Test-N-Tune #2 at Pacific Raceways

25 Mar 2018 Kent, WA – The second Test-N-Tune of the 2018 season brought in more new faces and cars, not the number from the previous weekend but a large number for a test and tune.

Cold and cloudy for the early morning then the sun was in and out of the clouds all day. At times the lanes were filled back around the curve. As the rounds of racers in cars, trucks, bikes and Jr. Dragsters moved on like clock-work a testament to the dragstrip crew keeping things running smooth.

The winners here today were all those that came out on a chilly Sunday for a Test and Tune. No April Fools here the next date will start the season for the Jr.’s along with a test and tune, see you then.

Images from the entire day are now available – click here to go to the photo album. As always, thank you for the support and purchases!!

Two Days of Skills Clinics at ProFormance Racing School

24 Mar 2018 Kent, WA – These two classes though the same in instruction were a world apart when it came to the weather. Friday it rained then it would hail then the fat wet flakes came with the rain and not to forget the sleet and wind. Not part of their normal attire each of the instructors had a bumbershoot to help fight “Mother Nature”.

Saturday hey no rain but everyone was greeted with a fresh blanket of snow and bright sunny skies. No umbrellas needed today just an extra layer for a few hours as the sun brought a whole bunch of warmth.

The point being no matter the weather when you sign up for the ProFormance Racing School program next week or a year from now the only change will be the weather. The program that Don Kitch put together and is carried out by his crew of instructors is like clockwork transferring what Don described to you in the classroom to you now on the track. At the end of the day you drive away way better connected to your ride then when you started the day and in the end you are a better driver because of what the school got you aware of.

Two albums of images, one for each day. Make sure and check out the images from Saturday too – some very unique shots of “Racing In The Snow”



Test-N-Tune & Chassis Certification at Pacific Raceways

18 Mar 2018 Kent, WA – The 2018 season for Pacific Raceways got off to a little slow start as Mother Nature decided to rain on the parade with an early morning shower. With late winter temps the moisture takes way more work to eliminate than the warmer temps of spring and summer.

With this task ahead of them the track crew got after it just before sunrise and by mid-morning and a line of cars in the lanes things were looking better.

There were many new faces in the pits along with a bunch of Pacific’s steady racers out to test the upgrades and new rides.

We’re looking forward to the test-n-tune next Sunday the 25th to see what comes to the track to tackle the northwest house of hook down the “Mark Lyle Boulevard.

Images from all the action are now available – the new camera is really making a difference. Click here to go to the photos.

Teen Street Survival Courses at ProFormance Racing School

04 March 2018 Kent, WA – The right of passage as a teen would be getting your driver’s license. Going thru either a public or private training program what they teach you is all good but it’s not enough. Learning to park between cars and learning what the road sign is telling you is important but learning what you are driving is telling you is way more important.

ProFormance Racing School with backing from the Michael’s Automotive Group and Les Schwab put those 15 to 18 year old teens and teach them what is not in driver’s training programs. What will your car or truck do if you encounter this or if you do this what will happen?

The collision avoidance part of the course receives the most comments to the school by those that have gone thru the class no matter your age. If you have a teen getting ready to drive putting them into this program is the best thin you can do for them in to prepare for the open road and what they may encounter.

For more info go to the ProFormance Racing School for the next date for your teen.

Images from both days are now available – click here to go to the photo album.