Swift Tools ET Series Event #10 at Pacific Raceways

15 July 2017 Kent, WA – With just three races left in the season points are becoming a must for those at the top of their class standings. Staying at the top and protecting your lead takes a dedication drive that comes from within.

Becoming a winner in an E.T. series takes more than just showing up and being first to the stripe. All that time you put into the prep in your garage or shop not seen by others is not too far off from the “spring” training or the camp you attend in football.

Doing the same thing over and over so that you react and not think brings you closer to what most will think, “Are you a machine”.

Unlike a machine the “human” part is the most important and the most varied. Getting your head into the game and keeping it there with all the distractions that surround you takes that prep that you put into it long before you head down the track.

Images from the 10th stop in the Swift Tools ET Series are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Those grabbing the trophy in their class are:

Super Pro – Dale Green
Pro – Rob Lindley
Sportsman – Gordon Rust
Motorcycle – Jim Were
High School – Mackenzie Van Horne

Nostalgia & Jr Dragsters Complete Busy Weekend at Pacific Raceways

09 July 2017 Kent, WA – In a rare race on Sunday the Jr. Dragster racers came ready to race at Pacific Raceways. The juniors were paired up with the Nostalgia group of racers and fine old race cars.

The weather could not have been better for the six classes in the nostalgia series which is great for all those that own the autos built before the mid 70’s. All four American auto manufactures could be seen racing down the track, with a couple of Topalino bodied cars thrown in for something different.

For the Jr’s it was business as usual, laughing and joking around as kids do, but climb into the dragster and its all business. This is true of all the competitors here today as it all revolves around family. All around the pit spaces that are not much more than a camping setup families come out to enjoy the sport they enjoy with the smell of bacon filling the morning air.

This combination of old school racers and their cars mixed with the next generation of racers is a great mix for all to see what was and what will be.

Over 400 images of all the racing today, lots of cool shots of racers “doin it old school” too. Click here to go to the photo album.


Dragster/Roadster – Dave Welch
Hot Rod 1 – Rob Lindley
Hot Rod 2 – Joe Locke
Street Machine 1 – James Van Cleve
Street Machine 2 – Larry DeCamp
Top Gas – Austin Calhoun
Jr. Lightning – Kaden Bean
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke

Swift Tools ET Series #9, United Nitro Funny Cars Part of Busy Day at Pacific Raceways

08 July 2017 Kent, WA – The Saturday marked for the 8th of July arrived, and along with the normal Super Saturdays line up the United Nitro Funny Car group came ready to play. Shooting for the top eight spots in these old school race cars made for a great show.

When counting the qualifying rounds these cars made a bunch of passes giving all those watching quite a show. Those around for the old 64 funny car days remember what these race dates are all about.

These ground pounders always get the people running to their seats to take in the action. Fitted with current safety equipment is really the only difference from their past days on the track. Legendary promoter Bill Doner who brought the 64 funny car events to then Seattle International Raceway now does it again to the original named Pacific Raceways.

With the aid of local racer Bucky Austin they put together a summertime event that has not been to the track in many years. The aroma and sounds of nitro at a non-national event gets you a tad bit closer to the action, besides its “old school” racing from the hay day of these funny cars. I have no clue as to another event next year but me and the thousands that came out for the event sure hope so as it is a great fit to the “Super Saturday” dates that are on Pacific’s schedule thru out the season.


Funny Car – Bobby Cottrell
Top Comp – Kevin Heffington
Super Gas – Lloyd Flatum
Stock – James Boyce
Sportsman – Paul Young
Motorcycle – John Plaster
High School – Jeff Jackson Jr.

Lots of great images are now available – Old School Nitro Funny Cars too. Got to check out this week’s images! – Click here to go to the photo album.

Swift Tools ET Series #7 at Pacific Raceways

11 June 2017 Kent, WA – Sunday morning kicked off the first real race weekend for the drag strip. Overcast skies and cool temps to start, with mostly sunny weather was predicted for the rest of the day.

Racers got their time hit’s in and on to eliminations. Like clockwork the Pacific drag crew from the tower to the track made smooth work of the day’s race. Great work by all as always.

Go to the Pacific Raceways website to keep up on the race dates upcoming.

Images from Sunday are now available – click here to go to the photo album. Make sure and check out the images in Super Saturday’s album as well.

Sunday’s winners are:

Outlaw 10.5 – Mike Dowling
275 Outlaw – Daniel Rodrigue
BC Shifters – Paul Morgan
Super Pro – Jeff Havens
Pro – Brad Craig
Sportsman – Nick Douglas
Motorcycle – Chris Benda

Swift Tools ET Series Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways

10 June 2017 Kent, WA – 2017’s first “Super Saturday” at Pacific Raceways brought a “lucky” 13 classes to take in as a spectator. If you like a wide range of drag racing these Saturdays are for you and three of the classes are here for a two-day race weekend.

The Outlaw 10.5 and 275 Outlaw qualify on day one and race for the win in their 1/8th mile competition. When you can put up a 4.0 something at better than 180mph in the 1/8th mile that is scooting right along.

Two more of these Saturday dates upcoming so check the Pacific Raceways website for information.

Over 500 images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

A long list of class winners follows:

Super Pro – John Ermish
Pro – Rev. Robert Jackson Jr.
Sportsman-Kenny O’Keefe
MC – Mark Sires
HS – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Stock – Brad Burton
Super Comp – Emmett McKillop
Super Gas – Garett Colletti
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Jeff Havens
BC Shifters – Rich Graves


Swift Tools ET Series #3 & All High School Drag Racing

06 May 2017 Kent, WA – When planning race dates some have more importance to finish then others. This is the case with the High School Drags. The winner gets a race date with Antron Brown on the Saturday of the Northwest Nationals. When Mother Nature washed out the “dragstrip” portion it was re-set for the next day during the Swift Tool event.

There was already a full plate of classes for the day so it would take some doing to run all the high school entries along with the E.T. racers. This fact was tested again by Mother Nature as she soaked everything overnight forcing a later start than normal as chilly wind slowed down the drying process.

Once started the Pacific Raceways drag crew run thru the classes like clockwork finishing the last race one minute before curfew.

Images of all the drag racing action for both the Swift Tools ET Series and the All High School Drags are now available – Click here to go to the photo album

The long list of “winners” are as follows:

Burnout contest: Abbie Hagen
Tug-O-War: Kelli Temeyosa
Super Pro: Wally Cronin
Pro: Brian McGinnis
Sportsman: Veronica Hodgson
Motorcycle: Jim Were
Jr. Storm: Raylee Higgins
Jr. Thunder: Ryan Warnke
Jr. Lightning: Selena Lenihan
High School: Lane Cavar
HS Alumni: John Dickinson Jr.
Pro Street: Ken Sihota
Outlaw 8.5: Sherry Rohr
Outlaw 10.5: Ron Pease
Open Comp: John Eldridge

Swift Tools ET Series #2 at Pacific Raceways

15 Apr 2017 Kent, WA – Try as we may, beating “mother nature” is no easy task. The forces of nature will say at times “beat this issue”. Such was the case for the Swift Tool and High School races today. Hours spent drying the track surface by the Pacific Raceways drag crew became like wiping your brow on a hot day, wiped dry and not long later, more moisture. With the sun going in and out of the clouds it became a battle of wills.

Either all sun or all clouds would dry the track in a few hours. With winter hour’s still in effect it became apparent that time would not allow the race to be completed so it was “rained out” and the last few hours turned into a “test-n-tune for those that wanted to wait until the track dried for a couple “hits”.

As all of this drying and waiting the Hagen twins Abbie and Angie with parents Steve and Kim put on an 18th birthday party for their “girls”. The “tax-day twins” as the track announcer calls them were in “dual” mode as they also take part in the high school portion of the Swift Tool Series. Although the “series” race was rained out they did get to make a TnT pass showing their family and friends what their “sport” is all about.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Swift Tools ET Series Gets Season Underway

02 Apr 2017 Kent, WA – Kicking off the drag racing season in the northwest spring can bring a host of weather conditions. The overnight downpour left a big task to the drag crew drying and prepping the track. Beat the water they did but a later than normal start finally got things underway.

Two hits for all to start the day then into racing for real. A brief light shower both brought about no racing and pushed the “Sunday” curfew to the limits. Try as they did when “Mother Nature” dictates what you can do you just do your “best”.

So close they came, finishing three of the six classes leaving two “finals” and one “semi” to run.

The three class winners are in Jr. Lightning Josh Schmanke grabbed the trophy while also licensing for a Super Comp ride. In Jr. Lightning Ryan Warnke came out on top while Brian Thompson put his Mustang in the Sportsman Class “Winners Circle”.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Final Swift Tools ET Series Event of 2016 & King of the Track at Pacific Raceways

Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (262)27 August 2016 Kent, WA – The final race of the 2016 Swift Tool E.T. series brought a packed house of racers ready to do battle.

Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (172)Fighting for points to take over a top spot or just improve their position in the standings it is all the same, WIN. Throw in a few who were just testing for next season saw some very close finish line wins and losses. Win or lose all those who took part in the season series had a good time out with friends, family and fellow racers.

Picking up the trophy’s this last race are Fred Hoffman in Super Pro with past Division champ Robert Steffen getting the win in Pro, also a packed Sportsman class saw long time racer Rick Green get the trophy and last year’s track champ Joe Lind picked up another trophy for his case.

Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (429)In what has to be the feel good win of the season Kenny OKeefe after losing his long time race car to a fire, starting over with a replacement and going back to the Sportsman class instead of Pro that he ran with the destroyed car claimed the “King of the Track” banner and a huge boost after suffering a great loss. Great season Kenny.

Till next year have a great “off” season.

Over 300 images are now available – click here to go the photo album.  Thanks for your support and purchases!!!

Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (139)Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (421) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (424) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (427) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (429) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (203) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (246)Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (262) Swift Tool #13 and KOT 8-27-16 (172)

Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (296)13 Aug 2016 Kent, WA – The final Super Saturday of the season drew just over a baker’s dozen from 300 entries. Sixteen different classes for the racers to fit into have many thinking of the SS trophy sitting on the shelf.

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (320)With just five dates in the season you do not get many chances to get one. Also in the mix was the WCSA and their high powered hotrods racing to the 1/8 mile. As a spectator you can’t beat the wide range of cars in a number of heads-up racing. The winners list is long.

Over 400 great images of all the Super Saturday action are now online – click here to go to the photo album.

Super Pro – Emmett McKillop
Pro – Brian McGinnis
Sportsman – Larry DeCamp
Motorcycle – Mark Sires
Stock – Jody Lang
Super Comp – Darral Pettit
Super Gas – Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Street – Dustin Ward
Top Comp – Mark Campbell

Jr. Storm – Jaslyn Bean
Jr. Thunder – Luke Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Kennedy Krier

Open Comp – Craig Castagno
Outlaw 8.5 – Sherry Rohr
Outlaw 10.5 – Outlaw Trucking
Pro Street – Gene Fleury

Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (291)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (318) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (335) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (286) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (308)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (311) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (299) Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (301)Swift Tool #12-Jr. #12-WCSA 8-134-16 (296)