photo albums.

Chris Thode in Top Comp
Tanner Theobald in Super Comp
Aaron Kinard in Super Gas
Jess Dale in Super Street

TAD – Chris Demke
TAF – Chris Marshall
Comp – Jeff Lane
Super Stock – Jody Lang
Stock – Norm Webber
TS – Doug Crumlich
TD – Mark Campbell
SC – Aaron Kinard
SG – Rob Willis
SS – Gary Ericksen
SM – Miles Hauer
SP – Parker Theobald
Pro- Dustin Ward

Fantastic Finale to Four Days of LODRS Action at Pacific Raceways

25 June 2017 Kent, WA – Hosting a NHRA Northwest Division 6 event brings the best of the best to grab that “Wally” trophy when all is said and done. Pacific Raceways has two of these events this season, something I don’t think they have done before. Yes, they did have a “two” event weekend under a previous division director but not two separate dates.

There had to be a little question in the minds of those that put this date on the schedule, see as a lot will say in the northwest say “summer” begins on the 5th of July. Not the case this four-day race weekend. Mother nature threw down nothing but sunshine though increasing the temp every day with race day Sunday jumping into the 90’s, not normal for the end of June and just a few days into summer.

The gamble you play with Mother Nature paid off this day of “finals” as it reads like a “who’s who” in division six racing.

Starting with Jeff Lane, a many time division champion picking up another “Wally” in Competition Eliminator. Who else but Jody Lang in Super Stock, another many time “Wally” winner. Method Racing is a name you will see many times in Stock Eliminator, either Cal or Mary Ann powering their “Nova” to another “Wally”.

Top Sportsman saw a very first-time winner of the coveted “Wally” when James Rutherford came all the way from Wembley, Alberta Canada, (a 15hr. drive) and hoisted his trophy. Another name you will see is Paul Nero taking care of business in Top Dragster to grab the “Wally”.

In what has to be the best-looking pit area the Dalrymple’s came in force with “five” race machines for at least three separate classes. Hoisting the “Wally” this time out of the group, Michael got it done in Super Comp. Taking the ’63 Corvette to the winner’s circle and another name that grace’s the D-6 books, Chris Cannon put his hand around the “Wally” in Super Gas.

Many of his friends call him “Bags” but his name is Steve Beggerly, past track champ in the E.T. series at Pacific Raceways and has lifted a “Wally” in the past did it again in Super Street. Coming up from Gladstone, OR, Don DePeel powered his ’74 Kawasaki for a “Wally” in Sportsman Motorcycle.

No stranger to the “Wally” himself, Dale Green put his DG Machine ’08 American dragster in the winner’s circle. Another local racer, Al Chinn and his ’64 Nova Wagon running in a “not” normal class for him put it in the winner’s circle holding up the “Wally”.

Congrats to all the winners who endured the heat for a fine four days of racing.

The event album now sports a total of five albums, covering all four days of racing, testing, and qualifying. Some great shots of action on the finish line are included, and are really cool, in spite of the heat this weekend. To go to the event albums – click here.

Also a young lady very near and dear to myself and my daughter up from Boise spending time with her squeeze Jason while he worked the race spending a little time with a strange camera (she shoots Cannon I shoot Nikon) working on her own photography skills. Thank You young lady, till next time.

LODRS Test-N-Tune at Pacific Raceways

22 June 2017 Kent, WA – Pacific Raceways is hosting the NHRA Division-6 racers this weekend. They are coming to the track the first of two times this season, racing in June as compared to the middle of August will be a change for the racers.

People in the Northwest joke about summer beginning on July 5th but the weather forecasted for this weekend it will seem like the late summer event. Plenty of hydration is going to be the order of the weekend as the temps are jumping 10 to 15 degrees above the normal for this just into summer time race.

Should be a great weekend for racing, come on out and see the action, it will be great also.

Images from the Test-N-Tune sessions today are now available – click here to go to the main event album for today’s images. More images will be added over the course of the weekend.

Good luck to all the drivers and teams!!