PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

28 June 2017 Kent, WA – After a weekend of record-heat the mid-week bike and diesel drags basked in cloudy skies and very comfortable temperatures. Along with the two regular Wednesday series running tonight, the test and tune lanes saw quite a mix of street cars and some true race cars out to test and earn a competition license.

One of those out for the process of getting a competition license was a guy named Gary. Two years of hard work with near five more just putting around on his 1970 Duster. It runs on pump gas and uses a footbrake to launch, it also has no side windows and drives on the streets. This is where the description of the car takes a turn as it is modeled after the very early “funny cars”. No lift-up body here, it has “doors” on both sides and they are all metal though the guts have been removed for weight.

The car is fully caged as per NHRA rules with a motor that fits the era. He set out to bring about a “street” car with all the looks of “old” school that he could safely motor around the hi-ways enjoying his project.

He plans on running it on the track though at this point the class is unknown but with his good friend Randy Parker there to help-out; no telling what class it will fall into.

Good luck wherever you land and look forward to seeing it run again.

Images are now online and available for purchase – click here to go to the photo album.

PRDC winner: Jim Were
Diesel winner: Ray Bartroff
Money winner: Kam Kling

Fantastic Finale to Four Days of LODRS Action at Pacific Raceways

25 June 2017 Kent, WA – Hosting a NHRA Northwest Division 6 event brings the best of the best to grab that “Wally” trophy when all is said and done. Pacific Raceways has two of these events this season, something I don’t think they have done before. Yes, they did have a “two” event weekend under a previous division director but not two separate dates.

There had to be a little question in the minds of those that put this date on the schedule, see as a lot will say in the northwest say “summer” begins on the 5th of July. Not the case this four-day race weekend. Mother nature threw down nothing but sunshine though increasing the temp every day with race day Sunday jumping into the 90’s, not normal for the end of June and just a few days into summer.

The gamble you play with Mother Nature paid off this day of “finals” as it reads like a “who’s who” in division six racing.

Starting with Jeff Lane, a many time division champion picking up another “Wally” in Competition Eliminator. Who else but Jody Lang in Super Stock, another many time “Wally” winner. Method Racing is a name you will see many times in Stock Eliminator, either Cal or Mary Ann powering their “Nova” to another “Wally”.

Top Sportsman saw a very first-time winner of the coveted “Wally” when James Rutherford came all the way from Wembley, Alberta Canada, (a 15hr. drive) and hoisted his trophy. Another name you will see is Paul Nero taking care of business in Top Dragster to grab the “Wally”.

In what has to be the best-looking pit area the Dalrymple’s came in force with “five” race machines for at least three separate classes. Hoisting the “Wally” this time out of the group, Michael got it done in Super Comp. Taking the ’63 Corvette to the winner’s circle and another name that grace’s the D-6 books, Chris Cannon put his hand around the “Wally” in Super Gas.

Many of his friends call him “Bags” but his name is Steve Beggerly, past track champ in the E.T. series at Pacific Raceways and has lifted a “Wally” in the past did it again in Super Street. Coming up from Gladstone, OR, Don DePeel powered his ’74 Kawasaki for a “Wally” in Sportsman Motorcycle.

No stranger to the “Wally” himself, Dale Green put his DG Machine ’08 American dragster in the winner’s circle. Another local racer, Al Chinn and his ’64 Nova Wagon running in a “not” normal class for him put it in the winner’s circle holding up the “Wally”.

Congrats to all the winners who endured the heat for a fine four days of racing.

The event album now sports a total of five albums, covering all four days of racing, testing, and qualifying. Some great shots of action on the finish line are included, and are really cool, in spite of the heat this weekend. To go to the event albums – click here.

Also a young lady very near and dear to myself and my daughter up from Boise spending time with her squeeze Jason while he worked the race spending a little time with a strange camera (she shoots Cannon I shoot Nikon) working on her own photography skills. Thank You young lady, till next time.

LODRS Test-N-Tune at Pacific Raceways

22 June 2017 Kent, WA – Pacific Raceways is hosting the NHRA Division-6 racers this weekend. They are coming to the track the first of two times this season, racing in June as compared to the middle of August will be a change for the racers.

People in the Northwest joke about summer beginning on July 5th but the weather forecasted for this weekend it will seem like the late summer event. Plenty of hydration is going to be the order of the weekend as the temps are jumping 10 to 15 degrees above the normal for this just into summer time race.

Should be a great weekend for racing, come on out and see the action, it will be great also.

Images from the Test-N-Tune sessions today are now available – click here to go to the main event album for today’s images. More images will be added over the course of the weekend.

Good luck to all the drivers and teams!!

Car Club & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

17 June 2017 Kent, WA – Two quite different clubs brought their action to the track, one for the evening and the other for the weekend. For those in the Car Club it’s another race in their series that brings all sorts of race cars to run down the track, from pure race cars and a bunch of daily drivers.

This diversity makes for some pretty strange pair-ups running each other. Divided into the main three car makers (Ford-GM-Mopar) in the lanes you see diversity for yourself. This night though the GM brand won out in the finals as a pair of Camaros one a 1969 and the other a 2013 faced off for the trophy. Ken Nylin and his 2013 bested Larry DeCamp and his 1969 to pick up the hardware.

To the WCSA their action on Friday is to qualify for their race on Saturday. Running only 1/8th mile these high horsepower race cars run on only an 8 ½ inch wide racing slick tire. Harnessing that power on a tire that should be twice the size is the goal. Add to that because you qualify one day and race the next can bring “mother nature” into play.

This fact is the demise of many a race day in the northwest as the weather finally put an end to a huge effort by the drag crew to make it happen. Also bitten by the rain was race number eight in the E.T. series and race number three in the H.S. series.

Images from the two clubs are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

The Next race is July 9th for the E.T. and H.S. series.

AM Skills – Novice HP PM Lapping at ProFormance Racing School

14 June 2017 Kent, WA – When it comes to “hands on” and the “seat” of your pants driving going thru the class at ProFormance Racing School will put you in touch with the road way more than a machine can provide. You will learn car control and what it feels like when an adverse situation presents itself and more importantly what to do when it does happen.

Yes, I do suppose you could go thru your entire driving life and never having to use what you learn in the school but the “law” of averages puts this in lotto winning odds. Going thru the school has to be the best bang for the buck you can do for yourself when you are behind the wheel. Really, go to the ProFormance Racing School website for a date to improve your driving skills.

Images of all the sessions are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

PRDC & Diesel Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

14 June 2017 Kent, WA – Tonight it was race number four in the mid-week get together for the bikes and diesels. A big number of the E.T. series racers come out for the bike series, and it has now grown to the point that a racer, whose home track is Woodburn made the trip north.

Yes, it is true that the local bikes go there but I do not think it’s for a mid-week race. Gary Tokos makes the trip though I do admit I do not know where he lives between Pacific and Woodburn but seeing him come to take part in a Wed. night race points and his love to compete in the sport he loves.

This kind of energy is what drives all the bike riders that come out for this series and the fact they all help and cheer for each other. Many a friendly rivalry has come from this group of riders that come out to race.

Mark June 28th and come out for a late afternoon/night race for the bikes and diesels.

Images from all the action are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Tonight’s winner in PRDC is Jim Were and in the diesel class Ray Bartroff picked up the trophy.

Swift Tools ET Series #7 at Pacific Raceways

11 June 2017 Kent, WA – Sunday morning kicked off the first real race weekend for the drag strip. Overcast skies and cool temps to start, with mostly sunny weather was predicted for the rest of the day.

Racers got their time hit’s in and on to eliminations. Like clockwork the Pacific drag crew from the tower to the track made smooth work of the day’s race. Great work by all as always.

Go to the Pacific Raceways website to keep up on the race dates upcoming.

Images from Sunday are now available – click here to go to the photo album. Make sure and check out the images in Super Saturday’s album as well.

Sunday’s winners are:

Outlaw 10.5 – Mike Dowling
275 Outlaw – Daniel Rodrigue
BC Shifters – Paul Morgan
Super Pro – Jeff Havens
Pro – Brad Craig
Sportsman – Nick Douglas
Motorcycle – Chris Benda

Swift Tools ET Series Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways

10 June 2017 Kent, WA – 2017’s first “Super Saturday” at Pacific Raceways brought a “lucky” 13 classes to take in as a spectator. If you like a wide range of drag racing these Saturdays are for you and three of the classes are here for a two-day race weekend.

The Outlaw 10.5 and 275 Outlaw qualify on day one and race for the win in their 1/8th mile competition. When you can put up a 4.0 something at better than 180mph in the 1/8th mile that is scooting right along.

Two more of these Saturday dates upcoming so check the Pacific Raceways website for information.

Over 500 images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

A long list of class winners follows:

Super Pro – John Ermish
Pro – Rev. Robert Jackson Jr.
Sportsman-Kenny O’Keefe
MC – Mark Sires
HS – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Stock – Brad Burton
Super Comp – Emmett McKillop
Super Gas – Garett Colletti
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Jeff Havens
BC Shifters – Rich Graves


JFC Racing & PM Lapping at Pacific Raceways ProFormance Racing School

07 June 2017 Kent, WA – Testing new and improved parts and pieces is in most cases is done one thing at a time. Make too many changes at one time can throw you off track – was the changes due to this or that worked or did not work.

Data, it’s the key to seeing if the changes are working and by how much, or not. Always improving and evolving JFC Racing brought the Wolf GB08-MJ-V8 to Pacific Raceways with a host of upgrades and changes to test them.

New tires from Avon Tyre, upgraded CV joints, a better braking package and the electronic throttle package all needing to be tested. Of the four drivers that have had their hands on the steering wheel no one knows the car better than owner Miles Jackson. His seat time in the car gives his crew the feedback that the other drivers lack, making a pretty accurate assessment from what he is feeling. Over the span of three hours, coming out on the track making three or four laps logging the data and back to the pits to see what gains were made if any and make changes and on to the next change. This process is pretty much universal to all race teams and can be pretty mundane for the most part but the other side of the coin says “look what this did for us”. Those moments will bring big smiles to the team that their hard work will pay off when you keep pressure on yourself to always keep improving.

Now it’s back to the shop to fine tune the data, check the car from front to back and make any changes that may be needed then back to the road course to do it all over again. Go to and follow this local race team and their goals, and Good Luck on your next race.

The PM Lapping Course of ProFormance Racing also had track time today – and images are now available for all the action on the road course. Click here to go to the photo album.

Swift Tools ET Series #5 at Pacific Raceways

03 June 2017 Kent, WA – A night with no weather issues that have plagued previous dates had everyone was eager to race. This was apparent by the nice car count that the series racers were ready run. Following a run order that gets done with no issues will get you finished before curfew.

As a drag crew, you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nothing short of weather will stop the racing than race car breakage. If something happens, the three main offenders are the motor, transmission and rear end. When any of these three go bad the liquid and metal that is dropped to the track surface takes time to clean up. Rear end damage is by far the quickest to clean up as it is mostly contained to the starting line. The other two will mostly happen down track where you cannot stop fast enough to keep from spreading liquid for some distance. This cleanup brings “all” hands on deck for the dragstrip crew as it is a process to bring the track back to racing form.

Now three quarters the way thru eliminations and backing into the finish time a little pick up in pace will get her done. But everyone knows “Murphy’s Law”…

Just when things were looking good it reared its ugly head and brought a stop to all racing for another cleanup by the drag crew. This one forcing the crew to walk the track picking up pieces of metal spit out by a transmission. Another herculean effort by the drag crew got racing going though now the reality of time leading to the curfew says finish all you can as quick as possible.

Finishing two of the four classes with just a couple rounds in the other two is a testament to Pacific Raceways drag crew and the adversities that they may face on any given race date.

In the two classes that finished saw Jim Werre best Mark Sires in motorcycle and it was a father/son duel with Wayne and Nick Douglas facing off in Sportsman where son Nick “treed” his dad for the win.

Images from the 5th date in the Swift Tools ET Series schedule are now online and available – click here to go to the photo album.