32nd Annual Bi-Mart Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip

24 Sept 2017 Woodburn, OR – Depending on your Friday obligations it was a two or three day weekend of racing in great weather for racers and spectators alike at the 32nd Annual Bi-Mart Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip.

It was a test and tune on Friday and two separate races, one Saturday and again on Sunday. Saturday ran 13 classes with 16 on Sunday. From BB/Funny Cars down to the Jr. Dragsters and just about all the classes in-between for a Nostalgia and E.T. themed race weekend.

Adding to the weekend was the final two races for the Super Comp and Super Street Associations series and for the BB/Funny Car Association series. For the spectators in the stands, they watched wheel standing cars, high powered race cars on small tires power down the track the action and diverse classes had to be a joy to watch. Throw in a jet powered dragster belching fire had many a cell phone out recording the run.

Images from all three days are now available in three albums located in the event folder. Click here to go to the photo album.

We are looking forward to number 33 next year and with the 264 entries this year and sure to be more for the next Fall Classic will make a great weekend of racing.

Super Comp – Dale Green
Super Street – Allen Macham
Street Machine – Curt Landis
Hot Rod – Rick Sales Sr.
Street Rod – James Heriford II
Inline/Flathead – Walt Skoczylas
Gasser – Ron McBee
E.T. Motorcycle – Don DePeel
Harley Eliminator – Henry Robinson
Jr Lightning – Conner Rice
Jr Thunder – Nicholas Karr
Jr Tuff – Rilynn Saucy

BB/Funny Car – Kim Parker
Pro Nostalgia – Kacee Pitts
Outlaw 10.5 – Paja Agatonovic
Super Pro – Gary Wargnier
Pro – Tony Price
Sportsman – Tony Bombara
ET Motorcycle – Kerry Drost
Super Comp – Greg Pessemier
Super Street – Jess Dale
Dragster/Roadsters – Paul Comeau
Super Shifter – Jamie Roth
Quick 8 – Gene Hegle
Pro Mod Motorcycle – Shawn Biehm
Jr Lightning – Ian Theofelis
Jr Thunder – Xzavier Heaton
Jr Tuff – Nicholas Karr

Car Club, Jr Dragsters & WCSA at Pacific Raceways

25 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – It was the end of the season for the Car Club members and it showed as the lanes were loaded with cars looking to take home the last race hardware. The Jr Dragsters here for their second to last race in their season also filled the Fall National lanes with Jr. Thunder’s champ too close to call.

Rounding out the race date, WCSA brought their high horsepower rides with smaller than normal tires for that much power for qualifying and attempts to tame all that power.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.


Jr. Lightning – Selena Lenihan
Jr. Thunder – Alexis Krier
Jr. Street – Camerin Webster
Car Club – Don Berry

Swift Tools ET Series Race #12

12 Aug 2017 Kent, WA – The road to the E.T. Finals and track champions got a bit clearer at the end of race number 12 of the Swift Tools ET Series at Pacific Raceways. Add to this it was also a “Super Saturday” and the last of the season and everything turbo in the Buick world with a “Turbo Thunder” event.

Super Saturday with this many classes to run takes the planning and execution by track manager Ed Garfield and his drag crew. This came to focus in the combination of smart driving by Lane Cavar after pitching a rod when he pulled to the wall, kept the oil trail short and aiding in the very fast clean up by the drag crew to back to racing and finishing before curfew.

Tons of great pictures for this event – click here to view them. As always thank you for your support and purchases!!


Super Pro – Greg Linne
Pro – Nick Douglas
Sportsman – Kenny O’Keefe
Motorcycle – Chris Benda
High School – Lane Cavar
Jr. Lightning – Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke
Jr. Street – James Ryland
Stock – Scott Burton
Super Comp – Darral Petitt
Super Gas – Bernie Plourd
Super Street – Dustin Martin
Top Comp – Tory Lea
Turbo Thunder – Robert Hainline
Turbo Open – Gurts Singh

Nostalgia & Jr Dragsters Complete Busy Weekend at Pacific Raceways

09 July 2017 Kent, WA – In a rare race on Sunday the Jr. Dragster racers came ready to race at Pacific Raceways. The juniors were paired up with the Nostalgia group of racers and fine old race cars.

The weather could not have been better for the six classes in the nostalgia series which is great for all those that own the autos built before the mid 70’s. All four American auto manufactures could be seen racing down the track, with a couple of Topalino bodied cars thrown in for something different.

For the Jr’s it was business as usual, laughing and joking around as kids do, but climb into the dragster and its all business. This is true of all the competitors here today as it all revolves around family. All around the pit spaces that are not much more than a camping setup families come out to enjoy the sport they enjoy with the smell of bacon filling the morning air.

This combination of old school racers and their cars mixed with the next generation of racers is a great mix for all to see what was and what will be.

Over 400 images of all the racing today, lots of cool shots of racers “doin it old school” too. Click here to go to the photo album.


Dragster/Roadster – Dave Welch
Hot Rod 1 – Rob Lindley
Hot Rod 2 – Joe Locke
Street Machine 1 – James Van Cleve
Street Machine 2 – Larry DeCamp
Top Gas – Austin Calhoun
Jr. Lightning – Kaden Bean
Jr. Thunder – Ryan Warnke

Car Club & Jr Dragsters at Pacific Raceways

02 June 2017 Kent, WA – You gotta like the mix of classes running on the same date. Car Club and its mix of member’s rides that go from street car to all-out race cars; to the structured rules driven Jr. Dragsters class.

Car Club and the Jr’s all qualify by reaction time and both classes have those that can chop the tree pretty good. Though your reaction time is shown in thousandths does the brain think and react in mill-seconds? Pro’s will often speak of time slowing down from their perspective, is that the brain breaking down time? Really, how close can you cut a light in time? Most time slips and score boards show three digits past the dot but did you know there are a lot more counting your time. Put three zeros on the board from your reaction to the tree will get you some recognition at most all tracks for doing so. What most don’t know is that it is possible to put those three zeros on the board and get a red light and lose your round. That will send the dragstrip announcers into a blast of verbiage as this is pretty rare but it will happen every now and then. No worries this night but a whole bunch of firsts in four of the five classes.

We started off with Car Club and Jeff Eason getting his win with his 72’ Mustang. In Jr. Lightning Korban Lewis picking up his first win this season. Jr. Thunder racer O’Riley Benda winning for the first time. After gaining her license on her grandfather’s boulevard, Camerin Webster took home the trophy in Junior Street. The multi-winner in Jr. Storm Raylee Higgins got help from one of her sponsors that being Capt. Johnathan Hilstrand of the Time Bandit seen on the Discovery channel.

Images are now in the photo gallery – click here to go to the event photo album.

Busy Race Day at Pacific Raceways – Debut of the “Cars of the 253”

19 May Kent, WA – Four classes of racers here tonight, three of them for the first time this 2017 season. Car Club always brings a mix of makes and models that make up their club. It’s always good to see new members running their rides down the track.

Jr. Street saw two new drivers to the class square off in the finals, good job to both. The Jr. Dragsters now on their fourth race of the season gathering points toward a trip to the E.T. Finals for placing in the top four or even a track championship.

New to Pacific Raceways this season is a class called “The Cars of the 253”. This class brings some pretty high powered race cars for 1/8 mi. racing on what’s called “instant green” start. That green light will catch you napping with “NO” amber to pre-warn you of the upcoming start, now your reactions really come to play when first to the line takes the prize. The next race for them is June 16th, come out and check these racer’s in action.

Images of all the action are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Jr Dragster #11 & Car Club #6 at Pacific Raceways

Jr.#11 8-12-16 (212)12 Aug 2016 Kent, WA – It was the second to the last race for the Jr. Dragsters, and they filled the lanes with cars in what had to be the largest entry list of the season. Many are still in contention for a trip to the E.T. Finals and others are already getting set up for next season.

On the other side the Car Club keeps on growing with more racers joining in for a night of racing. Then there are those that are here for a test and tune for the Super Saturday event the next day. Here also was the WCSA with the four classes qualifying for their Saturday race.

Back to the Jr’s, after gaining his license McKailen Haddock, son of funny car driver Terry Haddock got his first taste of racing like his dad. Watching his licensing the day before you could hear the seriousness in dad’s tone at the same time the proud eyes of a father watching his son. Though losing in the first round he did everything right the way he was taught and will only get better with seat time.

The Jr. Winners are in Jr. Storm Raylee Higgins, in Jr. Lightning Ryan Lamoureux and in Jr. Thunder Ian Theofells. In the Car Club it was a father and son match as the Douglas’s Wayne and track champ Nick faced off seeing dad Wayne getting the light.

Images are now available – click here to go to the photo album.  And as always thank you very much for your support and purchases!

Jr.#11 8-12-16 (203)Jr.#11 8-12-16 (215) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (217) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (206) Jr.#11 8-12-16 (208)Jr.#11 8-12-16 (212)

Jr Dragsters #9 & Car Club #5 at Pacific Raceways

Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (151)15 July 2016 Kent, WA – The Jr Dragsters came ready to run as the points required to get into the ET finals and a trip north of the border are getting short.

A lot of very close racing thru the season moves the standings around, and things can change with that win or first round loss. From the youngest to the oldest they understand that they can’t win them all and that the sportsmanship win or lose ends with a handshake.

Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (56)

These are the stars of the future no matter how far they go that good sportsmanship really beats out the end results, way to go.

Jr. Storm saw Raylee Higgins the winner with Ryan Lamoureux claiming top spot in Jr. Lightning and another Cavar showing what runs in the family Luke claimed the Thunder class, rounding up the Jr. classes John Hawes picked up Jr. Street. Car Club runner Scott Christensen outlasted all for the win.

Images of all the classes and winner circle pictures are now available – click here to go to the photo album.

Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (144)Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (161) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (163) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (144) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (146) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (153) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (159)Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (151) Jr. #9 and Car Club #5 7-15-16 (56)

Super Saturday Event at Pacific Raceways

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440)09 July 2016 Kent, WA – Going into the third of the super Saturday’s on the race schedule was on hold. The Jr. Race the night before was stopped due to Mother Nature; rain continued thru the night soaking everything not covered.

This put the drag crew to early work drying the track with no help the aforementioned Mother Nature. Nearing the end of the drying process she decided one more time to start the drying all over again. Not deterred the drag crew went back at it now with a little help from the weather as the skies broke up just enough to speed up the drying.

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448)Over 450 images are now available – click here…

Now ready to go and late of the normal start time the drag crew was tested with over 200 entries and 15 classes to run and finish to the winner’s circle.  After running thru the classes like the well-oiled group that they are this Super Saturday goes into the books with these winners:

Super Pro- Emmett McKillop
Pro- Greg Steen
Sportsman- Derrick Schumsky
Motorcycle- Chris Benda

Jr. Storm- Raylee Higgins
Jr. Lightning- Josh Schmanke
Jr. Thunder- Luke Cavar

High School- Lane Cavar
Super Gas- Glenn Paine Jr.
Super Comp- Dale Green
Super Street- Dustin Ward
Stock- Brian Seaberg
Turbo Two- Rob Stariha
Turbo Thunder- Gene Fleury

Super Saturday 7-9-16 (408)Super Saturday 7-9-16 (448) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (452) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (410) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (432) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (434) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (436) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (440) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (441) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (445) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (446) Super Saturday 7-9-16 (447)

Jr Dragsters #7 & Car Club #4 at Pacific Raceways

Jr.#7 7-8-16 (41)08 July 2016 Kent, WA – We are passing the halfway point in the race season, and the Jr. Racers all in the routine now and always ready to run.  Knowing the run order these Jr’s were in the lanes and ready to go.

Jr.#7 7-8-16 (74)Any other time they are the kids they are having fun doing what they feel, tossing the football and running around then there are those that spend the time keeping the dragster clean and ready for the next round. No matter what they are doing in between rounds when time they all run to get their rides and head for the lanes.

Jr.#7 7-8-16 (114)

This dedication I commend as sitting in their cars Mother Nature started messing ever so slightly with the ability to race.  All that eagerness – and now wrapped in safety gear and strapped in the dragster, but going nowhere.

Sadly there was no choice but to pull the plug and finish the races the next day, Mother Nature won.

Got some great images as the lighting was excellent – click here to go to the photo album.

Jr.#7 7-8-16 (82)Jr.#7 7-8-16 (131) Jr.#7 7-8-16 (105)Jr.#7 7-8-16 (41) Jr.#7 7-8-16 (74) Jr.#7 7-8-16 (114)