ProFormance Racing School & Motorcycle & Diesel Drag Racing – June 29th, 2016

AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (164)29 June 2016 Kent, WA – Two venues and teaching all day long. Starting with ProFormance Racing School and a classroom full of students ready to take in what the instructors are saying. The classroom and hands on teaching that you get from the school will increase your awareness driving on the streets. It really should be a must for all new drivers to go thru a program like this as you will have a better understanding of what you need to do when something happens. Check into Don’s program and become a better driver, see the ProFormance web site for info.

Images from the 3 sessions of the school are now online – click here for the ProFormance Racing School Images.

MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (33)On to the straight line driving of the teaching and learning day. The mid-week series of bikes and diesels gets underway with a pack full of bikes. These racers have to be the most dedicated to their series as any. Each race they promptest of racers to the lanes sometimes as the announcers are calling for them. Great group of people to be around no matter win or lose.

To the teaching part of the evening came a sandwich sponsored dragster with a new driver. This lady driver for the first time is going after an NHRA license. Being guided and schooled by her father in-law she made four runs, all safe and in order. Looks like it won’t be long before a family becomes a three car team when you add the Jr. Dragster the son drives. Good luck to you all and safe racing.

MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (148)For the unfinished MC race held a short time back Jim Funderburg pulled out the win over Gary Tokos. For the nights series Kevin Jellum claimed another win in the Diesel class over Jim Calhoun and Chris Benda outlasted the field to pick up the PRDC trophy stopping Mark Sires.

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AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (33)AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (54) AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (68) AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (196)MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (137) MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (148) MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (173) MC #5-Diesel #5 6-29-16 (174)AM Only Skills-Novice HP-PM Lapping 6-29-16 (164)